How I Use Online Gaming as a Tool for Self Development

So in summary, what have I learned through the last few years I've spent playing Planetside 2? I've learned that because gaming offers a range of scenarios that I would otherwise not experience, it can become be an extremely valuable tool for learning about one's self and developing skills and strategies to become more effective in taking on the challenges of life. Taking this approach allows me to enjoy gaming in a balanced way which benefits my life outside of the game.

How to Not Fall Down the Conspiracy Rabbit Hole

When faced with assertions of 'evil, harmful conspiracies happening', it can be easy to go into fear and start wondering and thinking and interpreting everything now according to these claims - going down the Conspiracy Rabbit Hole. And with SO MUCH information out there, it's important to have a practical structure within yourself to deal with those moments so you don't just keep feeding your fears and ending up spreading your fears to others.

Freedom Dividend as an Expression of Family Values

Andrew Yang's platform of the Freedom Dividend of $1000 / month for every American is an expression of Family Values. After all, you and I are children of the Money System. The system, with all its services, businesses, institutions and…

Transgender Athletes: Ending the debate.

People aren't just magically going to find a solution with things remaining as they are because - transgender introduces a new factor into an old structure. And there is clearly too much opinion being tossed around. So the question is, how do you change the old structure to accommodate something new in a way that is practical and best for everyone?