How do we make sure only items that are built to last are produced in the Equal Money System?

How do we make sure that only items that are built to last are produced in the Equal Money System?

Goody, this is a fun point to look at. Okay, let’s first define ‘items’. ‘Items’ would include things like, cars, computers, dishwashers, clothes washers, televisions, refrigerators, ovens, electric razors, all of the things that we currently use which make our lives easier, allow us to communicate with each other, and enable us to explore self expression as well, things like musical equipment, art supplies, photography equipment, etc. And then all of your equipment also that is used for more industrial purposes like farming, clothes making, food production, furniture production, medical equipment, etc. Simplistically, we’re looking at all the things that in common sense, we should be producing and using to support ourselves as humanity, as Earthlings here on Earth.
But, let’s now look at how all these items are produced in the current system. Because, how do you get access to these items in the current system?

The raw materials are owned by private companies – and this has been established over hundreds of years. The Earth’s resources have been privatized.

The raw materials are bought by other companies that develop products, and that pay people to produce products using those materials.

Those products are sold to the consumer, and the money that is made goes to the people at the top of the company, the workers, and to cover the expenses of the purchasing of more materials, maintaining facilities, developing more products, marketing costs, etc.

Money gets paid to all the people involved in this product production chain, because the people require money to live in this world – to buy food, have a home, etc. And things like food and your basic necessities like electricity, water, heating — that is all owned by private companies as well, who control the access of these resources by charging money for usage. And this is an ongoing charge — and why is it an ongoing charge? because then the company makes an ongoing profit. so, for people to continue to be able to buy food, electricity, gas, water, heating, etc — they must have a continuous flow of money as an income, thus, they work a job in the system. Let’s say, producing computers for other consumers to buy.
But just as the company that owns electricity charges continuously for usage, in order to make a profit, so does the computer company, because they realize that if they continually sell products, they will continually make a profit — and the more profit one makes, the more money one has, the more access one has to all of the necessities and other items available to buy in the system — and on top of the basic stuff you have all the luxury items which are obviously produced only for those who have lots of money with which to buy them. So, the companies that produce the products, what is their interest? Their interest is to make a continuous and growing profit, so that those at the top of the company can make a lot of money and live a wealthy, luxurious life. So, their entire company structure, which is designed to produce a product like a computer, is designed according to the mathematics of how the most profit can be made from the production and selling of the product. So already within this we can see exactly why for example, the workers are payed less than the CEO of the company — because the CEO requires workers to produce the product, and those workers are people that require a job to cover their basic ongoing living expenses. I mean, if they were millionaires they would not have to take a ‘lower’ position, because they would have enough money to do what they want.

Now, all companies in the current system function in this way – around the principle of making profit off of what is produced. And the only way to make a profit is to constantly and continuously produce products, and get consumers to buy them. So, within the current system, you don’t have just one car, or one computer that is built of the best quality materials, which can simply be upgraded when the technology advances – you don’t have a product that will last a lifetime, because the company producing the product, is not producing it from the starting point of what best supports ourselves as humanity to live more effectively, they are producing the product to make a profit – so that the few at the top can have lots and lots of money, and since the only way to do this is to continuously be selling products, you can’t make a product that lasts, because then you won’t be continuously selling a product, and you will not make a profit!
This is why, in the current system, you have ‘consumer items’ that are deliberately designed to not last! I mean, we all even know this! We, in full awareness of what we are doing, buy items that we know are not going to last, whether it’s a computer, or a pair of shoes, or a dishwasher, or an automobile, and why? Because we are consumers! We have accepted this system as simply being ‘how things work’, and I mean the reasoning behind this is that people must have jobs, must have a job to go to so you can earn your income to cover your basic living expenses – which is all products in themselves that you are continuously buying month to month. So, because you must work to make money to survive, you don’t question the system – because I mean, your survival comes first. And within this you can then see why entertainment is such a big industry, and why education is so terrible, because it benefits the companies making all the profit off the consumer, to have a population that is dumbed down and does not understand the system, and that is constantly occupied with entertainment to take your mind off of your constant, daily battle for your survival.

So obviously you then have the ‘competitive market’, which is lots of different companies all producing a similar type of product marketed under various different brand names and images, like a computer for example, or running shoes is also a good example of this. And the reason for this is because obviously those who have enough capital to produce products, want to make a profit as well – I mean, everyone wants to get more money, to have a bigger, better life. So how do these different companies then manage to sell people all these different types of products that are of a similar nature? Here’s where consumerism really comes in. And here I’m talking about the whole world of brand names and images, and commercials, and advertisements, and endorsements, etc. Since there are only so many basic types of items, in order for so many thousands of different companies to make an ongoing profit off of producing their product for regular consumption by the consumer human being, they must create reasons for people to buy the product. And, since for example with running shoes, really the only REAL reason one would buy running shoes, is to support one’s feet within running, the companies need to literally make up other reasons ‘why’ a person should by ‘their running shoes’ as opposed to ‘those other running shoes’. Because, if running shoes only existed to support the feet, and the shoe was made to last, then there would only be only type of running shoe and you could not make a profit off of it, because it would not constantly need to be bought. So this is why things like shoes are made to fall apart in a matter of months or a couple years — so that you will go out and buy more shoes, more of the same type of shoe. The same goes for computers and all of your other consumer items. And it is all obviously based on making an ongoing profit, and constantly trying to become the ‘most popular company’ because that means you will be the one that makes the most profit.

And this whole process of deliberately producing items that are not built to last, items which fall apart in the name of making a profit, is not questioned because the system is what gives you a job so you can make money to survive and thus you do not question the system because as far as you are concerned, if you can make money, then everything is fine. But the real trick is to get you to actually want and desire to buy more and more products constantly. The trick is to get you to believe that you are choosing to buy those products, because it is ‘what you want’. The trick is to get you to feel good once you own the product that you have bought. The trick is to get you to feel happy when you are constantly buying and owning products. The trick is to get you to fall in love with consumerism, to fall in love with products, to fall in love with brands, with advertisements, with the status that comes from owning the higher quality products that cost more money. The trick is to get you to believe that life is all about feeling happy because you own certain products and are able to buy more products. The trick is you get you to become so distracted in your desire to experience the feeling of owning products, that you don’t notice the absolute immense wastefulness and abuse involved in the current system where items are produced in the name of profit. What are the tools used to perpetrate this trickery that is essential to the profit making system? Well that should be obvious – the tools are advertisements, brand names, the use of words to paint pictures aimed at specific target markets. Target markets are for example, young boys, young girls, teenage boys, teenage girls, adult males of a certain age, race, status, education level, adult females of a certain age, race, status, educational level, etc. You have millions of different products, most of which are variations of the same or similar type of product, that are specifically designed to ‘appeal’ to these different target markets. And, the point to realize here, is that the ‘appeal’ itself – has been engineered. That means, the desire and want you experience toward a certain brand or style or type of product that is not based on the actual functionality and supportive qualities of the item – meaning, the qualities that you desire, that are not based in the simple common sense of what supports you as a human beings — that has all been engineered and marketed to human beings over years and years of time – wherein the human being as the consumer has been conditioned, programmed, to define themselves and their lives according to products. Where you are for example told again and again that to be a man is to have ‘these qualities’, and ‘those qualities’, and to ‘look like this’, and to ‘smell like that’, and to ‘be of this or that style’ — and products are designed and marketed as symbols which then represent those qualities that you have accepted as being ‘who you must be’. So you buy the product because it makes you ‘who you are’ apparently – you believe you are making a choice when you purchase that brand of shoe, or that type of electric razor, or that dress, or that type of car, etc. And the companies are constantly coming out with new and improved versions, or different styles or upgraded imagery, etc — and since you’ve associated certain products with yourself, you’ll keep buying them, or you’ll discover new products that you can ‘identify with’ as you for example grow older and switch from wanting to buy teenage related stuff, to wanting to buy adult related stuff. And then within this, there is the whole point that the more money you have, the more rich you are, the more stuff you can buy, the better life you can have. So, you then have obviously all the best products only available at a higher price. So, those with less money have to settle for a lesser quality, or lesser status of product. And since life has completely been defined around how much money you have and thus what kinds of stuff you can buy, in the background is a constant desire and urge to have more money to buy the better quality, higher status things. This is like a motivator to continue to work and find ways of getting money, so that you can get the better products. I mean when you look at your life, look at the amount of time you spend thinking about products. Thinking about how you would look, and how your life will look when you have this or that product, or if you can get enough money to buy the better one, how you will be happier, and experience yourself differently, and appear to be of higher status, and how you friends will look at your differently, and how much more comfortable you will be with this or that product, or how this or that product will improve your relationships, work environment, family environment, etc. So, currently the human experience is largely defined by thinking about and finding ways to get products. And who really benefits from this conditioning? Obviously the companies producing the products, because they are the ones making a profit off of the way you as the consumer have defined your life, and yourself according to products.

So within this, obviously no one really cares that things are being made to deliberately break and fall apart and deteriorate in functionality, in the name of making a profit, because the human is too consumed with being a consumer – the products are ‘who you are’. You’ve made them who you are, through accepting and allowing yourself to, in unawareness, be conditioned, programmed to become a consumer – someone who functions in this world, in the system, not according to the basic common sense of what it is to support ourselves as Earthlings, but who functions only according to survival through making money, and buying and owning products to feel happy, safe, secure, confident, powerful, attractive, masculine, feminine, accomplished, rich, creative, etc, etc, etc.

So again, within this it is obvious that in the current system it does not ‘make sense’ for companies to produce items that are of the highest quality possible, which will last for a lifetime, and to make these items available equally to all — because, then you could not make a profit, and the economy would suffer because you would lose a lot of jobs which exist as part of the constant production of various qualities of products — and also you must then see the point that, if the whole consumer products industry with all the brands and marketing and commercials, etc – ceased to exist, and only the best quality products were produced by ourselves, human beings, simply because we see it supports us in living — then the whole world of having a lifestyle and self definitions based around having products of a certain brand and ‘higher quality and status than another’, would cease to exist.

Now, this is exactly what will happen in the Equal Money System. What will happen in the Equal Money System, is that the whole system of consumerism, wherein you as a human being have been conditioned to define yourself and your life around wanting products and buying products and different brands and different qualities and status associated with products which are available for more or less amounts of money — that whole system will cease to exist. Because, the whole system of producing items from the starting point of making a profit, will cease to exist. Yep. And that will cease to exist because the whole system of privately owned raw materials sold for profit to companies that produce products for profit, will cease to exist. ‘Making a profit’ will not exist in the Equal Money System. Because, the basic Principle of the system will change from that of ‘we agree that some are allowed to own and control access to the Earth’s resources in order to make a profit’, to that of ‘we agree that we use what is here provided by the Earth in a way that is best for All, in a way that supports ourselves as humanity in the best way possible, for everyone’.
So, there will no longer be a whole system of buying materials, and designing and producing products from the starting point of making a profit, wherein the production is designed around how a few at the top can make lots of money.
The production and accessibility of items such as computers, running shoes, appliances, automobiles, etc, as well as all of your basic infrastructure and needs such as food, water, homes, electricity, heating, cooling, etc — will no longer be designed around how a few at the top can control access to these things in order to make a profit. Everyone will have access to these things. You will not need to work constantly just to make a paycheck to over the expenses of your basic survival and living requirements. Therefore, there will no longer be slaves available to produce all those low quality products that are only produced to make a profit. The entire work system will change. Because, work will no longer be designed around survival. Everyone’s basic needs will be taken care of, at all times. That which the Earth unconditionally provides, will be used in a way that is best for All — because, that is common sense. That is the simple mathematics of how to ensure optimal functionality of all participants, all Earthlings here on Earth. Controlling what is here in the name of making a profit off the needs of Earthlings, obviously results in the creation of a system of inequality, and abuse and immense waste. That is not common sense – that is absolute stupidity and spitefulness and evil. That will end in the Equal Money System.

In the Equal Money System, products will no longer be manufactured under different brand names and images, as there will no longer be a reason to produce products and sell them using made up reasons as to why people should buy them, for example ‘this makes you masculine’, or ‘this is the more futuristic one’, or ‘this is the more healthy one’, or ‘this is the one that gives you greater status’ — all of that bullshit will cease to exist. Because, no one will benefit from human beings being conditioned to define themselves according to product names and brands and images and status — because no profit is required to be made, in order to have a great life. In the Equal Money System, all people will have a great life. All your basic needs are taken care of, and you have access to all of the things that in common sense, all people should, and must have access to – unconditional access to. Things like a proper education, proper nutrition, shelter, computers, clothing, implements with which you can explore your self expression such as art and musical equipment, as well as televisions, movies, internet, etc. All of the great things we have the capability to produce so that we can all have an enhanced experience here on Earth. In the Equal Money System, you would take part in producing these things because that’s what you actually want to do – like, you want to work with computers, or clothing, or cars, or housing, or electricity, or art supplies, or whatever. In the Equal Money System, products will be produced by human beings, for human beings, and will be produced to the highest quality and standard possible, and will be made to last, because — as we are producing the product we are understanding that, we are the one that will be using this product. With the whole system of profit and consumerism deleted, wherein now the functionality of the world system is based upon the mathematics of how we can practically use what is here in a way that is best for everyone, where we all benefit — and we don’t have to worry about survival, or compete for status — we can then really apply ourselves to our fullest capacity of innovation, ingenuity, creativity, in producing items that will last, and that will support ourselves as human beings to live more fully and effectively. I mean, it’s really very simple.

How do you make sure that items will be built to last? Do the math – the only reason poor quality products are produced, that don’t last, is because of the current system that is driven by profit, wherein in order for companies to continually make a profit, people must continually buy the products. And the whole concept of ‘buying products’ only exists because we have accepted that what is here produced by the Earth is allowed to be controlled privately by a few through money as the accepted resource which one must get, in order to have access to basic needs, and items and support. That is the system we have accepted, which has developed over time. So the whole system is based on the few with all the money controlling access to resources which are made available to you if you have money, and if you have enough money you can buy those resources and as a corporation produce products, and then control access to your products and market them based entirely around consumerism which is the ongoing production of products designed not from the starting point of unconditional support, but to be sold continuously to the consumer, which is why you have low quality items that become obsolete or break, to necessitate the purchasing of more items, and wherein this whole cycle is made ‘appealing’ to the consumer, as the consumer itself has been designed by the corporations, to define themselves according to ongoing purchasing of products to fulfill their survival and lifestyle desires, wherein you then have a nice system of enslavement with the majority as the slaves doing the ongoing production work and the purchasing in a continuous cycle, all so that those at the top can make all the profit and live luxurious lives.

When we vote in a system of Equality as the Equal Money System, where money will no longer be a thing with value unto itself used as a resource that can be abused as a way to control access to what the Earth provides, from the starting point of abusing that control in the name of profit, and where now within the Equal Money System the production of items, basic needs, and the accessibility of infrastructure is reordered around the basic common sense mathematics of what is best for all – which is for all to have access to what the Earth unconditionally provides as support, then you have a foundation upon which it is now possible to participate within producing products and services from the starting point of supporting, enriching, benefitting humanity — not for profit, but because it is just common sense, and it is what we would like for ourselves. In the Equal Money System, where everyone in essence lives like a millionaire, your basic labor and maintenance of the system and the production of basic things like food, clothes, homes, cars, infrastructure, etc is set up according to the common sense of taking responsibility to produce and maintain that which supports ourselves as Humanity, simple. In such a system, it is possible for everyone to contribute and participate according to their capability, for a relatively short number of years of your life, to ensure the ongoing functioning of a system that provides for you for your entire life — at no cost! And where, you do not have to work your entire life. This is even beneficial for those who currently own large corporations, because they will no longer have to maintain a vast corporation – their life will become more simple. And those with a passion to work with certain things like computers, cars, medicine and other technology, will be able to dedicate themselves to applying themselves to their fullest capacity and potential and skill and creativity and ingenuity, because they will no longer be limited by the profit consideration – we will be able to produce the best quality computers, cars, internet, electricity, I mean everything that you can think of that will enhance your life, in the Equal Money System, since there is no reason to produce anything less than the highest quality possible — that’s what we will then produce. It will be a lot like what you see in science fiction stories that depict utopian futures where humanity have stopped war and poverty and starvation and are working together in a way that is best for humanity, where then the whole world becomes an amazing place where can apply ourselves to our fullest potential. I mean, that is possible, we can do this, and all that is required is to vote in a system of Equality – a system that removes the abuse of what is here through the accepted and allowed profit system, and replaces it with a system that functions within the starting point of what is best for All. That is how you ensure that only the best quality items that will be built to last, will be produced. You vote in a system that is built to last – a system that is based on the mathematics of practical, sustainable support that is best for all, a system within which all parts can function according to their fullest capacity and potential and skill – not because we are motivated by money, but because we see we can make this world a vastly better place, a place that is enjoyable for all, when we stop abusing each other, and agree to take responsibility to support ourselves as the whole, as humanity. This is what the Equal Money System facilitates.

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