Equal Money is Heaven

Everyone wants Heaven. The problem is no one is being Self Honest about what Heaven actually is.

Why do people want to be billionaires ‘so frickin’ bad’?

Why do people want to win the Lottery?

Why do people walk into gas stations and buy scratch tickets?

Or indeed, why do people want to go to the Biblical Heaven?

Why are people willing to work so hard, spending years working their way up a ‘corporate ladder’?

It’s so simple — In essence all people want is to have enough money to buy things to enhance their experience.

Now, currently the picture / fantasy of an ‘enhanced life experience’ in relation to homes, cars, clothes, technology, etc, existent within people’s minds is heavily characterized by the desire to attain to, or ‘gain access to’ an ‘elite status’ — not only in terms of having enough money to buy anything you need and want, but also in terms of being seen and perceived by others as being ‘more important’ – as having a certain ‘celebrity status’ due to ones wealth. This perception is heavily shaped by the extensive influence of the media within movies, magazines, and television in constantly depicting the lifestyles of ‘the rich and famous’with their ‘followings of fans’. And in the case of the ‘Biblical Heaven’, the widely accepted definition / image of ‘Heaven’ is that of Golden Cities and Many Mansions’, with a hierarchy of angels occupying different levels of ‘status’. No different to the levels of status, popularity, and power occupied by people possessing varying amounts of money.

The popularity of the song ‘Billionaire’ by Bruno Mars, indicates the obsession with attaining a ‘wealthy and elite status’ which has developed through constant exposure to pictures of the lives of wealthy, influential people — where the lyrics of the song reveal that the person wants to be ‘on the cover of forbes magazine’ ‘smiling next to Oprah and the Queen’.

But when one is Self Honest, and looks simplistically at the issue, the most fundamental ‘reason’ one wants to be rich, or go to heaven, is to be free of stress, free of worry – to have the freedom of experiencing oneself without ‘hardship’ and struggle.

If this were here as ones experience already, from birth — one never would have had any inclination to form desires or obsessions with ‘getting rich’ or ‘getting into heaven’ — because one would have no experience of struggle or hardship to contrast with a projected experience of ‘freedom from hardship’.

In other words, if one were born into Heaven, one would never desire to go to Heaven – because Heaven is where one already is!

Now, with the Equal Money System, the point is that Money will be transformed into a tool to support All Equally — and cease to exist as an object of desire. The System will be restructured to one where All have immediate access to an enhanced Life Experience. The Equal Money System actually stands as the ‘Savior’ of Humanity, from the perspective of eliminating All financial struggle and hardship from one’s experience. All debt will be Forgiven, and the ‘playing field’ will be Equalized in terms of Giving Everyone Equal Fortune, Equal Advantage — thus forever ending the polarity of ‘rich and poor’, ‘fortunate and unfortunate’ – and all the struggle, conflict, crime, competition, fear of loss and obsession with gain, that goes with such a polarity-based system.

Equal Money Gives everyone the ‘life of a Millionaire’. And when you really look at it Self Honestly, when financial struggle and hardship is removed from Everyone’s life — all petty desires, obsessions, self definitions, opinions related to ‘wealth and status’ will fall away, just as with a young child who has not yet experienced the financial struggle ahead of them within the current system, there is still an innocent self enjoyment and ‘carefree’ nature – there is no ‘reason’ for them to be at conflict with each other, and there is nothing to be ‘stressed or obsessed’ with.

With the Equal Money system, stress is removed and we can return to Self Enjoyment, and start learning to enjoy our World and Each Other as Equals in Self Enjoyment and Self Expression — where we are no longer self-segregated into ‘status bubbles’, and where there is no longer any reason to ‘covet your neighbor’s possessions’ or fear to lose what you have.

Equal Money will bring about Heaven on Earth, as with the Transformation of our Economic System to one of Quality as Equality for All Life based on the Principle of Forgiveness of Debt and Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself as Life, comes the end of the Hell on Earth we created in the Image and Likeness of our Accepted Self-Separation / Self-Division as Inequality, and the inevitable Transformation of the Human Being — as all of our past Behavior that served to support our survival and self preservation and the attainment of wealth and status within the ‘Old System’ will relatively quickly cease to exist.

The Transcendence of old Behavioral / Psychological Patterns will be facilitated by the Realization that the Principle of Forgiveness of Debt, is also able to be Applied by Each Human Being within and as a Process of Self Forgiveness – which is the way to Walk through All that Self is and has been, and release Self from the Debt / Chains of the Past through Forgiving Self.
The Equal Money System will be Administered by those of us who are already Walking this Process, and have Already Proven to Ourselves that we are able to Rebirth Ourselves as Responsible Beings that care for Ourselves and Each other as Ourselves Equally, and Always do what is Best for All.
Thus, the implementation of the Equal Money System will include a Specific Support System designed to Assist and Support each one to begin Facing themselves and Walking the Process of Self-Freedom through Self Forgiveness.

And in Realizing that by Changing Self through Forgiving Self and Correcting Self / Rebirthing Self as a NEW Being that no longer exist as a product of the System of the Past / Generations of the Past, we can eventually purify the Influence our DNA / Genes will have on the future Generations. Thus, we can literally Bring about an entirely NEW WOrld – we can Manifest Heaven on Earth – starting with a Money Fest.

Learn about the Principles of the Equal Money System:

Investigate the Desteni ‘I’ Process:

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