Law of Attraction is MatheMAGICS

Law Of Attraction Tacitly Implies Lack

I suggest anyone who is currently interested in, or participating in the Law of Attraction, watch this video and listen carefully to what is being said.

The starting point of using a “law” to “attract something” actually gives permission, acceptance, and allowance for “lack”. This is actually obvious common sense — however, what I have encountered is that people who are so consumed with their self interest will simply deny this simple realization, and insist that they are doing something “good” and “beneficial”. Yes – good and beneficial for YOU. But not for All as One as Equal.
In the video “Law of Attraction Tacitly Implies Lack“, there is a point made about the Equal Money System, which is that it is a system that is Best for All – a system that supports everyone – whether you are good or evil. Now, this does not mean the system supports you to abuse other beings — that is what the current capitalist system actually allows. No — the Equal Money System gives everyone an EQUAL platform of support to live in dignity – but does not give you permission to abuse other beings. After all, it is common sense that you will be better supported to sort out your abusive nature if you are not having to be occupied with survival and self preservation.

I’ll point out another specific point, which all who are interested in the Law of Attraction would do well and good to listen to:  The Equal Money System supports all beings to live a dignified life — whether you are positive or negative. Yes, even if you participate in intensely “negative” thoughts and moods, and constantly complain and whine — you will NEVER “attract lack”!! Yes – it I’ll say it again: In the Equal Money System, you can be a “negative” person and STILL be supported to live a dignified, comfortable, effective life — with an EQUALITY system, it does not matter if you have “negative thoughts” or project “negative energy” = you will never attract “lack”!
Because in the context of looking at the actual physical reality we are in — no thoughts, either positive or negative, and no energy, either positive or negative, is required to shape and order what is here into an effective common sense system that is best for all that functions according to the physical mathematics of how to support all beings here as the Whole.

Thus – “lack” and “abundance” in the context of the Law of Attraction only exist within acceptance and allowance of the current system and all its functions. And it is easy to see that anyone who applies LOA is only out to benefit themselves — because the “benefit” experienced has to come to you at the expense of someone else — because, your abundance is not being manifested out of thin air — your abundance is MONEY – as that which is moved around within an UNEQUAL system of haves and have nots.
Therefore, LOA will never produce any solution for this world that will benefit all beings equally, because it is solely about self interest, existing within acceptance of the inequality of the current system, within acceptance and allowance of lack.

When all are equal in HAVING in the Equal Money System – positive thoughts as a “tool to manifest abundance” will be irrelevant. Because – you will not be able to take abundance from someone else and move it into your life. Because everyone already will have Equally. See — because, again, your abundance in the current system does not magically manifest out of thin air, it is things that are moved around with money in the system – an UNEQUAL system.

The Equal Money System supports All, because it changes the starting point platform of how we all participate here in this physical reality we are sharing — it supports physical participation based on the physical mathematics of what is best for all. Whereas, the LOA is based on the mental matheMAGICS of what is best of “only me” — without actually considering how your life is in fact being shaped, perceiving that some magical force called “source”, or “the universe” is just “sending me stuff”.

In the Equal Money System no one will need to “attract” things to make you life “better” — because, the system is based on giving to everyone that which all require for a dignified life. And again, that is not based on thoughts and energy – it is based on the implementation of a system within which our participation is structured in common sense according to the physical, common sense mathematics of what is best for all, and how to support everyone.

Equal Money supports all Life regardless if you are positive or negative – Equal Money does not give permission for lack to exist. Law of Attraction tacitly implies the existence of Lack. Watch the video and listen carefully if you have not gotten it.

You decide where you stand – in self interest within acceptance and allowance of lack, or for a new world that is best for all that provides all with unconditional support for life.

Join Desteni I Process for training in Self Realization and effective common sense living, and to earn money to support yourself as we walk the steps to implementing a new system that is best for all.

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