Creating Self Out of the Mind and Into the Physical

Self Realization does not happen through creating and experiencing ideas through and as the mind. Self Realization is a Process of Creating Self out of the Mind and into the Physical — to stop creating ideas of self / experiencing self as an idea of self through the mind in relationship ‘with what is here’ — to stop ‘creating self’ as ideas ‘out of thin air’ as a thin-king, a thing-king whose kingdom is the mind of the ten thousand thinks that ends in death — and to create self, Actualize Self, Substantiate Self through ACTION, AS the Physical – where the mind dies – the idea of self dies forever, and only a being As the Physical remains – a being which must create itself in and as actual Substance through and as actual action – and this Action is that which one begins Living Equal and One as Who Self Is in the moment of insight / realization which opens through Self Forgiveness – Self Forgiveness which opens through Self Honesty. And each of us must Will ourselves to be Self Honest in every moment of Breath – so that the points of Self Forgiveness open up – which thus opens up a point of Self Insight and the opportunity to start Living Self out of the mind and into and as the Physical through immediate Self-Change – a point by point, realization by realization, Action by Action re-birth of Self in and as the Physical. In this Self will not be an experience of ideas, not an experience of energy, not an experience of consciousness – as that which is gradually created in the mind as one learns to think and create ideas — self will not be a mere ‘witness’ or ‘observer’ of what is Here — but an actual, Physical Being who is Here, Equal in Physical Fact with what is Here. The only way to become a real being that is in fact Here Equal and One with All, As All – as an actual being of Oneness, is to do what is Best for All — because, any other starting point must actually be created through creating self as an idea in relation to what is Here – in relation to All as One as Equal, in Separation of Self as All as One as Equal — which is how abuse, harm, violence, spitefulness, neglect, ignorance, ego has come to exist – which is what we as All as One as Equal have come to exist as.
To End all abuse, end all harm, end all separation — each must Birth themselves as actual actions that is Best for All. As a Human Being here on earth currently, this is the ONLY way to transcend the Mind and remain Here in death. One can only birth oneself Here in the Physical, As the Physical as that which remains in death through doing what is Best for All — because the relationships which one’s self interest is defined by – can only exist in the Mind in Separation of what is Here as All as One as Equal. Thus, to become a being that remains Here in Death – one must Stop the Mind – Stop Self as the Mind – Self as the Mind must Die – be let go of in all ways through Self Forgiveness — where one then Gives oneself Life through Standing As Life – and Substantiating Self As Life Here in and as the Physical through and as Living Action / Expression that is Best for All.

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Artwork by Marlen Vargas del Razo

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