Real Love is only Possible with Self Forgiveness

‎”…Who decides who loves you? Who CAN decide? Only YOU!!! You’re the ONLY ONE that determines what the fuck is going on in the space inside you. When your mom says to you “I love you”, she’s lying!! It’s impossible!! Because, she has a feeling for you that SHE has created!! That’s why parents have different degrees of love for different children; because they’re fuckin’ deceptive!! They lie! They don’t love their children Equally. You cannot love another person. You can have a feeling about someone, based on something that you have made yourself believe., and you can call that ‘love’, but that is not love. You can only ever love yourself. And realize that such love must be cultivated in each one being in this world. And then, there is Equality. Then you can TRUST everyone! Then we are possible to have a new world. Then Heaven is on Earth! In ‘Heaven’ there wasn’t even love. It was all make-believe bubbles called the ‘soul’. Everybody was ‘souled…out’. They SOLD out LIFE, for their make-believe experience of ‘feeling love’. To ‘feel love’ is to sell your soul! That means to have SOLD yourself out, SOLD out LIFE! Does that make sense?

You cannot actually ‘love’ another person — what you are experiencing, is YOUR need for fulfillment, and YOUR need to control their behavior, so that you can feel better about yourself. It’s brainwashing. You call it ‘love’.” -Bernard Poolman in the discussion, The Mathematics of Stickmen.

Real love is to do what is best for all — but to do this you have to love yourself enough to give up your desire to control another to make you feel better about yourself.

This is why human beings require Self Forgiveness — you must give yourself to yourself — whereas currently you are given to a system of make believe that you’ve been taught, that you have Accepted, that you have Allowed, which all relationships in this world are based on — where you believe some are special and give you fulfillment when in fact how can you ever be fulfilled if you cannot fill yourself with yourself? Take away the person you ‘love’ – and all of a sudden you are empty. Yet, your love was only a feeling you created in yourself! Therefore, human beings are actually Possessed by their own self-created demon called ‘love’, which requires to control and suck the energy of another being, in order to generate the feeling you desire to feel! And it’s all taking place INSIDE YOU! You are in fact de-manned by your own self created Demon called ‘love’!
The ‘love’ and ‘fulfillment’ you feel is not coming from another – it is a feeling you have created in your own mind – you are feeling your own mind projected unto another. The question is, are you ready to stop this self-abusive system of self-separation? Are you ready to stop manipulating and possessing yourself, and manipulating others to maintain a feeling? Are you ready to expand your consideration to what is best for All Beings in this world? Are you ready to love All Life Equal through Loving yourself as Life?

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