Will I be able to sell things I make myself in the Equal Money System?

Will I be able to sell things I make myself?
In the Equal Money System you will not sell things. You will not need to sell things. Buying and Selling is based on the concept of profit and loss – wherein you profit if you can convince someone to buy something because they believe it is valuable enough to give you money for it, and you lose if people stop believing your product has value and so stop buying your product – wherein the profit itself is in the form of money that you then use to purchase basic needs and luxury items in the current system. Loss is where you end up with less money and thus maybe cannot afford to keep producing your products, or maybe you cannot afford to cover all your basic living expenses, or maybe you cannot afford to buy luxury items. So, in the current system of profit and loss, for the average person, profit means you get greater access to basic needs and luxury items, and loss means you get less access to these things.
In the Equal Money System, everyone’s basic living needs are always provided for by the system. And since the system is no longer about profit and loss – no longer about producing things because you are motivated by profit, by money, and because you fear losing money – and because the basic labor system or ‘system maintenance’ system within Equal Money is set up according to what kind of participation is practically required of ourselves to maintain a system that provides for everyone, all bases are always covered in terms of having a sustained, constant support system for all beings to live effectively. So, the whole point of survival is always taken care of by the system. There is never any question of whether you will be able to access the things that enable you to have a dignified, pleasant, effective life. You will not have to find ways of earning access through money to the things that enable you to live and express and develop yourself in this world. Money will no longer exist as the ‘gateway’ to life, as it does in the current system. Support to live effectively and with dignity and enjoyment will no longer be something you must jump through hoops to be able to gain access to.
So, with the point of survival removed, and the point of profit and loss removed, and the point of buying and selling as ‘trading’ removed – we are then free to actually choose, to actually decide what kind of things we would like to produce for ourselves to enrich our experience here on Earth as human beings, and to share that which we are able to create and express, with our fellow Earthlings. We will have the freedom to create things because it is our passion, because we like to do it, because it is Self Expression. So, for example in the current system if your passion is to create wooden furniture by hand – the first consideration you must always make is, how you can make a profit off of making wooden furniture, because you must consider your survival, and for your survival you must earn money. So, in the current system not everyone is actually able to do what they would like to do, because it doesn’t always make them enough money to survive. And in the current system, the sad fact is that for many people who produce things like handmade items, the satisfaction they get from creating the item is in the money they are able to make from selling it, and the feeling of being secure and safe because you have found a way to make money – so, it is not unconditional Self Expression. In the Equal Money System, where all of your basic living needs are always taken care of by the system, the person whose passion is to create wooden furniture by hand, has the freedom to do so – and you can do it to the fullest of your Self Expression because money and survival and profit is no longer part of the equation of ‘why’ you are doing what you are doing. And you can then share that furniture for example, with other human beings – you can become known for producing beautiful handmade wooden furniture, and your satisfaction can perhaps come from having placed your Self Expression here in the world in a way where it can be enjoyed not only by you, but by other beings as well. So the act of making things changes from being about making money, to contributing and sharing and fulfilling your passion as your Self Expression. And I mean, that’s really what everyone deep down would like, but which is not possible within the current system where money and survival is the primary starting point of everything that is done by Human Beings.

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