Be Daring, Stop Delusion

Consciousness is a tool of self delusion created as a trap – in consciousness you can always dream up a pretty picture to look at and create nice pretty feelings and then say that is reality — to not have to face what is HERE when you stop the pretty picture in your mind — look at yourself and you’ll immediately see that is correct. But are you self honest?

Yes, Self Honesty is the key to seeing what is real. In the mind, you’ll notice that you do not need any principle whatsoever — you do not need to consider another being, there are no consequences in the mind, you can eliminate all the dark and ugly stuff and just see what you want to see.
In Self Honesty, it must then be seen that the promotion and support of this type of accepted participation is extremely harmful — because what happens when you have a bunch of middle class and wealthy people, earning enough money to be comfortable, suddenly reading about / hearing about some apparent alleged so called ‘higher beings’ suggesting to human beings that ‘your purpose’ in life is to ‘do what is most exciting’ and ‘follow your bliss’ and ‘ascend into a higher vibration’ and ‘make your aura colorful’ and ‘focus on pretty, positive, nice things’, and that you have a ‘higher self’ that is guiding you and thus you are just ‘here for the ride’? What happens is that you have a bunch of people completely ignoring everything and everyone but themselves — focusing entirely on self interest, self gratification – where spirituality and new age is merely ‘inspiration’ in the game of creating elaborate mental realities consisting of pictures and fantasies and making yourself feel special, feel ‘light’, feel ‘compassionate’, feel ‘loving’, feel ‘caring’, feel ‘enlightened’, feel ‘advanced’, feel ‘wise’, feel ‘cosmic’, feel ‘creative’ — come on, look at how consciousness, the mind, is just a drug trip! Are you actually understanding reality? Are you actually aware of how you’ve come to be here? Are you actually aware of the earth? Are you actually aware of what is after death? Are you actually aware of where the energy you experience as feelings is coming from / how it is being created? Are you actually ‘aware’ that you have a ‘higher self’? Are you actually in fact aware of anything at all?

Have a look — where did your spiritual and new age imagery and fantasies in your mind come from? What did you use to construct it? Did you actually realize anything? Did you ‘become aware of god’? Did you ‘become aware that you are a lightworker’? Did you ‘become aware’ that you are a starseed? Did you ‘become aware that there is a galactic federation waiting for you’?

Where did all these concepts come from? Did you ‘become aware’ of them? Did you ‘realize them’?

Surprise! NO – you did not realize anything!

GASP!!! What are you saying??!?!?!? I have realized myself! I am aware! I am enlightened! I know where I’ve come from and why I’m here! I know I have a higher self! I know I am ascending!

Yes – that is correct. You KNOW all these things. But here’s another thing you have not considered: Knowledge is not AWARENESS. Knowledge is not REALIZATION.

Because – again, where did all these concepts come from? What has been the basis of all the pictures, thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy that you are experiencing within spirituality?

WORDS – VOCABULARY. Specifically Spiritual and New Age vocabulary.
And where did this vocabulary come from?


It came from:


Yup, there you have it. Spirituality and New Age is not Self Realization!
In fact, you have not applied any step toward Self Realization!

If you go back and read the beginning paragraphs, you’ll even see for yourself that spirituality and new age has only suggested applications to be used for creating elaborate mental realities to keep yourself entertained! I mean – I dare you to stop your mind for 10 minutes. Walk around your house, your garden, your yard, down the street, through the new age shop — WITHOUT THINKING – Without having thoughts and participating in pictures within your mind — Without TRYING TO HAVE AN EXPERIENCE.
Go ahead, try it. Go ONE FULL DAY without trying to have an experience of something.
Just be with yourself, Here, in the Physical, as WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE when you are NOT THINKING WITHIN YOUR MIND.

Do you own any crystals? Spiritual artwork?
Hold your crystal, look at your spiritual artwork – WITHOUT trying to have an experience towards it!
Yes, that’s right — Just be HERE without trying to have an experience. Can you do it? Have you ever tried?

Why would I suggest this?

Because, what I discovered with spirituality and new age, is that when I started STOPPING THE MIND – and just being HERE in the Physical Reality that is Here in every moment — a funny thing happened: I realized that spirituality and new age was nothing but ‘me trying and attempting to create and have an experience of something’.
Yes, I realized I was trying to become the pictures I was creating in my mind — I was trying to ‘get into’ the fantasy I was creating in my mind — ascension, 2012, 4th dimension, love and light, aliens and ufos, enlightenment, higher dimensions, higher consciousness, blissful experience of god, cosmic consciousness — I mean, it’s all concepts that one has created a picture of as an interpretation of words that you heard or read somewhere. That’s is. I mean, go and actually investigate yourself and you’ll be surprised to see that you have not actually ever changed when you started becoming spiritual. You just learned a different vocabulary and started generating feelings and pictures using that vocabulary. you started creating a multidimensional alternate mind reality that you then embarked on a great journey of trying and attempting to ‘become’ that alternate reality entirely, trying to ‘get into’ the picture!

But, you must see the obvious separation in that! Come on!
What does Oneness imply?
Oneness implies you are already Here! Oneness implies that there is nowhere to go, no alternate reality to get into, no higher or lower self. Oneness shows that the MIND, as the creation of elaborate mind consciousness realities of pictures, thoughts, feelings, energetic experiences — is existing in complete separation of Oneness, complete separation of Self as Oneness Here.

I mean, you have billions of people all creating their individualized mind interpretations and fantasies of apparently ‘what reality is’, and then trying to get into their fantasy through constantly participating in the mind, perceiving they are on some grand journey of attainment into some higher reality or dimension — which will never happen because you are chasing a picture that will infinitely be beyond your full grasp — because look:  you are creating the picture, the fantasy, the idea about ascension, the idea about enlightenment — YOU are the Source! You are chasing your own picture! Chasing your shadow! You will never catch it!

So the question is, why is this happening? Why are we creating mental alternate realities as pictures and trying to experience them?

It’s now really about the why — it’s more about the WHO.
WHO are we – WHO have we accepted and allowed ourselves to be and exist as, that we have come to be here in existence, as an apparently lowly and low being that must attain and achieve some grand and glorious better and higher state of ourselves through dreaming up pictures and then trying to become the picture? Are you really just a picture?

And again, the source of the pictures is ourselves. We dream them up. We create them.

But, this is why I suggest that you go one day without participating in thoughts, fantasies, pictures in the mind, without trying to have an experience of something. Just be Here. Just be Here in this world. Just be Here in the Physical. Just be Here in your body.

You’ll notice something — you’re the same as everyone else. You’ll notice you are ONE in the Physical. And you’ll also notice that, when you place yourself in the shoes of another in this world — you are HERE in the same ‘way’. By the same ‘source’ — we all have the same HERENESS. In this we are EQUAL.
We are thus Equal and One Here.

Thus, the question is – Why have we not realized this? Why have we not seen this? Why have we not noticed each other as Equals and as One? Why do we have this need to be apparently ‘different’ and ‘special’ and ‘more than’ another?

You’ll notice — when you walk one full day without participating in the mind, just being HERE in the physical — you’ll notice that the MIND, that Consciousness has been the reason why we didn’t SEE each other HERE as EQUAL and as ONE. Because, we were not looking at what is HERE. We were looking in the mind, through the mind, OBSERVING each other through thoughts, through feelings, through emotions, through reactions, through fears and anxieties, through desires, through preoccupations — all in the mind.

What is the mind showing us? What is the mind showing to us, revealing to us about ourselves?

Well, when one takes a good look at what is experienced by human beings, by animals, by plants in this world — what can we see?

You’ll notice there’s a lot of things that you daily ‘put out of your mind’ — things like, war, rape, starvation, crime, poverty, animal abuse, sexual abuse, suicides, violence, greed, corruption, danger — there is a lot of stuff that we make sure we AVOID and KEEP SAFE FROM.
What is the primary force that gives us this safety? God? Energy? Love? Light?


Yes, MONEY is the thing that keeps us safe. Because, with MONEY, we can buy and build a life for ourselves. We can build our own little garden of eden, and stay in there, nice and safe. And so we work and work and find ways to get money so we can ‘build a life’. And when we have money and a life, what do we have time and comfort to do?
Become spiritual and new age people! Yes, because when you are physically comfortable and have access to food, clothing, shelter, technology — then, life is pretty nice, and all the stories and pictures painted and presented in spirituality and new age give us inspiration to start adding ‘extra dimensions’ to our life – because, we have the basic living platform taken care of with money, and now we need ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’ and ‘reason’ — so, we start looking into spirituality to ‘find ourselves’. And eventually we find the ‘right book’, or the ‘right channeler’ that tells a story that we really ‘resonate with’, and we immediately decide ‘that’s who I am’. Cool, now we have a nice self definition based on a story apparently telling us we ‘chose to come here’ to earth to ‘learn some lesson’, or ‘help spread light and love’, and thus we ‘have a meaning’ and apparently ‘have realized who we are’. And then we occupy our time with words, pictures, feelings of spirituality and new age and only participate with things that are in alignment with our self definitions — we surround ourselves with things that support our definitions of ourselves, and remove things that do not support our definitions of ourselves. And the more we do this, the better we feel — the more we enhance our lifestyle with people and things which support our self definitions as a ‘lightworker’, the more we feel like we are becoming more and more spiritual! More and more enlightened! Because we are generating more and more energy as feelings based on the pictures and words we have defined ourselves as within and through our minds! Thus, as we surround ourselves with things that look as close as possible like the picture we are seeing in our minds of ‘how I should look like’ and ‘the spiritual reality I want to experience’, the more we perceive and feel and believe we are ‘shifting into a new reality’ and ‘manifesting a new reality’.

But, here’s the thing: What you are doing is exactly the same as a person who is using money to create and order their lifestyle according to, for example, themselves as a rapist, a child molester, a greedy and corrupt banker or politician, a war monger — each is actually doing the SAME THING, which is using money to create a lifestyle. And each one is using the mind to create feelings and emotions based on their self definition — which is supported by the lifestyle they create for themselves using money!

But the thing to realize and see, is that none of these people actually is in ‘their own reality’!
Because, the money is all earned through utilizing the same system, and the system is Here in this world, just like each being is Here in this world, in this PHYSICAL reality, Here as Earth.

Thus, it is easy to see that each being is not actually ‘creating their own reality’ — except in their MIND!
All are Equally Here Physically! Your Physical body is in the same place as the murderer, the greedy banker, the war monger, the child molester, the animal abuser, the nature abuser — All is Here as One.
Therefore, what we are creating through the mind as a consciousness reality is actually a huge CON.
And who is being conned? Ourselves. And who is doing the conning? Ourselves.
We are conning ourselves.
Because, we were taught to! Yes, we were born into this world and immediately trained in the ways of creating alternate realities through and as the mind! Through which we began to perceive and observe everything and everyone around us.
We’ve only ever experienced ourselves through and as the mind as thoughts, feelings, emotions – consciousness — all actually created according to the words and definitions we’ve learned from others.
We’ve just been existing as robots – cloning ourselves over and over and over and over again.
And look at the system we are in — the money system, the entertainment system, the education system, the spirituality system — all based on supporting us to remain within the mind, as the mind, to creating alternate mental realities through which we keep observing everything!

Thus, we have never actually lived in awareness of each other HERE. as EQUALs and as ONE in the Physical.

And look at what we have and are creating in this world! The daily events, the daily experiences, the daily circumstances being created — look at the extensive abuse and suffering that exists in this world. Starvation, poverty, animals and humans abused for labor to make a profit, conflict, argument, war, corruption.
There is great suffering, great misery experienced daily in this world. Our world.
And who is suffering?
It is really ourselves suffering.
Because, when you stop your mind for a day and just walk Here in the Physical, aware of everything that is Here in the Physical with you — you can then see — there is no ‘other’ that is suffering. How can there be an ‘other’, when we are both One in the Physical, made of the same stuff, and both Equal as the Life in each of us? We are One – a Whole.
Therefore, it is ourselves as One that suffers.
And as One – we cannot ‘split off’ and ‘escape’ into some ‘other reality’. It doesn’t work that way.
That is what Consciousness is showing us. Consciousness, the Mind – is showing to us, revealing to us that we are trying to and attempting to escape ourselves. Because, no matter what kind of ‘life’ you create for yourself while you are here, no matter what kind of pictures exist in your mind and no matter what kind of feelings you experience, and no matter what your self definition is — that does not change the fact that we are all here together in the same place, the same boat, Equal and One.
We are Equal and One. We are a Whole. Therefore, whatever we create, we create in Oneness and Equality.
But, it needs to be understood what this means.
Oneness and Equality is the Law — yes, the Law. The Law that cannot be changed.
Because, have a look at the simplicity of this:
A person is born into this world, and taught that, what we normally call ‘red’, is ‘blue’.
Now, what will happen when that person looks at blood? They will say – ah, blood is blue.
They will define the color of blood One and Equal to what they’ve been taught is ‘blue’.
That is a simple example of how Oneness and Equality works.

Now, we are creating alternate mind realities of consciousness, one and equal to our definition of ourselves as ‘the mind’. Where, we’ve been taught that ‘who we are’ is the mind. Taught that ‘who we are’, is ‘thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, imagination’.

But the question really is — how is it that we were able to be taught that, and we believed it?
Obviously, because we’ve never realized who we really are. I mean, if we realized who we really are, then someone could not so easily just ‘teach you’ who you are by telling you stories and words and saying ‘this is who you are’, ‘this is your name’ etc, and then you ‘d just believe it! NO – if you realized who you are – then you’d be you — you wouldn’t need to be taught who you are.
So, ‘who we are’ in our minds, is who we create ourselves as, as ONE and EQUAL to our separation from ourselves. ONE and EQUAL to our unawareness of ourselves.
In this unawareness, we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become a product of all kinds of knowledge and information that has come from someone else, and this knowledge and information has shaped our thoughts, feelings, and emotions — and knowledge and information from spirituality and new age is no different. It is more words and definitions we’ve used to create more definitions of ourselves through the mind, striving to become ‘more and more’ of ‘something’ within our mind.

So, the reason I suggest to go a day without participating in the mind, and to just be here in the physical, is to realize and see and become aware that — Who we really are, is NOT OF THE MIND.
Because, who you are as the mind has a beginning and end. There was a point where you began creating yourself through your mind, as you were growing up in this world — before that, you were HERE.
Thus, the question to ask is – If I was already Here — why do I believe that who I really am is something I must achieve and attain to through becoming a picture and fantasy and image I’ve created in my mind using knowledge and information and stories of spirituality?

Simple — because when one stands HERE for a moment and looks at all that is HERE in this world, one can see — it is not a ‘pretty picture’.
What we are creating in this world, accepting in this world, allowing in this world = is not pretty.
But — it is REALITY.
It is the reality of how we are participating with each other, with our world ONE and EQUAL to who and what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become as the Mind, as Consciousness, as fantasies and delusions created in separation of our Oneness and Equality of Ourselves as Life.

Now, you’ll find an interesting thing: try as you might, you cannot do anything without experiencing the Law of Oneness and Equality.
Look at what you do during your day. What you do from the moment you get up in the morning, to the moment you go to sleep — the actions you take — all the things you do with your hands here in the physical — the way you physically live within your life, within this world, is always One and Equal to Who you Are. One and Equal to who you accept and allow yourself to be. Who you Are, is your Starting Point.
I mean, a greedy person acts in greed and experiences greed, One and Equal to the greed they accept and allow within themselves, as themselves as Who they Are.
A spiritual person participates in and experiences spirituality, One and Equal to the definitions, ideas, pictures of spirituality they have accepted as themselves and defined as themselves as Who they Are.
A person with no money, experiencing the pain of hunger, with no education and no means to make money the way you or I do, has very little ability to become anything more than the definition of themselves that is shaped by their environment, their circumstance, their need for food, their pain of hunger, the awareness that they must survive – and thus wil act and participate in this world One and Equal to Who they Are which is defined by the basic pursuit of survival — because, they cannot afford to participate in any other way. They cannot afford to create a lifestyle of spirituality and new age.
So, it actually all comes down to money.
The ability we have to create ourselves and participate in this world, is One and Equal to how much MONEY we have. 
So, this is actually quite fucked up.
Because, what have we done?
Instead of LIVING in ONENESS and EQUALITY within the consideration of each other as LIFE, we have accepted MONEY as a ‘separate’ factor or ‘force’ which gives us the ability to to live, where our ability to live will be one and equal to how much money we have. And then, what have we done?
We’ve created spirituality and religion, or science and evolution as the apparent ‘context’ in which we are existing, which gives us points to ‘strive toward’, and to ‘attain to’ and to ‘wonder about’ and to ‘find meaning in’, which all apparently ‘justifies’ and ‘explains’ our existence. And the context in which we have accepted ourselves to exist, is that of there always being something ‘great and unexplainable out there’ as ‘the universe’, or ‘as god’ — within which we have accepted ourselves as being ‘less than’ existence, ‘less than’ the universe, and thus ‘less than’ the Earth.
And why?
Because as long as there is ‘some great unexplained force’ ‘out there’, then we can say — ‘I’m not responsible for who I am’, ‘I’m just here for the ride’. And this acceptance creates the necessary foundation for religion and spirituality, which offer an ‘end goal’, or ‘prize’ that you will apparently get to have when you ‘get to the end of the ride’– which is your death.

So, obviously, when you look at this world — you can then see why it is that all the major problems of abuse and suffering continue to exist. Because, we are not Living Here within the consideration of what is the best way to Live Here as Equals and as One in the Physical as Life — No! We are spending all our time believing we have to get somewhere else eventually after death, and that we are ‘just here for the ride’ of earning money and keeping occupied with entertainment and ‘pursuits’, which is where you do what suits the amount of money in your purse.

Now, consciousness, the mind – is the alternate reality that we participate in to justify the trap of the struggle to make money that we have created our world as. Because, in the mind you can create fantasies, pictures, feelings, reason, meanings, ideas, beliefs, hopes, dreams, faith, gods, angels, guides, masters, ascensions, heavens, enlightenment, specialness, love, light, bliss, excitement — but — it is all delusion. Because, when you go one day without thinking, when you stop the mind for one day, and just be Here, breathing, in the physical reality — the alternate reality stops and you see that in fact — in SPITE of anything you can dream up in the mind, in spite of any idea or belief you can create in the mind to justify what exists in this world — in fact it is just ‘your opinion’. Because, in FACT we are Here as equals and as one in the physical. And the way we are participating with each other is obviously not cool.
We agree that money determines your ability to live.
We agree to ignore starvation and poverty.
We agree on self interest – we thus agree on all acts of self interest – such as war, rape, child abuse, animal abuse, greed, corruption, etc, etc.
All that exists and goes on in this world exists and goes on One and Equal to what we Agree. We are living within Oneness and Equality — but from a starting point of separation. A starting point of believing that we are not the creators of what is here! A starting point of believing we are not responsible for what is here!
We have created money and the current money systems of this world, as the SYSTEM of control that keep everyone compartMENTALized in your own apparent ‘bubble’ existence which you experience through and as your mind consciousness reality / idea of yourself. The money system is that whereby human beings create a physical bubble around themselves as ‘their life’ – house, car, clothes, family, where you are hooked up to the lifeline to the lifeblood of this world, which is money – the lifeline being your job / way of earning money. And everyone is occupied with this occupation of earning money and creating your own bubble-like mental existence supported by the specific lifestyle you build up around you, within the accepted context for your existence / yourself being that you are just ‘here for the ride’ within ‘god’s plan’, or ‘evolution’, or ‘spirituality’.

So, the point is – we have conned ourselves with CONsciousness. Consciousness is a delusion factory.
But why? Why would we do this? How could this happen? How could all of us who are actually here equal and one as life as the creators of everything, create a delusion factory called consciousness, through which we have come to exist as such a limited entity called a ‘mind’ as thoughts, feelings and emotions and fantasies whose sole purpose is to earn money to build a lifestyle which reflects our preferred delusion?

Because, obviously we have never actually in fact REALIZED that we are all ONE and EQUAL as LIFE HERE! We have not in fact EVER LIVED within the consideration of OURSELVES as EQUALS and as ONE as LIFE!

Oneness and Equality has always been here, and is here in this world — but our starting point within oneness and equality has always been that of Separation. We have always created ourselves in separation of Who we Really Are as Equals and as One as Life here as Creators of what is Here.
Thus — we have created a world of extreme, absolute, utmost separation ONE and EQUAL to the separation we each exist in and as. To the point where, we have separated ourselves so much from who we really are as Life, that we have gradually created an existence in which we are not even really alive!
An existence where we forgotten how we got here, where we came from, who we are, and ended up as the most limited thing imaginable – a programmable system called the mind – programmed with all the knowledge that we have accumulated through interpreting and observing ourselves lifetime after lifetime in unawareness of who we really are as Life.

And when you look at the nature of how we live within our accepted and agreed upon system of money and survival, we can see the basic principle that people live within is that of Self Interest – the equation of: Maintain survival to maintain the pursuit of Self Interest. And this equation is carried out during one’s ‘lifetime’, where then one reaches the ‘end of your life’ and dies.
And there are those that have always had control of the money, and thus had more ability, more power to live in this world, and to maintain that power and ability to live, they must keep control of the money – and thus the system has developed into consumerism / capitalism – where the system provides you with all the choices of lifestyle and gratification of self interest you could desire, in exchange for a lifetime of labor — thus, it is the perfect system of self interest – where since each one is compartmentalized within their survival / earning money / pursuing self interest bubble, harm and conflict is able to be kept to a minimum, because – when you have billions of beings in self interest only considering themselves, not recognizing or seeing themselves as Equals and as One as Life — then you are going to have conflicting interests. Which is what this world is showing us! Because, in spite of the system, there is still massive and extensive harm, abuse, violence, war that takes place daily. And how is it being created? It is being created One and Equal to the accepted Self Interest of the individuals. The primary motivation for war and conflict in this world is to get control of money, which gives one a greater ability to pursue, gratify and maintain one’s self interest.

So, does freedom really exist in this world?
Has freedom ever existed in this world?
Has life every existing in this world?
Have we ever really lived?
Have we ever realized anything?
Have we ever LEARNED anything?

I mean, spirituality and religion is all about ‘Learning lessons’!
But, the LESSON AT HAND is continually IGNORED!
The lesson is: this world as it exists, with all its extensive division, conflict, war, struggle, anxiety, striving to attain something better, feeling as we have no meaning, reason or purpose and thus seeking for meaning, reason and purpose within and through the mind in creating multiple mind dimensional realities to find solace within,  and ourselves as how we exist as a programmed mind consciousness system able to be manipulated, programmed, controlled, with our physical participation completely directed by thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, fears, is what we create One and Equal to a starting point of separation as Self Interest! Since we have always only valued ourselves as Self Interest within Separation, the entire manifested existence is manifested as a design in which we perceive ourselves to be totally separate from existence, from each other, from ourselves even — where our separation from ourselves as Life has manifested us into and as an extremely limited entity that ‘exists’ only between birth and death for a number of years, whose purpose is simply to survive and try and give itself meaning, and then our body returns to the dust of the Earth from whence it was formed – yet the mind dies. How very limited!
But we are insisting on NOT GETTING IT! We simply do not want to face what is here that we have created in our separation of ourselves, which plays out daily in and as this world as it exists with all the events, circumstances and experiences of conflict, war, starvation and suffering happening daily — we have created such an enticing system of delusion as consciousness, that we just can’t help but keep trapping ourselves into the delusion of attaining some better, higher, greater ‘reality’, ‘dimension’, ‘level’, searching for an easy way out of the mess we have created as our own separation of ourselves — never looking at the simple fact that we are already here, and that we are not, and cannot ever get anywhere else. We do not want to face what is HERE that we have to work with, because it has become so extensively a mess, that we perceive and believe that we cannot possibly be responsible, and we cannot possibly change ourselves to exist in any other way that how we currently function merely within survival and entertainment within a system of control within which we are subject to money in every way as the GOD of ourselves, that gives and takes life, and empowers us or disempowers us with more or less choices, depending on how much money we are able to get.
So, we have made life a game of winning and losing, with ourselves as the players, and spirituality and new age is merely a mod, a plugin, an upgrade to the software – creating another layer of pictures, thoughts, desires and feelings based entirely upon the same basic platform of attainment of lifestyle through attainment of money, as are the lifestyles of any other human being in this world.

Now, let me tell you something – lol, as if I have not already told you quite a bit – a few years ago, when I was a ‘lightworker’, what you would have read here were words and phrases like ‘we are here for an awakening’, and ‘we need to spread light and love to uplift humanity’, and ‘we need to realize we are all creator gods’, and ‘we need to uplift ourselves spiritually so the galactic federation will reveal itself to us’, and ‘you are a beautiful, cosmic light being’ — and all such flowery, pretty, nice sounding new age spiritual terms and phrases as one hears within spiritual and new age channelings, messages, writings and videos. You would have heard that because a few years ago I was completely deluded within my mind believing the solution to everything was for us to become this wonderful, glorious pictured fantasied reality that I had created, designed within my mind using knowledge and information and stories.
You would not have heard anything that challenges your ideas and beliefs about yourself and this world, and especially not anything that challenges you to question spirituality and new age, to question your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

But, now things are different. Because, I was dared to stop my mind – I was dared to face what is Here as this physical reality, this physical world — I was dared to recognize my Oneness and Equality with and as all Life Here. And, I took the dare, and I began stopping my mind. And – from that moment on has unfolded a process of Self Realization. A process of gradually peeling away and removing every single layer, dimension, facet, thread, of the mind consciousness alternate reality I had created through and within and as my MIND.
When I began stopping my mind, and simply…being Here…I began seeing and realizing what we have created here as this world, as One and Equal to who we ‘ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be within absolute separation of ourselves as Life as All as One as Equal.
And, I immediately saw the solution — we must stop all separation — and, I saw — we can actually free ourselves as Life from this mess we have created ourselves as — we can actually birth ourselves as Life as All as One as Equal from this designed and programmed consciousness reality. We can actually Stand One and Equal with all that is Here – and stop death.
Because, what is it that is Here?

What is Here is the Physical.
And the Physical is that which remains – that which is Here – when all mind consciousness alternate realities of the individual end in death. The body returns to the Earth, Here in and as the Physical.
I mean, look at the Physical for a moment and you’ll see that everything and everyone comes from the Physical – and human beings are using the Physical as the source of food for energy to fuel the creation of mind consciousness alternate realities! We require the Physical in order for ourselves as the mind to apparently ‘exist’. But — how can ourselves as the mind really ‘exist’ when we require the physical to sustain us! And look at how we are using the Physical – the Physical as that which supports and sustains us, and as that within which we are all Equal and One — we are completely disregarding it! We have never considered the Physical — we merely suck it dry, using it as fuel for our mental delusional alternate realities that we hide in.
We have created a money system that abuses the Physical, abuses animals and plants, and within which starvation exists, as the system reflecting our absolute separation from ourselves, from who we really are as All as One as Equal as Life. The money system is a system based on getting and attaining money as the resource to be used to then construct a lifestyle that supports our mental pictured reality and perception of ourselves, each other, and the world.

But look — it does not have to be this way. Another way to exist, to live with each other, is already Here.
The solution to this mess is actually Here in every moment. Here as ourselves.
Because, all we have to do is change ourselves – change who we are – to stop creating a reality, a world of separation. Common sense, since we created the Mind, created Consciousness as the manifestation of our accepted separation as our starting point as who we are — then we must stop the mind. Stop consciousness.
This means, we must give up everything we have perceived to have had value and importance within and as the mind as thoughts, feelings, emotions, pictures, fantasies, desires, fears, etc — because look — it’s not real! It is something we begin to create only after we’re born, and something that ends in death!
It is extremely limited! One and Equal to our accepted self limitation and self separation.
So, we stop the mind – and then what?
We stop the mind, and we rebirth ourselves as who we really are — as Life — Life, Here, as All as One as Equal!
Now, that is thinking big isn’t it? For each of us to in fact Become Life itself!
Actually, it is not thinking big — it only seems so through the mind which is extremely small and limited and cannot conceive of anything but thoughts and pictures.

But, birthing ourselves as Life is really common sense because, look at what is Here — what is Here is the Physical, and we have come from the Physical.
Therefore, let’s return to the Physical – let’s stand One and Equal with the Physical – let’s all become One and Equal in and as the Physical — because then guess what — when we stop all separation in and of ourselves and Stand in Fact One and Equal in All ways as the Physical — then there is no death!
Because, the Physical, that which is Here – always remains!
That which lives, that which breathes – always issues from the Physical – therefore, we should not have an issue with stopping the mind and standing one and equal with the Physical!
Because, what is the essence of what is Here as the Physical?
LIFE is the one and equal essence of us all! The One and Equal essence of the Physical!
Therefore, let’s become Life!
And as we become life, we sort out the mess of abuse and suffering that we created One and Equal to our self separation and self interest, as this current money system that is determining how one is able to live.
Since we are stopping the mind and birthing ourselves as Life as All as One as Equal as that which has always been here as ourselves but which we have never recognized / realized / seen, we start with an Equal System – an Equal Money System — that is based on the principle of valuing Life – not valuing money, not valuing self interest, not valuing separation, not valuing mind consciousness alternate realities and self definitions. We implement an Equal Money System through which we change the basic platform of this world fromt that of winning and losing, and struggling to attain and achieve survival and entertainment, to that of an Equal foundational platform of support for each and every one to live effectively. For each and every one to be supported to finally STOP SURVIVING and start Living. Start self reflecting, start recognizing each other, start noticing the Physical, start noticing the Breath – because, as breath, we are all Equal and One – The Breath is an easy point from which to see our Equality and Oneness.
We require a system of actual support, to be able to remove survival as a concern, so we can focus on standing One and Equal with all that is Here in and as the Physical.
An Equal Money System frees us from the fight for survival, frees us from the fear and anxiety of not having money – and thus removes the whole reason and purpose of trying to escape and attain something ‘better’ within and through the mind as alternate mind consciousness realities and experiences.
So we can focus on the Earth – on what is Here.
When we change ourselves, change our starting point, change that which we stand as – to that of Being Here standing One and Equal with all Life within considering what is Best for All — when we stop all separation within ourselves, then we stop creating separation. Simple, that is the law of Oneness and Equality in action.
We stop living the law of Oneness and Equality within separation to create abuse and division and conflict and suffering, and start living the law of Oneness and Equality within recognizing ourselves as Life as One and Equal Here – realizing that, when we change who we are to Life – then we create as Life. We create a world that supports ourselves as Life.

When we stop abusing the Physical as fuel for mental realities of separation, and we Birth ourselves as Life from the Physical – through standing One and Equal with All that is Here in and as the Physical – when we in fact Become the Physical — when we in fact each become that which is Here — then, there is no limit to what we can create. When we are all Equal and One as Life Here – then, no harm will exist, no abuse will exist, no need will exist — it will be something we have never experienced, never lived, never dreamed of, never comprehended, never conceived of — because the mind cannot conceive of actual freedom. Because the mind is absolute limitation.

But — don’t now think about what I’m writing, don’t start making ideas and opinions and thoughts about what I’m writing – don’t just say: man this guy is nuts! Lol.

I dare you to apply what I’m suggesting — I dare you to Stop the Mind and see what remains. Stop the Mind and be Here. Stop the Mind and start walking the steps of birthing yourself as Life as All as One as Equal Here. Be different – be daring – Just Do It. Lol.

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Artwork by Matti Freeman

One thought

  1. step by step men, i will do it, its more than obvious than an equal money system is the answer, i will give myself time to read all your blogs, because are just amazing


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