Sikh Seeking Justice distracts from Real Rights Violations

“California sued over requiring Sikh inmate to cut beard”

“CNN) — The U.S. Justice Department is suing the state of California and Gov. Jerry Brown because prison authorities required a Sikh prison inmate to cut his beard.”

…”It said that the requirement violated the man’s right “to practice his religion” under the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLIUPA).”

…”The Justice Department said the suit followed a probe “that revealed that California’s inmate grooming policy substantially burdens the rights of an inmate to practice his Sikh faith.”

Full story here:


In investigating this story we can see how ‘rights’ in this world have been defined not according to Common Sense, but according to what assists and supports human beings to remain within the current accepted value systems of this world, so that the current money system based on these values, can remain unchallenged and continue to enable some to have, while most have not — continuing within actually violating / depriving beings of their basic rights.

Let’s take it point by point, definition by definition, because in investigating the starting point of the definitions of the words involved in this ‘issue’, we can actually see through the veil of the appearance of the issue, into how we are actually responsible for creating the issue at hand through the accepted definitions we are all living without question.

Let’s begin with:
The ‘Justice Department’. Looking specifically at the word ‘Justice’. Because here we have the ‘Justice Department’ taking legal action against a state government, for apparently ‘violating’ the rights of an inmate. Now at first what you would normally do is just read this and at a subconscious level accept that some ‘right’ in fact has been violated, simply because ‘the Justice Department’ – which is accepted as the authority on ‘rights’, is taking action according to what has been defined as a ‘right’ in the US Constitution – which we all learned about in school.
And probably an image will come up associated with ‘The Justice System’.
Justice: “the quality of being fair and reasonable”.

And now let’s look at the definition of “Burden”. And here probably an image will come up of something weighty, cumbersome – carrying a heavy load, making life difficult.

“a duty or misfortune that causes hardship, anxiety, or grief”

Now let’s have a look at the definition of a ‘Right’.
“1. that which is morally correct, just, or honorable.
  2 a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.”

Okay. Now, what we’re going to do is evaluate these definitions using a simple Equation: the Equality Equation – where, in our consideration we are taking into account / Equating All as One as Equal, standing as All as One as Equal – placing Self as the Collective, the Group, to, in this be able to look at the events, circumstances and experiences currently taking place daily in our world within standing Equal and One with the circumstance / experience – standing in the shoes of others. In doing this we’ll be able to see in particular what is being created, accepted and allowed in our world through living the current accepted definitions of particular words.

So, ‘Justice’; ‘fair and reasonable’. So, apparently it is unfair for the prison inmate to have his beard cut. And in this for any practical reason? No, this is only unfair for make-believe reasons. Make believe you say? Yes, make-believe. Because, religion is make believe. All religions are merely a system of beliefs of what will happen to you when you die. And there is some form of ‘god’, which, during your time on earth, you must follow certain rules according to your religion, which tell you what god would like you to do, and what god would not like you to do. And you follow these rules because you would like something nice to happen to you when you die. It doesn’t matter what the story is – in essence all the religions are the same: follow the rules then you have fun when you die.
So, in the Sikh religion, it is not cool to cut your hair because, apparently then god wil not like you as much. Leaving your hair uncut is apparently you showing your ‘faith’ in god. Although, if look at this point it’s really quite stupid because what you’re saying is that god can only measure your ‘faith’ by the length of your hair? LOL. What a limited and idiosyncratic god.

Anyway — so the Justice Department sees that this Sikh man had his beard cut, and now says this is a violation of his ‘right’ to practice his religion. Here’s where it really get’s fucking fascinating — because the Justice Department itself is suing the state of California for cutting some guy’s beard. Yes, that’s all that happened. The value attached to the beard is just sentimental – just make believe – and shows how limited the man is, where he can’t even forgive himself and let go of the past but apparently ‘needed’ his beard. Apparently he had a ‘right’ to his beard.
Fascinating that the Justice Department sees this ‘rights violation’ as worthy of a law suit brought against a whole state!

“California’s inmate grooming policy substantially burdens the rights of an inmate to practice his Sikh faith.”

So, apparently what is ‘unfair’ here that the man’s ‘right’ to practice his make-believe, is being ‘burdened’ by the state.

So we’ve got legal action being taken in the form of a lawsuit brought against the state of California, in the name of seeking ‘Justice’ for the actions of the state which ‘unfairly’ ‘violated’ and ‘burdened’ the ‘rights’ of this inmate to practice his religion.

And when we look at the definition of ‘rights’ it is defined as something ‘morally correct, just or honorable’. So, with this story, it appears that the Justice Department is acting ‘honorably’ to ‘protect’ the ‘honor’ of the inmate’s ‘honorable right’ to practice his religion.

Now, here’s where we get into the whole ‘seeing through the veil’ point — because, if we apply Common Sense using the Equality Equation, to ‘Justice’ — we can see that ‘fair and reasonable’ have been defined within complete separation of what in Common Sense, is actually Fair, and actually Reasonable.
In standing as All as One as Equal – as Life, and looking at, what is a ‘fair’ and ‘reasonable’ way for each of us as part of the collective to behave toward each other — we can see that the ONLY ‘fair’ behavior, is that which is ‘fair’ to Life. Because Life is that which is Equal in All – Life is that which is How we are Here – it is Who we really are in Essence.

Therefore, it is Common Sense, that any behavior we participate in, or any agreement we make as a collective, in terms of how we should live in the world we are in, how we design our systems of support, that what should be considered always is what is Best for All Life as Ourselves — Because, when the world is Fair to Life — then, everyone is always treated Fairly, aren’t they? If we allow each other to define ‘fair’ according to what is best only for ourselves, and insist that others ‘respect’ and ‘honor’ our personal ‘opinionized’ definition of ‘fairness’ that does not consider everyone as Equal, believing that we have the ‘right’ to do so, we can see that any such definition of ‘fairness’ is actually not fair, and any such definition of ‘rights’ is actually a dishonor to Life — because it is based in ‘how can I myself fare well’, rather than, ‘what best enables ALL to fare well?’

Now, religion is a perfect example of people considering only themselves and ‘how can I myself fare the best after I die’ according to a particular religious belief system.
So, in the case of the Sikh prison inmate, and his ‘right to practice his religion’ — what can we see?
We can see that the Justice Department, is acting to protect the right of the man to practice what is actually his ‘rite of unfairness’ — which is his practice of his accepted belief systems of what will happen to him after death — within which the reason he is keeping his hair / beard uncut, is because he believes he is ‘honoring god’ and obviously the only reason he would do this is in the desire to be treated well / fare well with god, when he says farewell to the world and dies.

So, there is actually no ‘Justice’ being acted upon here, and the only ‘right’ being violated, is the bizarre ‘right’ that says everyone must be ‘free’ to live according to their belief of what happens after death’. Now, all we have to do is look at the violence, greed, conflict, war, corruption that takes place daily in our world in the name of religious beliefs of what will ‘happen after death’ — which is really people at war with each other trying to control the world to conform to their definition / idea / belief of what is ‘fair’ — which is whatever their preferred belief is of how they can best ‘fare’ after death, with god in the afterlife. So, the entire ‘right to practice religion’ is not based in the consideration of any universal, practical, actual need or requirement of ourselves here in this reality, in this world – called Earth. It is a ‘right’ solely based on making sure everyone feels ‘free’ to live according to whatever belief allows them to cope with their life.

But, in Common Sense – if we were all acting within Real Justice as that which is Fair and Reasonable to Life, we would not harm each other, and no one would exist in fear. And thus religion would become irrelevant as a the coping mechanism for fear. The existence of religion, and the ‘freedom to practice religion’ is only showing us that we are in fact not free, and that the world we are creating is unfair to life.

If anything, the prison system did not burden the man’s right to practice his religion, but rather relieved this inmate of the burden of his beard, and gave him an opportunity to see the self limitation and deception he is participating in, within placing ‘special value’ in his beard, and then spending his whole life maintaining the length of his beard to honor some make believe god in his own mind — what an unnecessary mental and emotional burden for one to place on oneself –

So, in short, it is amazing that action is taken to protect a man’s beard, but no action is taken to stop starvation, stop poverty, stop unnecessary disease and atrocious living conditions, stop war, stop labor inequality, stop the massive animal abuse perpetrated by capitalism, stop the destruction of nature perpetrated by capitalism. It is easy to see that humanity has completed separated itself from reality, completely separated itself from responsibility, completely separated itself from simple common sense such as : let’s make sure no one starves.

Humanity accepts a system in which everyone is actually burdened by the requirement for money – again let’s look at the definition of ‘Burden’: “a duty or misfortune that causes hardship, anxiety, or grief”. Money which is not available to billions of people — the need for money which itself causes extensive hardship, resulting in so many turning to crime, ending up as prison inmates. So, the Justice Department is revealed to simply be a symbol in place which is based on humanity’s current accepted definitions of ‘rights and justice’, which are actually completely unfair to life – but which benefit those who are currently in control of all the money, because as long as human beings believe such things like ‘Justice’ and ‘rights’ exist in the world as it currently exist, and believe their ‘rights’ are being ‘protected’ by someone — then they feel ‘safe’ and ‘free’ in their bubble, and will simply continue within acceptance of a system of inequality.

So, this news story appears to present something ‘good and honorable’ happening, in the Justice Department suing the state of California for violating the Sikh prison inmates ‘right to practice having a beard’ when in fact it is just an illusion — and when we participate in this illusion, without having developed the common sense to be able to evaluate the starting point / origin point of the issues at hand, we are not taking responsibility as Participants on Earth, but are rather showing how we are just observers, existing in our ‘own bubble’ trying to ‘fare well’ in the system, observing events happening around us, without actually investigating anything for ourselves.

With some common sense, anyone can see the extensive programming / brainwashing at work here through which the real issues at hand are not seen or simply ignored, as attention is placed only in a veil of ideas and beliefs and accepted, handed-down definitions, masking the actual underlying issue.

I realize this post is a bit rambling, but sometimes this happens as I am investigating a point in the moment within writing — because everything in this world, all issues, are interrelated / woven together as they exist as the events / happenings / acts / experiences / outflows we are creating As our World, Equal and One to the words we are living.

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