Will God still be allowed in an Equal Money System?

Will God still be allowed in an Equal Money System?

In the Equal Money System, the idea of ‘God’ will be something that someone may choose to participate in for sentimental purposes. The idea of ‘God’ will no longer have any influence on how any part of the system functions. The idea of ‘God’ will no longer be allowed to be used to manipulate people. Everyone will have access to support to learn the tools of Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness, to understand and free yourself from delusional fears and ideas and beliefs. These tools have already been proven by Destonians to be effective as evidenced in the multitude of writings and videos giving first hand experience of how we as human beings are able to forgive ourselves, stop fear, self interest, and limitation, and change ourselves into beings that in fact love our neighbor and do what is best for all, and require no idea of ‘God’, and no religion – because we actually honor Life as Equal and One in All.

In the Equal Money System – with the end of poverty, starvation, war, corruption, crime, pollution – it will be obvious that religious was only ever a self delusion used to manipulate ourselves with fear and hope, to hide from our responsibility for ourselves and the Earth. It will be obvious also that the church requires money to exist – places like the Vatican require money to exist, and use money to create a ‘larger than life’ image to manipulate and control people. In the Equal Money System the entire point of the ‘struggle of life’ will be removed, as this is largely based on the fight for survival within the money systems as they exist. This will thus remove the primary reason that people pray and ‘turn to god’ for an answer to their problems.
You will no longer need to ‘pray to God’ to end the problems of the world, or ‘pray for Jesus to return’, or ‘pray to god to please bless me and my family and keep us safe’, or ‘pray to god’ to help you with your debt or other money troubles, because Equal Money will solve the problems of poverty, hunger, war, debt, crime, prostitution, most major health problems, pollution, gambling, jealousy, envy, covetousness, and will show how when we simply Honor each other as Equals as Life, taking responsibility to contribute to what is Best for All, and when we apply Self Forgiveness to stop our accepted fears and limitations – that we in fact do not require any idea of ‘God’. When you forgive yourself – you do not need ‘God’ to forgive you. When we end the problems of the world with Equal Money, we can forgive ourselves that we ever allowed and accepted ourselves to be slaves to an idea of ‘God’.

In the Equal Money System it will be seen that the idea of ‘God’ was one of the primary points of self delusion that kept us from seeing that we are able to create Heaven on Earth.

In terms of the more ‘new age’ idea of God as a more general ‘creator’, or ‘source’ – again this will be something that one can choose to participate in for sentimental purposes if it is not used to try and manipulate others and participate in a way that is not Best for All. But as a former ‘lightworker’, and ‘spiritual person’, when I began stopping my mind through specific self application with Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness, and living Here as Life as All as One as Equal – it became obvious that all ideas of ‘God’ are a projection based in one’s own accepted and allowed Self Separation from All as One as Equal as Life. ‘God’ will thus be able to be used as a way to identify who still accepts themselves as being separate from Life.

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