The Church Supports Inequality, Allows Murder

“ARLINGTON, Texas – A convicted felon was arrested Saturday and faces a capital murder charge in the slaying of a pastor at his Texas church in an apparent robbery, police said.”

So, obviously god’s ‘system’, and ‘god’s house’ (the church) is completely ineffective in the prevention of murder and theft – in spite of the ‘ten commandments’ and ‘the bible’ which for some reason billions of people believe is ‘all we need’ to stop abuse in this world, and that the ‘only reason’ crime and murder exists is because people ‘aren’t following god’.
The religious system is a joke as it claims ‘goodness’ yet accepts and allows an unequal money system that results in the division of humanity into various degrees of ‘lack’ and ‘need’ and ‘want’ – where billions are ‘left wanting’ what others have and resort to the quickest way available to get what they want, e.g., murdering someone in a robbery attempt.

With an Equal Money system this sort of thing will stop, because all will be provided with what they need for a fulfilling life and humanity will no longer have to murder each other in the name of ‘needing money’. The Equal Money System will show to all that any system which allows inequality is that of spitefulness and creates nothing but unnecessary need, conflict, and violence.

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