The CON of ‘ethical’ bottled water

This is a brand of bottled water called ‘Ethos’, that says it is ‘helping children get clean water’ by donating
FIVE CENTS from each $1.80 sale of a bottle of ‘Ethos’ water. With the ‘goal’ of eventually raising $10 million to ‘help’ children get clean water.

‘Ethos’ water has been exposed here :  as just another brand designed to manipulate human beings through presenting itself as ‘ethical’ so people will buy it. To date ‘Ethos’ water has made over $100,000,000 in profits, and raised just over $6 million to ‘help children get clean water’.

Obviously not a solution that provides any support whatsoever for children in this world — as, regardless of what the brand has apparently ‘achieved’ in ‘helping’ a small amount of children ‘get clean water’ — the brand is actually assisting and supporting and helping Capitalism to flourish, which is the flourishing of a system that exploits people’s basic physical survival needs to make a profit. Obviously, the people who buy ‘Ethos’ water believe they are doing something ‘ethical’ and ‘helping children’ and that makes them ‘feel like good people’, not even realizing and seeing that the very existence of ‘Ethos water’ – indeed the very existence of ‘multiple brands of bottled water’ itself is showing how we are all subject to a system within which a few are capitalizing on the basic needs of the many, to get rich.

‘Ethics’ in the dictionary is defined as ‘moral principles that govern a person or group’s behavior’.

Obviously the only ‘principle’ at work here is that of making a profit through turning the Earth’s natural, unconditional support as water, into a product through a system that accepts the separation of the human from the support of the Earth — wherein each participant within the current money system simply accepts the existence of ‘products’ that you ‘spend your money on’, never questioning the starting point of such a system, and not seeing that the problem of clean water not being available to people ONLY exists because capitalism exists, and that we are all creating this problem through our accepted starting point of accepting the capitalist system as ‘normal’, and within accepting it as ‘normal’ that one should PAY to survive in this world. Thus, ‘Ethics’ is just a CON.

How do we IN FACT make sure that All children, and All other people – as well as animals, get access to clean water?

What is the real Moral Principle that can be applied? The Principle of Equality within an Equal Money System.
 Equal Money means there is no profit to be made, there is no profit needed to be made as there is nothing for anyone to lose — Equal Money is the only Moral System possible — as the Equal Money System will eliminate the existence of ‘brands’ of water and support in re-establishing water as the Unconditional Equal Support provided by Nature.
With the Equal Money System as platform, we have the time and resources available to establish access to clean water for everyone throughout the entire world — whereas within the current system this is impossible, as water is controlled through capitalism and thus as long as capitalism exists, water will never be Equal. All ‘help’ is thus futile.
With the Equal Money System, we are able to support water to return to its natural Equal standing of and as Unconditional Support.
Imagine, water will no longer be a ‘product’ — it will just be water.

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