Live a Life of Eternal Relevance

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People want to ‘matter’.

People want to be relevant.
People do not want to be ostracized, or banned by the group.
The way to make sure your life, and your actions are always leading the way in relevance, and are always setting the highest example for others, is simple:
Take responsibility for what is relevant. Become that which is relevant.
The most relevant thing in Existence is always to identify and do what is best for All – to stand eternally within and as this Principle, to do what is best for all, in All ways. This is the highest level of integrity and quality of character possible in Existence.
When we All stand together as this same, Equal Principle of doing what is best for all, where we all honor each other as Life Equally — no one will be ostracized, everyone will be Equally relevant, Everyone’s life will be of equal significance and impact. Everyone will matter to each other.
When this is what you stand as, and live as in all ways, always identifying and doing what is best for all in whatever context you find yourself in — you always know then with absolute certainty that anyone who tries to ostracize you, is simply an abuser of life, trying to manipulate you, to stop living a significant, meaningful, impactful, relevant life.
They are trying to suck and leech your attention, trying to get you to accept their starting point of abuse, in the attempt to feel relevant – when in fact they will never be of relevance, because they do not honor that which is relevant – which is Life. Life, which is their source and essence – Equal with everyone else – Yet the Life which they spurn and spite in the desire to be special and accepted and valued by others and yet claiming it is not their responsibility to do what is best for all, to honor that which is of real value, as Life as Equal.
Such people who would try to ostracize those who stand as Life and Live what is best for all — simply give themselves permission to be ignored, banned, because they have made themselves irrelevant, in themselves banning and ignoring Life.
All that is required is Self Honesty and the will to take responsibility to stop all that which self has accepted and allowed self to be which exist from the starting point of ostracizing, denying, ignoring, neglecting, spiting what is best for All. All that is required to be identified within oneself, is where one is wanting to ‘be relevant’, ‘be accepted’, ‘be loved’, ‘be valued’, ‘be meaningful’, but where one has not considered All Here – All as One as Equal. What is required is an act of humbleness – of breathing and letting go of the value one has placed in ones personality that has been designed in separation of what is Best for All Life. 
What is required is an act of standing Equal and One with that which is valuable Equally to All beyond opinion, beyond personality, beyond desire — that which is in essence Ourselves that is Here – but which we have for so long separated ourselves from, through our minds – creating false values, false meaning, false importance, false relevance. 
It is time to stop our addiction to false relevance – to that which is only ‘relevant’ to the preservation and gratification of ones self interest that does not consider how to create a world that is best for all.
Our current money system is a system created from the starting point of false relevance, false meaning, false value, false importance.
It is a system that allows people to build a life of self importance using money, abusing what is here, based on the belief that it is not our responsibility to do what is best for all.
This belief only exist for those who are not Life – for those who are trying to be separate from Life. 
As Life, it is always Life’s responsibility to do what is Best for All Life — because, there is nothing and no one else. To do anything less than what is Best for All life, is obviously Self Abuse. Thus the entire current accepted way of living on Earth is self abuse.
It is time to stop giving permission for each other to abuse Life, to abuse ourselves, to separate ourselves through false value, false relevance, and false importance.
It is time to Live a Life that Matters — A Life that is relevant to Life – a Life that considers Life – A Life that is Best for All — A Life that makes a difference in this world.
It is Common Sense — want to live a life of significance and relevance? Take responsibility to do what is Best for All and you will be eternally relevant.

What is relevant? An Equal Money System:

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