No More Betting on Animals in an Equal Money System

Will people still bet on animals in an Equal Money System? No, betting on animals will cease to exist. People only bet on animals, such as in horse racing, dog racing, cock fighting, dog fighting, etc – so they can make money. It is the same as a casino, people go there and bet money on games because they want to win money – and they want to win money because the more money you have, the easier your life is in this world; you can pay off debts, buy food, buy a house, buy clothes, buy a car, travel, etc, etc. In the Equal Money System everyone’s basic needs are met, and everyone from birth will have access to the support systems that enable one to establish a life filled with actual living and participating here on Earth in meaningful ways that do not harm or exploit or enslave any other being. Gambling and betting for money will therefore cease to exist because there will no longer be a reason to gamble; no one will be in need or desire of money, because there will exist no ‘money’ as it exist in the current system. In the Equal Money System Life is that which is valued and thus the basis of the system is what is Best for All Life in the context of how we can participate here on Earth in relationship with each other, with Animals, and with Nature. Thus no animal will be enslaved and exploited and made to train for the entertainment and greed of Human Beings. Participation with Animals will be in a way that considers the dignity of the Animal as Life, and Animals will be supported to reach their full expression, just as the system will support Humans to reach their full expression and transcend the ways of the past. Therefore things like the horse racing and dog racing industry will end because the primary reason horse racing is so that the jockey / trainers have a career to be able to make money, and people can make money from the betting aspect.

In the Equal Money System working with animals will be something one does because one actually cares about Animals, and it will be done within the consideration of what is best for the animal – not according to how a human being can use the animal to make a profit. This is the point to understand about an Equal system – with an Equal System where all have what they need for a dignified life, there is no ‘need’ to use and abuse another being to try and survive through making money. ‘Underground’ animal betting such as with dog fighting and cock fighting is currently a large issue, will end as well because the only reason people participate in such animal fighting is to make money because they typically do not have access to ways of making money that are defined as ‘acceptable’.

Equal Money is the definitive solution to end the abuse of animals in the name of profit.

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