American Interests in Bahrain are to KILL for. How do we stop the violence?

So why does America not intervene and stop the carnage in Bahrain? You know, the carnage where the government started shooting protesters point blank and throwing the bodies in the street. Oh and there are also accounts of the security forces then brutally beating medical workers as they try to treat the wounded. And firing upon the protestors again as they would make their way to the hospital.

Obviously this kind of behavior by the Bahrainian government is not something that would be allowed by any nation associating themselves in any way with ‘Human Rights’, would it? So they should simply go and put a stop to it, right?

Well, wrong actually. Because it doesn’t work that way in this world. You don’t simply go and put a stop to murder, torture and enslavement just because it’s happening and you have the power to stop it.
Why not? Because, if you are not familiar with the way governments / countries function in relationship with each other in this world, the nature of their relationship is always based on what kind of interests they have in each other. And by ‘interests’ I mean assets that one country has, that another country would benefit from / gain advantage from if those two countries were to become allies / partners.
The advantage to gain is primarily economic or military in nature, in terms of advantageous trade agreements and strategic military placements, which are both advantages that America gains from its current alliance with Bahrain.

Bahrain serves as a naval compliment to Qatar’s peninsular thumb, and the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy is stationed there, also “The Pentagon requested $258 million in fiscal year 2011 to build several additional facilities on its base there, including $45 million for an expansion at Shaykh Isa Air Base.”
Retrieved from

In terms of trade: “(Bahrain) is a major exporter of aluminum and other manufactured goods to the United States. In 2009, Bahrain exported almost half a billion dollars worth of goods to the United States. The United States exported $668 million to Bahrain.”
Retrieved from

Long story short, the reason why violence and murder is allowed is because the stability of the world’s economic systems function within depending on certain strategic relationships / alliances being in place between countries, relationships which fulfill certains need and desires for military or other industrial advantage. With larger countries of power such as the United States, these relationships form a vast global network as in a root system, which the country depends on to maintain its power and advantage over other countries, giving it greater influence and choice as to global decisions and issues, enabling it to control wealth and resources. But again, this control of wealth and resources is dependent on specific relationships with other countries being in place, as in the case of the US and Bahrain.

Thus to threaten or sever the relationship would be ‘detrimental’ to America’s power in terms of the advantages that Bahrain enables the US to maintain, through their already well established military and trade agreements.

In terms of countries / governments taking action in relation to Human Rights issues, action is only taken if it has strategic value in terms of gaining some type of advantage, or if the action taken does not compromise an existing relationship which provides the country with an advantage. Which clearly shows that no government is currently operating according to Principles based in doing what is Best for All and actually supporting Life. All actions are taken from the starting point of careful strategy designed in a way that best supports an individual country’s self preservation of its power and stability.

Therefore when one looks at these issues with an understanding that the entire foundation of the relationships between countries is based on self interest as the maintaining of power and control over each other, and that each country’s economic stability is based on maintaining these relationships, we can see we have a problem for which there is no solution possible within the current economic ‘ways of the world’, because the current ‘way of the world’ is not based on doing what is best for everyone; in fact it is based ONLY on self interest and self preservation within the division of humanity through nationality, culture, religion, and different value systems, in the context of which relationships between people and countries are carefully and strategically designed, and which daily lead to conflict and violence, as there is a perpetual conflict of interests existent in the world. Which is shown by the fact that people protest their governments. That is a conflict of interest. And which is shown by the lack of action taken to stop Human Rights violation – because such action conflicts with the interests of, for example America in the case of the Bahrainian violence.

How do we stop conflict of interest?
By establishing a NEW system, throughout the world that operates in ALL areas according to ONE EQUAL INTEREST. That interest must always be the interest of what is Best for All. Doing what is Best for All starts with the recognition of the obviousness that wherever a being is physically harmed with violence or directly or tacitly accepted and allowed to be physically harmed with violence and / or denied support in fulfilling the basic Right to a dignified life of the highest possible quality, there exist a dysfunction that MUST be corrected. The dysfunction is where self interest as power and control is allowed to direct the decisions made as to how humans, animals, and nature will be treated.

The only practical solution which fulfills the basic right of a dignified life of the highest possible quality, and which eliminates the current ‘need’ of governments to maintain strategic control over each other’s resources to preserve their economies, is an Equal Money System.

Within a global Equal Money System, countries no longer must function within survival and economic and military competition based on the preservation of advantages gained through specific relationships / alliances that must be preserved. Instead, action can be taken to eliminate abuse / violence immediately and this will not have the effect of potentially ‘compromising’ the fulfillment of some country’s ‘need’ or ‘desire’ based in self interest / maintaining power / stability.

Stability comes from the application of Equality of interest as what is Best for All.
Just as in a body, where all the cells and organs and other systems function with a COMMON, SHARED, EQUAL interest – which is what is Best For the Whole Body, wherein the whole body will work together to immediately take action to eliminate anything that that is causing harm to the body, based in making sure that all parts continue to enjoy optimum functionality. And taking such action never compromises the interest of some cell or organ, because all parts are working in harmony within the common sense interest of doing what is Best for All, which is obviously always Best for the Individual part as well.

This is what needs to be understood about the current ‘way of life’ on Earth, in the context of how we have set up systems based not on what is Best for All, but according to dysfunctional and conflicting knowledge and value systems of self interest based in some having power over others through religion and government. The point to realize is that these conflicting value systems are not ‘the way things must be and always remain’. It’s just what we have always agreed upon, which has been passed on generation to generation, continually perpetuating the same dysfunctional value systems and definitions of ourselves.

The world will exist in conflict and violence as long as people do not do what is best for all. That must now be obvious. The Equal Money System is thus the inevitable solution, as it is the only solution in which the elimination of war and unnecessary physical violence is possible.

So, it is really pointless to point fingers in a situation like the Bahrain violence, because in this world there does not exist any group / nation / organization that takes any action that is in fact based in what is best for all. The action is always limited to that which does not compromise a specific country’s national (self) interest.

STOP compromising Life. STOP self interest.

Forgiveness Song to End Abuse

World Equality Song

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