Practical Self Questioning Guide

When I look at myself, I stand as Life as all as one as equal – and in this see all others as myself as Life equal and one. Then I look at the design of myself as a ‘person’ – and in Self Honesty investigate all I have accepted and defined myself as, as a ‘person’ – to see what I am Allowing / supporting. Do I as all of the accepted experiences, definitions, and designs of myself as a ‘person’ support what is best for all as Life Equal and One as Me? Or do I as a ‘person’ support separation through seeing myself only as a ‘person’ as definitions and designs of self interest within a bubble?

This is to put the Process of Self into context.

What we are thus applying as Destonians is practical tools of Breathing and Writing to support ourselves in investigating and uncovering and becoming aware of all experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, definitions, beliefs, ideas, opinions, preferences, memories, personality designs and patterns — ALL of ‘who I am’ as a ‘Person’ — and STOPPING anything of and as ourselves that exist in support / allowance of separation. We are, through Self Honesty as Life, Self Forgiveness as Life, and Practical Self Corrective Application as Life, taking Self Responsibility for, dismantling and destroying all accepted Self-Designs of Separation through accepted Self Interest, and Birthing ourselves Here as Life in Living Expression and Application of what is Best for All Equal and One as Myself-as-Life in All Ways.
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