Equal Money and Slumdog Millionaires

“‘Slumdog Millionaire’ star Rubina Ali’s family home has reportedly been destroyed by a fire.

UsMagazine.com reports that Ali, 12, and her family have been left homeless after a fire blazed through the slums of Mumbai on Friday night. The fire left 21 people injured and more than 2,000 homeless.

Ali, who played the young Latika in the movie, is quoted saying, “We all were at home watching TV when a neighbor came to alert us about the fire. We all rushed out. We spent the entire night at the railway station. So far nobody has come to help us.”

Ali goes on, “I have lost everything, including books and precious belongings like awards, photographs, newspaper clippings and memorabilia from the success of the film.”



So what do we have here? Another event showing us the self deception in allowing ourselves to obsess over projected fantasies of ‘rags to riches’ as are frequently depicted in movies and television. What ends up happening when people watch movies such as ‘slum dog millionaire’, is that they become enamored with the ‘dream’ being presented in the story, acted out by the characters – the ‘dream’ of ‘finding the perfect relationship and living happily ever after with lots of money’. This is the ‘dream’ that so many hope for, strive for, fantasize about, do anything to try and achieve. The fact that movies like this are so popular, reveals that human beings are immersed in a fantasy world of hopes, dreams and desires within their minds – the hope of ‘overcoming the odds’ to ‘live happily ever after in heaven’.

But events such as this fire are constantly showing us that within our starting point of our obsession with the projected experience of ‘heaven’ we keep hoping for, as ‘personally overcoming the odds to succeed and live happily ever after’, we have defined ‘heaven’ in spitefulness of each other, in spitefulness of what heaven actually implies. To anyone with Common Sense, ‘Heaven’ should imply a place where NO suffering exists. But how can this exist on Earth if it only exists for those with money, while the rest suffer? While the rest live in slums, serving as our motivation to keep feeding out personal desire to attain wealth and ‘live happily ever after’ through continually depicting a situation of Poverty that we fear will happen to us?

This shows that within our current definition of ‘Heaven’, we are actually saying that we require others to exist in Hell, so that we can be motivated to ‘succeed’ and ‘attain heaven’.

And this is exactly the same within human beings’ definition / idea of the ‘biblical heaven’ ‘in the afterlife’ apparently ‘waiting for you’ if you do what the bible says.

The existence of daily suffering experienced by billions in this world, due to circumstances that could be eliminated if they just had money, shows us that we really have separated ourselves from the simple facts of the matter. The facts of the matter are that through our accepted definition of value as it exists within our current accepted economic systems, we give permission for poverty to exist. And this event with the fire simply shows us that the Real World, the Physical World, Here which is Equal for us All — can easily take away, easily destroy our fantasies and dreams in one moment.

What is required is to begin burning away the delusions we have been allowing ourselves to become so enamored with, so possessed by — we need to purge our minds of the Self Interested fantasies and dreams and hopes which we have for so long used as a distraction from our Responsibility — our Responsibility for our World.

With an Equal Money System, we will give everyone Heaven — all slums will cease to exist, everyone will be in an Equal Standing of Heaven — which will show us that all our previous fantasies and dreams of ‘rags to riches’ were merely spitefulness designed as stories to entertain ourselves with to apparently make our experience of ‘attaining success’ more ‘interesting’ and ‘rewarding’ through the availability / possibility of the ‘rags to riches / happily ever after scenario’.

When we are all Equal in Heaven Here on Earth and never have to worry about our survival – imagine the ways in which we will be able to develop our Creativity — when there are no more ‘odds to overcome’, imagine the possibilities available to us, and imagine the fun we can have together, no longer consumed with self preservation, able to finally get to know each other for real as Equal participants on Earth — no longer exploiting the ‘less fortunate’ to fuel our desires for ‘more fortune’. Such shameful, spiteful, and disgraceful behavior. With an Equal Money System there will be enough time to forgive ourselves for our sins against each other, our sins against life, so we can begin living for real in the Real World.

My suggestion is to consider what the Real Physical World is showing us daily about who we are and what we are accepting and allowing to exist in and as our world. And consider the Common Sense that there can be no Heaven until ALL are Equally in Heaven – on Earth.
Consider also the specifically that when we have established Heaven on Earth as a World where we All Honor each other as Ourselves as Equals and ensure All are Equally Provided for – the very Principle the Equal Money System is based on – that when / if a home is destroyed by fire or some other manifestation – no one will go ‘homeless’.
Common Sense: Earth is our Home – and must be a Home of Equal Quality for All. With an Equal Money System one will not have to ‘insure’ what one has, or spend years trying to re-establishing what they ‘lost’ in a fire for instance; that is actually not necessary as it is only a scenario created by a system of inequality.
Equal Money will bring about Heaven on Earth as a place where All Have and none go without – where the ‘riches’ of what is Here are made Equally Available to All and no one goes in rags.

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