What does the existence of food banks reveal?

Food Banks.
Food banks are ‘deposits’ of food accumulated through donation. These ‘food banks’ are made available to people who cannot afford food.
I find it effective to look at things in a very simplistic way. For example the necessity for people to donate food through food banks, to other people who cannot afford food, reveals one simple point. The one simple point is that obviously those who cannot afford food cannot afford it because they do not have enough money. 
And how does one earn money in this system? Through some type of job, employment, providing labor or some product or service to another human being or a company or a corporation or a client.
Now the fact that there are 50 million people in America living in poverty where within their life food is an ‘insecurity’, where there are nearly 17 million children experiencing hunger, and the fact that food donations through ‘food banks’ is such a well established, ‘regular’ ongoing thing in this world and that food banks is seen to be an ‘acceptable way’ to deal with the problem, indicates that a simple point is being missed or simply ignored by those in charge at a governmental level. 
Why do I imply that food banks is an unacceptable way to deal with the problem of poverty and hunger?
Because it is unnecessary. Food banks are only required because the real problem is not being addressed. Because within this system, the problem of poverty is not that the people can’t get food — it’s that they can’t get access to MONEY with which to buy food. So, in the simplicity of Common Sense within considering what best benefits everyone, the solution would be to give everyone Equal Money, to just go ahead and make the decision to completely do away with the entire current system and change it to one based in Equality of support for all.
However, the proposed ‘solution’ to poverty and hunger in the United States, that we hear our political ‘leaders’ talk about on television goes a little something like this: “We need to create more jobs”. 
But this is obviously not acknowledging the obvious faultiness of the system itself, in which it continues to be possible for poverty and hunger to exist alongside people with billions of dollars – more than enough money to feed the entire world.
The solution is not ‘job creation’. Because the entire foundational principle of our capitalist system that those jobs are based on, is in itself not accounting for what is best for all. And that is really the people participating within accepting the principles upon which our system is based, who are themselves not accounting for what is best for all.
So, again a point of simplicity within Common Sense that one can apply within listening to the words of our ‘leaders’ as they tell us about their proposed ‘solutions’, is to simply hear the words they are using, and to begin noticing how their words always reflect an acceptance of the current system as being ‘the only way there is’ for us to exist in this world. 
When the president talks about ‘creating new jobs’ as the so called ‘solution’ to poverty and hunger, there is never any mention of ‘doing what is best for all’, ‘loving they neighbor as yourself’, ‘doing unto others as we would like done unto us’. 
The ‘solutions’ are always based in an acceptance of the existence of ‘finding a way to survive and get by’, and then within that merely ‘helping people’ survive. 
What is not seen and understood is that we do not have to have a system in which one must ‘find ways to survive’. We can have a system in which ‘job creation’ is never an issue, and in which no one EVER goes without what they need. Such a system should be demanded by anyone in a position of influence within this world. Those in a position of influence are those of us with money. Which is those of us who are able to make our voice heard in expression of the unacceptable nature of the way we currently allow ourselves to exist.
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