91 Year Old Yogi Supreme Spiritual Wisdom

“91-year-old yogi, Bernice Bates, began practicing and teaching yoga in 1960. Before even getting out of bed in the morning she does a series of seven or so poses to get her blood flowing — how awesome is that?”

Decades spent as a ‘yogi’ with no practical solution to change this world at a systemic, practical level in terms of ending poverty, starvation, money related crimes war, animal abuse, destruction of nature — all that time spent doing yogic poses to get the blood flowing – so what? So you can apparently feel ‘healthy’ and ‘spiritual’? Using all of your time to focus on your own ‘yogic mastery’ while billions suffer unnecessarily simply because of the nature of the economic system, without ever even mentioning any consideration of what is best for all and how to support all life – always only valuing one’s own personal experience of doing yoga and praising yoga masters indicates a massive separation and self interest within and as one’s starting point of participation in this world, in this reality — where you are actually abusing your time here, abusing your ‘fortunate’ position in the system to enhance your own life – instead of dedicating your life to coming up with a solution to make this world a place that supports life. Time to practice the only REAL ‘yoga’ with practical, relevant value – the Yoga of Self Honesty as Life in every moment of Breath – wherein one, in every moment of breath evaluates one’s starting point to see if any self interest exist, and to apply the Equality Equation as Equating all Beings as Yourself and considering what is required to be done to give to all beings what I would like for myself – which is a supportive world within which I do not starve and suffer simply because I was born in a situation where I cannot get sufficient money to live and even exist in this world – and stopping all Accepted and Allowed Self Interest – Applying the ‘Yoga’ of Self Forgiveness as Life – forgiving self for accepting and allowing Self to participate within / value self interest / ‘my own life’ above what is best for all — realizing that in this I am giving permission for everyone else to also participate within and as a Starting Point of Self Interest, wherein no one will ever do what is best for all, as through allowing ‘free will’ – we allow everyone to freely abuse each other in the name of Self Interest , in the name of ‘my opinion about why I am here’, and ‘my opinion that my only responsibility is to be happy and experience my own life because I am apparently here to have free will’.

How can ‘free’ anything exist if ALL are not FREE in FACT in ALL DIMENSIONS where ALL are HERE EQUAL as LIFE and none ever HARM another or allow / justify harm in the name of ideas and beliefs that justify the suffering of beings. Any ‘Yoga’ that in any way justify the suffering of beings in the name of some apparent ‘process of spiritual evolution’ to apparently realize ‘oh I am creating my reality’ and then apparently simply ‘choose’ to not suffer anymore, is EVIL as it ignore the facts of why and how suffering currently exist on Earth. Poverty and Starvation can be ELIMINATED FOREVER with an Equal System that values Life – the Equal Money System. In this, yoga poses are not required, meditation is not required, light and love is not required. Lightworkers – do your homework and learn how to become a real, responsible being that is able to in fact do what is best for all. STOP wasting your time here. STOP allowing and justifying suffering in the name of SPEAR-it DUALITY.



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