Capitalism Manufactures Criminals: Equal Money Ends Crime.

“A central Georgia couple has pleaded guilty to having their 14-year-old daughter engage in sex with a man so that they would not have to make monthly payments on their secondhand minivan.”
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 Why did this happen? The parents wanted the quickest, shortest way to have a car without making payments. And, being human beings, the parents come from a long line of other human beings that have for generations accepted a ‘way of life’ of self interest, where the world / the system has been shaped according to the human beings sole consideration of only its self interest, wherein money was created as / is actually required to exist as an object of ‘value’ unto itself as a ‘resource’ – the ‘prime resource’ which gives you access to all other resources of ‘living’, which one must ‘earn’ or ‘get’ through participating in the ‘jobs’ and ‘careers’ available within the system, before one is able to gratify ones self interest or even fulfill ones basic survival needs, ensuring that the billions of self interested human beings are able to be controlled / exploited by an elite few who control all the money, through controlling all the resources required for survival and ‘living’, and who keep a certain degree of ‘order’ and ‘stability’ by punishing those who try and get money any other way than by ‘following the rules’.

  But obviously within this, what is not considered / realized is that human beings do not live by an effective Principle and are not actually standing as the Directive Principle of their own actions, but rather are directed completely by fear of pain / death – which is the fear of ‘not being able to survive’, as well as further impulses / desires / wants / needs / thoughts / fears – which have been shaped by Media Influences within the consumerist / capitalism system the person was born into and exposed to as they were growing up. Thus, the person’s ‘agenda’ and ‘motive’ within their participation is actually completely shaped by the system itself. The person is innocent at birth, but then develops into a constructed personality of self definitions / desires / fears / values / interests, the nature of which will be influenced by the person’s particular family / upbringing / religion / culture / education / social influences.

All of these various factors play a part in the development of the human being in terms of its ability to actually function ‘the way it is supposed to’ according to / as defined by the ‘accepted rules of the system’.

Those with power / authority within the system expect human beings to ‘follow the rules’ and then punish those who commit crimes when they ‘don’t follow the rules’, believing this is somehow ‘the solution to crime’ — but this is an extremely unrealistic expectation because the point that is not been acknowledged is that crime is an inherent / unavoidable consequence of the nature / starting point of the current system  — as within the current system, human beings are not born into an Equal Standing / Equal Circumstance of Support within the fulfillment of all survival requirements, as well as support in developing effectively into a responsible being that is able to make common sense decisions within considering the well being of other beings — but is rather placed into a ‘dog eat dog’ system within which one is constantly faced with the facilities / products / support that one sees others experiencing, and is constantly searching for ways to earn money to be able to fulfill ones own needs and wants. One is born into a circumstance wherein Self Interest becomes the point that one MUST follow if one is to survive in this world. And if one was not exposed to sufficient supportive influences within ones developmental years, and was not born into a ‘fortunate’ circumstance wherein it was ‘relatively easy’ to access enough money to get a proper education and pursue a ‘proper career path’, then one may find oneself in a position of want / need / desire / desperation / obsession that one seemingly ‘cannot fulfill’, where crime ‘makes sense’ as it is the quickest way to fulfilling ones wants, needs and desires through achieving / obtaining the resource of Money. The other option that most have, is to enter into a position of considerable debt, to be able to ‘afford’ the basic necessities of a home, a car, a phone, medical care, etc.
However, debt is obviously a crime in itself, as it is the practice of enslaving someone to a binding agreement for one to exploit another’s need / want / desire and even charging ‘interest’ on the payment, because they know the person will pay the interest as they are ‘desperate enough’ to ‘do what it takes’.

In the case of these parents who prostituted their daughter to get out of monthly car payments — the choice was ‘logical’ to them — why?  Because they are simply products of the system, shaped entirely by circumstances / behavior / an agenda which was ALREADY EXISTENT within the system, experienced by other human beings in similar circumstances. They are just a system that is being directed by survival  and self preservation, in combination with the particular personality constructs / patterns / values that were shaped by pre-existent influences.

Thus, the system (as humanity who function AS the system as its participants in collective agreement) is only ‘punishing itself’, as human beings are currently products of the system they are born into, and are thus, according to their particular circumstance (fortune) of birth, upbringing and education, following the ‘principle’ of Self Interest and Self Preservation and ‘doing anything for money and survival’ which are all supported to exist by the current system which does not automatically provide Support to All Equally from Birth.

Parents prostituting their children is an atrocity that will END with an Equal Money System. Because the breeding ground for such manifestations / actions is the current system of Inequality, where value has been placed separate from Life, into and as a ‘resource’ called Money, within a system that Allows the individual in essence the ‘freedom’ to abuse — because, the current system itself is not built upon a foundation of Principle that is Best for All and Honors All Life, but rather it just a system designed according to the logic of how to ‘best control’ the human being through enslaving it to survival — where there is insufficient understanding and insufficient support in place to be able to stop people from abusing each other. And Monetary advantage is always the primary motive for abuse.

With an Equal Money System, this ‘primary motive’ of criminals will be removed, as the playing field will be Equalized for All so that everyone in this world will Stand upon / be contained within an Equal Platform of Support — where money will no longer exist as a ‘separate resource’ that is able to be a tool of abuse through exploiting another’s self interest — and thus proper support / direction can be implemented to remove abusers from a position of being able to abuse, and criminals will be given the chance to take responsibility to transcend their starting point of self interest / abuse — and if they are unwilling, they will simply remain in a position where they cannot harm another.

The Human Being is shaped by the world / environment it is born into, and the people and influences it is exposed to within its world / environment.

Crime cannot end as long as the enVIROment of and as our current System continues — as our current system actually MANuFACT-U Rs criminals, as the huMAN becomes the product of the FACTS passed on from those who went before – where the only influence is that which itself is a product of Capitalism, a product of Accepted Inequality as the real starting point foundation of the Current System, and thus the real origin point of Crime. Crime cannot end as long as human beings keep being taught / educated that ‘value’ exists as something called ‘money’ which is placed in separation of Life as on object of want, need, and desire. As one can see that this is the basis of the entire current system within which crimes are ‘committed’ in the name of need, want and desire for money.

With the Equal Money System, the Developmental Factors of the Human change, as the Facts of Environmental Influence change — because the FACTS that are given attention to, which stand as the Foundation of the Equal Money System, are the facts of what is Best for All – and the fact that ‘money as value’ is a beLIEf that causes nothing buy dysfunction. The Fact that Life is that which in Common Sense, is Value.
In a NEW system where All Life is valued, and what is Best for All is the guiding Principle of all components of the system, eventually all ‘criminal behavior’ shaped by the current system will eventually cease to exist, as the factors which created it, will no longer exist. The Human Being will be supported to develop with Principle, as a being that themselves Honor Life.

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