The World Will Change 1 by 1

Within the whole thing of change understand that, as one change breath by breath, it also represents the simple realization that the world will change 1 by 1, so it’s one, plus one, plus one, plus one, plus one — that is the same Principle as ‘I am One Vote for World Equality’. When we get to the political point, why is it certain that we will get through? Because what we are standing for Practically, Physically, in Practical Common Sense with Equal Money, is a one plus one equals two Principle that supports All Life Equally, and there is so many people without that support that there is no doubt that they will make a decision to support themselves first – self interest – but within that self interest, the beauty about Equality is, even within self interest of Equality like in Equal Money you’ll be supporting everyone else. Wonderful – both sides covered. Magnificent! How do we change the World? Realize One plus One plus One plus One – till ALL is part…but yet, individual.
-Bernard Poolman.

Commentary by Matti Freeman – Part 1: 1+1 HUMANITY.

This is Matti and this is some further perspective on Bernard’s interview, The World Will Change 1 by 1. Now, everyone has heard of the phrase, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world” — and that is quite accurate. Everyone knows, when looking at this world, and the problems of this world, that it is Human Beings that must change – We must Change. Because when you look at things like War, and Conflict, Violence, Greed — these are all things Human Beings are doing, this is what we are doing to each other, it is US, so it’s US who needs to change. Obviously we must be the change we wish to see in this world, if we want to see a world where no one’s harming each other, if we want to see a world where there’s no hunger, we have to change ourselves. But, what at Desteni we’ve realized is that that’s not going to happen if the current Money System continues. It’s impossible for that to happen, because the majority of people simply do not have the time, the means, the support, to do any real – to change themselves, simplistically. Their time is spent surviving. And now this is the majority of Human Beings.
It’s a minority of us who have a somewhat ‘leisurely’ existence in this world, a small minority. This is what at Desteni we’ve realized about our own lives. I mean, even though we have to work full time, most of us, we still have to work, we still have our ‘daily grind life’, like ‘everyone else’ in the system. But, even though we are working, we’re still the ‘Elite’, in that we do have the time to look at this world, look at what it is that’s going on, we have the internet, we have technology, we can SEE everything. We can look upon this world and we can see that – we can examine our relationship, individually, to what is going on in this world – we can directly see: Is the way I’m living within the consideration of what must be done to change, to bring about a change in this world, or is the way that I’m living in relation to all of this massive abuse, atrocities, continuing daily in this world, just a life of Self-Interest, where I’m in essence saying “it’s not my problem, I don’t care”, “I’m just going to ‘live my life'”. I mean, so you have the majority who are not having the time or the support to be able to look at the world in such a way; they don’t have the access to technology, to information. They’re consumed with survival. The Elite, those of us with money, and you watching this video right now – we are also consumed with survival but we do have the time and the means to see what’s going on in this world, we can see the consequences being created by Who we Are as Human Beings, the consequences being the daily events unfolding in this world, day by day, and yet we are also consumed by Self Interest, where we’re not looking at, the majority of us ‘Elite’, those of us with money, we’re just ‘living our lives’.

Now, what is a Destonian? As a Destonian I’ve realized, well, I can’t just ‘live my life’, because then nothing will change! I have to dedicate my life, THIS life to bringing about a solution, to implementing a solution. We must be the change we wish to see. And what do I realize? I realize it can’t just be a solution for those of us with money, it has to be a solution that works for everyone. I have to Stand As Everyone in this world and say okay now what is Me as All as One as Equal – what is MY Interest? My interest is that everyone should have an Equal Opportunity, ability, support, to be able to look at ourselves in relationship to each other, evaluate our starting point of existing Here with each other, everyone needs that opportunity for Self Reflection. Everyone needs that opportunity for Self Exploration, and I realize that’s not going to happen with the current system, because there’s fuckin millions of people starving to death every year. There’s slave labor, I mean, come on. It’s not gonna happen. This system must Stop. A New system must be implemented. It must be a system of Equality, it must be a system that Equalizes the ‘playing field’. We need to eliminate the absurd problems of starvation, poverty — this is Not necessary to exist. And the world is not gonna, we’re not – I mean, how can everyone be the change we wish to see, if people simply do not have that ability because they are completely occupied with their basic survival! This is why the Equal Money System is so important, and relevant. It is why it is a required step, because it Equalizes the playing field, it eliminates poverty and starvation and gives, places everyone on an Equal level, so that we can all Equally See what we’re doing, see what’s going on, be able to develop the skills that we need to develop, and that we would like to develop, so that we can start living lives where more Self Exploration is possible. Not just some of us, but everyone.

So the first Change that must happen, that we must Be, as Destonians we realize we must be the ones who implement an Equal Money System, we must be the ones who bring about a new system. So that we can give everyone the same opportunity that we’ve had, of Self Reflection, of Self Investigation, of Self Realization, to explore Self Expression. Currently, not everyone has that ability. So, I want to – the change I wish to see, is where we’re in a world where everyone’s Equal in Self Expression, Self Expansion, Self Exploration, everyone has this ability no matter where you go, no matter who you’re with, no matter where you’re born, you can swap places with anyone, you can have the same opportunity. Doesn’t that sound like a world that just makes sense? Not possible in the current system. This is why we need an Equal Money System. The first step to bringing about a truly new world. We end those basic problems of poverty, starvation, everything else related to money, we give everyone the gift that we would like for ourselves, the gift that we already have, the gift that I’ve been given, as one of the ‘Elite’ of this world with money, who’s had support – it’s truly a gift. Without support, the support that I’ve had in my life, I would not have been able to look at what’s going on in this world and have the time to investigate myself, investigate things, if I was living in a garbage dump, eating trash, the garbage of the Human Beings with money. So, I would not like that for myself, and I would not like anyone else to have to experience that. I would like to give everyone the opportunity that I’ve had, and more. This is the beauty of the Equal Money System, I mean, give everyone the opportunity to live, in essence, like a millionaire, so that you have the time, the support, to change yourself.

So, we must be the change we wish to see in this world, and obviously the world will change 1 by 1, as Bernard says in the interview. Because, I mean when you look at Humanity, what is it it’s one human plus one human plus one human plus one human, Equals Humanity. So ‘Humanity”s not going to just change magically, it’s each one of us 1 by 1 by 1. And the Equal Money System then gives everyone an Equal opportunity of changing themselves 1 by 1 by 1. I mean, that 1 by 1 by 1 change is simply not possible in the current system – just look at the conditions people must experience: they don’t have the time, they don’t have the support – it’s impossible. So it’s Spiteful to just Allow the current system to continue and say “oh well everyone must be the change they wish to see”. The only people that are going to be able to be anything are those of us with money in the current system. And you’re not gonna be any type of ‘change’ if you’re not implementing a new system, are you? I mean, the only change at this stage is an Equal Money System, because any other changes in this world is not possible until we have an Equal Money System, until the system of massive limitation currently limiting the majority of Human Beings is brought to an end. And a new system of actual opportunity, of living, and Self Realization is brought into Manifestation in physical fact. This is what the Equal Money System is. So do your research and support the 1+1+1=2 solution of Equal Money, and be the change that you wish to see, by giving to everyone the same opportunity that you’ve been fortunate enough to have. Let’s bring an end to this cycle of – or this, Game of ‘who will be the fortunate one, and who will be the unfortunate one”, it’s unacceptable. Everyone must be a winner, or else that’s just spitefulness, isn’t it. The Equal Money System brings an end to the spitefulness of winning and losing, fortunate and unfortunate, and gives everyone, the great fortune that they desire. Doesn’t that sound like a great world to you?

Commentary by Matti Freeman – Part 2: INDIVIDUALITY

This is some more commentary on Bernard’s interview titled “The World Will Change 1 by 1”. At the end of the interview, he says: One plus one plus one plus one / one by one by one by one, until all is part..of the same, and yet individual. This point of ‘the same’ yet still individual, is important for people to realize. Because, in this world, with Human Beings, there exist a fear of losing your individuality – losing your ‘identity’. Now, this has, if you go and investigate it, been conditioned into you by the system. If you look at the movies, the TV shows, the advertisements – I mean, look at the products being sold to you–what is the point used to sell people clothes, cars, a lifestyle – is that ‘It’s YOU!’, ‘you’re unique!’, ‘you need this’, ‘you want it because you wanna be different, unique, special’, it’s ‘your identity’, ‘make it yours’. So, I mean this is used to sell products. And, if your individuality is defined by products – then that means YOU ARE a product — an amalgam of products, so I mean is that individuality really real? 

Now the same goes for that which is told and sold in spirituality, culture, religion – there’s something being told, something being sold, and you buy into it for whatever reason. Because it makes you feel like ‘that’s’ who you are. But if you had to first hear it and then ‘buy into it’, and adopt it as yourself as a Self Definition — that’s not real individuality either, because – you could have adopted a different story. So you’re just switching outfits again – you’re switching your ‘identity’. That’s not real individuality is where I stand Here — no matter what is Here, no matter what it looks like, no matter what’s going on, no matter what’s required to be done, and — I am, ME, I am Here….Individual in my Self Expression, as part of what is Here, which is One thing, One Whole. In this we are all the same – yet individual. It doesn’t matter what clothes I wear, what my house looks like, whatever. That’s not individuality. That is an externalized thing that you use to, in separation from You, ‘identify’ yourself, define yourself, say ‘oh this is who I am’ in relation to everyone else – I look like this, I’m this type of picture, I’m associated with these types of things — that’s a system. That’s not real individuality. Because, then you’re afraid to lose all of those things that apparently make you who you are, those ‘things that define you’, the ‘people that define you’, the ‘place that defines you’, the ‘culture that defines you’ — look at all of that stuff! In holding all of that in place as ‘individuality’ apparently, we’re holding the entire system in place, because ‘that which makes us who we are’ is being provided by the system, perpetuated by the system. Thus we are perpetuating the system because we have a system individuality, a system identity.

      Within the Equal Money System, this changes. Because the system is no longer about providing people billions of different products and lifestyles so that someone can make a profit off of your conditioned desire for individuality. In an Equal Money System there’s no more the ‘consumerism’ as it exists in the current system. We get to actually discdover who we are – in FACT. For REAL. As a Real Individual, as a Real Expression, of Life Here. The Same as Life, the Same as the Earth — yet…different in expression. I’ve experienced in the process of stopping my Mind. You peel back the layers of that which was conditioned as Self Definitions — you reach a beautiful point of, there being an unknown…nothing…and then you get to emerge, as Yourself, without conditioning. You get to Unfold as Who you Really Are and in that discover: What is my Self Expression? Who am I as a real individual?

Now, this should be able to be experienced, realized by All Beings, All Human Beings. The current system does not allow for this, because the current system is where we’re all enslaved to a system where someone’s making profit off our conditioned desire and fear of loss of our ‘individuality’ – as a product of the system: no change possible. This is why we get rid of the current system and have an Equal Money System, so that, again, we’re Equalizing everyone’s opportunity – making everyone the Same – the Same in that which we Should be the same in: Support to live effectively. Equal and the Same recognition of each other as Life, Honoring this – the Same for All. Not some ‘more than’, some ‘less than’, some ‘more worthy’, some ‘less worthy’. Another point to consider within this point of ‘you must be the change you wish to see’, is that people have now, as a ‘system personality’, ‘system identity’, conditioned by consumerism, you’ve now made ‘change’ into an idea and adapted it into your personal self definition as a point of merely personality. Not as any point of real understanding of what Change is and what’s required to be changed in this world. So, that needs to stop, because it doesn’t matter how much you say ‘you must be the change you wish to see’, ‘you must be the change you wish to see’, ‘you must be the change you wish to see’, ‘you must be the change you wish to see’ — that doesn’t change anything! You know, ‘enjoying’ your ‘unique, individual personality’, and ‘living your life to the fullest’ within the current system and not stopping the current system, that doesn’t change anything, it just means that you’re ‘enjoying’ your system life, that you were conditioned to ‘enjoy’ apparently, and live, while the rest suffer. That’s not change. Thus, we have the Equal Money System which Gives everyone the ability to discover who they are as a real individual. And within this, the false individuality WILL end. The conditioned, systematic ‘self identity’ – that will end – that will be lost. But it’s not something to fear! I mean, do you really fear a new world and the end of the current system? The end of the current world as it exists? With daily war, destruction, suffering, poverty, abuse, starvation. I mean, if you want to keep that, you really must ask yourself – who am I? And if I am not wanting to give everyone Equally what I would like for myself, what does that say about the nature of my ‘individuality’? I mean, you don’t have the right to such an individuality, if your individuality requires the current system to remain in place, then your current individuality is of an abusive, spiteful nature. 
The Equal Money System will remove such spitefulness, and give everyone the opportunity to discover real individuality, which is endless, boundless, you cannot lose it – there’s no fear of losing your individuality, and there is no maintenance, you do not have to maintain ‘your unique persona and individuality’, if it must be maintained through an image or whatever, certain things in your environment being in place, and relationships – that is a system, a system – that is not real, that is not Life, not Living. So, I invite you to discover real individuality through investigating Equal Money, and also investigate Desteni I Process to begin this process of emerging as a real individual, even before the Equal Money System is in place.
Thus, if you hear what I’m saying, and See the current conditioned nature of what is ‘experienced’ as individuality in this world, and you can understand that what people fear to lose in becoming the same is really just bullshit, and that there’s nothing to fear in being Equal – unless you know and have accepted that you’re not capable of being an individual expression of Life, that you will cease to exist if the current system ceases to exist, I mean doesn’t that just really reveal complete and total brainwashing to accept the system? That’s the question you must ask yourself.

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