The Cancer is the Can’t-Shares

Cancer – a dis-ease that eats away at you until you die.

In the body, the blood must be shared, the nutrients must be shared, circulated to all parts, all organs to ensure effective and balanced functioning, where all parts are developed to their full capacity to function to support the whole body.

Currently, humanity is the cancer, the CAN’T-SHARE that is not SHARING what is HERE – the cancer that CONsumes what is here  using money within an accepted money system that does not value life, a system that has LAWS that ALLOW people to starve, LAWS that ALLOW humans, nature and animals to be abused and not considered as worthy of support, a system that has LAWS that say it is okay to, as long as you have money, fulfill only self preservation within self interest as a part that stands apart from the whole, not considering what is best for all — a system of NAZIS that are not-seeing that if we do what is best for all, rather than what is only ‘best for me’ – then our entire environment / ecosystem as the Earth will become a place that is supportive for everyone, no matter where you are.

What is cancer showing us? Cancer is showing us the consequence of our accepted consumeristic / capitalistic nature that is based on self interest, competition, winning and losing, inequality, instead of doing what is best for all, sharing and equality.
When a person does not have money – they starve – they are CONSUMED by their own body, as the body starts to eat itself when it cannot get food. But who is actually consuming the starving person? WE ARE. Because we are the consumers that allow the consumeristic money system where money is a resource that must be competed and fought for, and the more you get, the more freedom you have to do what you want and not consider anyone but yourself – and if you can’t get money, the world you were born into, the physical body you are born into – will consume you, chew you up, and spit you out. And we daily consumate the nature of the current body / system through our daily acceptance of the consumeristic system, and participation with money within the starting point of accepting the system – because we have accepted and defined ourselves completely according to the education, the culture, the value systems, the belief systems, the ‘life’ and relationships that ‘make us who we are’, which are all currently shaped completely by the money system.

You need money to stay alive in this world, to function in this world — money is functioning as the blood of the physical body as the Earth that we have been born into. It is money that gives access to all the necessary elements of effective living: food, water, education, technology, etc. And what is fucked up is that when you are born and try to live and participate and cannot get money — the world as our collective body sees you as an element that must be removed — sees you as a part of the body that is not deserving, not worthy of support — and thus the body, that functions according to the system that we have agreed on, literally CONSUMES you – you starve to death and leave this world.

Common sense is that when you enter this world as a part of this physical body called Earth – you should be given what is required to develop and live a functionally effective life.
Cancer is showing us how we, as humanity, as the force that agrees how the body should function in terms of supporting all parts that are Here, destroy anything that does not have money, or enslave that which can be exploited so that someone who already has money, can make MORE money.
See – no one would starve if we agreed we CAN SHARE what is here to support all Life Equal and One in and as the Body.
Common sense is that we as the body should remove that which is harmful to life, but currently we as the body remove anyone who doesn’t have money, never giving them a chance to live! And we allow all kinds of abuse just because some people have money to do what they want, and we are so consumed with our own desire and need for money, competing to win and have our OWN life, that we do not consider the absolutely abusive and unequal nature of the system we are participating in! I mean, permission should not be given for someone to exploit or enslave another in the name of profit as self interest — that is spitefulness. Currently, the system we are agreeing on, allows people to exist in spitefulness toward Life – to manipulate and enslave what is HERE as the body using the accepted unequal and easily corruptible system of blood as Money, to fulfill the desire to have more than another. We have aGREED that money may be used in the name of GREED. And we only accept this because we are so afraid of losing our own survival – we know that we will be consumed and spit out if we don’t maintain our own money. Of course, we have covered up this immense fear with pictures and feelings and thoughts – we create a multi-layered, mental body to hide in – and since we’ve accepted this mental reality of thoughts, feelings, desires, hopes, dreams to define us completely – we are easily manipulated into accepting all kinds of new needs and desires for products presented to us by the media, which we then buy – as the consumer – which is then the basis of our world economies. I mean, we have an economy that is based on the wants and desires and lifestyles of people with money — an eco-no-me, where there is no ME as LIFE HERE, All Equal and One as the body, but where rather the body consists of beings that are isolated into their own little bubble of ‘me’, trained from birth to accept the eco-no-me, that merely follow the rules and do not question the abuse in this world because of the fear of losing the ‘me’ that is only possible to exist if you have money. Thus, sharing what is here is simply seen as impossible – ‘we can’t-share!’ Because, your whole life is defined by a system of inequality and that’s all you’ve ever known.

The fact is, we can end the current system of CAN’T-SHARE that is the CANCER in the body of Life. We just need an effective SOLUTION that will clean up this world, and bring balance and good HEALth to Earth, and all parts of the body, a system of CAN-SHARE – a system that gives all parts what is required to function effectively, a system that does not deprive someone of life just because they can’t get money, a system that is Best for All. A system where the rules make common sense – a system in which the spiteful and greedy will not be allowed to participate until they support themselves to stop their abusive nature. A system where none will starve, where poverty will not exist, and where you can swap places with anyone in the world and find yourself in an environment of support and dignity.
The solution is the Equal Money System. The EMS — the Emergency Medical Service that will restore the physical body of Earth to health and wealth for ALL.

Join us

Artwork by Marlen Vargas del Razo

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