Training Your Water to Find 11:11

Discussion with Bernard Poolman

Commentary with Matti Freeman

Commentary on the discussion with Bernard Poolman entitled: Training Your Water to Find Eleven Eleven.

Discussion with Matti Freeman about how one is able to confirm through self honesty and self forgiveness and stopping the mind, that seeing 11:11 is something you train your water to do, based on first hearing about 11:11. Exposing the self delusion of creating spiritual super hero stories about 11:11, wherein – when I was seeing 11:11 I did not even see that I was training / programming myself to! Only when I began applying myself within Self Honesty as Breath Here in the Physical, stopping the mind did I start to understand what is actually going on.
11:11 is not the solution to end poverty, starvation, war, greed — it is numbers. We are in a system with numbers, symbols, functions — but creating stories and fantasies in the mind based on observing these functions, is not understanding – it is make believe based on self interest and shows the actual limited thing we’ve accepted ourselves to be as the mind, as consciousness where we don’t even admit that we do not in fact understand what we’re working with as this manifested physical universe, and pre-occupy ourselves within the mind as an alternate reality within which we portray ourselves as the cosmic super here here to save the world when we do not even have the basic common sense to see that poverty and starvation will not end with spirituality! It will end with a practical Equality system – the Equal Money System – which is based on actual investigation and understanding of how the system works and what is required to practically do to ensure everyone is equally supported to explore themselves in the Physical as an Earthling – Equal as Life, One as the Physical.
Time to stop the mind – time to give up 11:11 – time to get real and apply yourself within Self Honesty and with Self Forgiveness so you can actually understand directly what is going on, and how we can manifest heaven on Earth for real, for All.
Stop the picture show – stop the mind games. Get into the Physical and live within practical Equality and Oneness in ways that is Best for All.

See Life-Coaching
Equal Money

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