Man gets 23 years for robbing lottery winner

“A 35-year-old suburban Chicago man who targeted and shot an Illinois Lottery winner has been sentenced to 23 years in prison.”

“Robert English pleaded guilty Friday to attempted murder and home invasion in the September 2009 robbery at a Rolling Meadows home.”
Story here:

Two men have been charged with shooting man they robbed because, as a lottery winner, they thought he’d have money in his house.

The victim said he had known one of the robbers for years and now has difficulty trusting people.

Yes, how can human beings trust each other when the desire and need for money drives people daily to harm each other? And you never know how possessed someone has become, or how great their need is until they are there in your house shooting you in the hope of snatching up your lottery winnings.

The lottery is an obvious indication of a system that is not based on support. A system of winning and losing. And why is the lottery so popular? Because people want to be millionaires.
With the Equal Money System, there is no need for a lottery, because there is no need or want for money, and everyone basically lives like a millionaire. That is a common sense system. A system of winning and losing that creates the need and desire for money is not common sense at all, as it literally creates the opportunity for crime and leads to people getting possessed by the desire for money. So, common sense is to eliminate the conditions that lead to the possession to possess money.

In the Equal Money System, it is not possible to ‘lose’. Which would you prefer – a system where it is possible for you to lose, or a system where losing does not exist, ever?

The official Equal Money System book is scheduled for release around September 2011.
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