Is Capitalism a Valid System for Earth?

Any system on earth within which humans, animals, and nature are facilitated support / access to the the resources required to function effectively, must be centered around the point of what is best for all – just as the systems in a body function centrally around the ONE point of what is best for the body – all parts as the whole – otherwise there is dysfunction where the system is allowed to be directed in self interest / individual interest. And see how this includes each individual cell’s starting point of participation within the group/whole. Human Beings must realize that it is common sense that we each must have a practical understanding of the Responsibilities required to be taken to have a world that works in a way that is best for all; Responsibilities inherent within simply looking at the Physical functionality and requirements of all parts as Human, Animal, Plant, and ensuring the needs of all parts are always met.

We are each made of the Earth – we are One and Equal as the Earth. And the Earth provides us with that which we need to be here and function effectively. However, if we look at the basic Responsibilities involved within Living and Participating with each other and with Animals, and with Nature in a way where we Honor each other as Equals as Earthlings and thus Give to Each other that which we All Need in Order to exist and live harmoniously, these Responsibilities – such as feeding each other, and producing the best of everything to make available to everyone to ensure all reach their fullest potential as an Earthling – have been utterly disregarded within the current economic system that disregards what is Best for All within Equality and Oneness as being of the Earth, and creates competition for survival around the point of Money which it has been agreed must not be Equal for all, and which must determine your access to everything that is Here, where Money is that which is honored and valued and respected and given power while Life is disregarded, and wherein the individual is given permission to use its fellow Earthlings as Humans, Animals, Plants as a tool / slave to make a personal profit and achieve a status of being ‘more than’ its fellow Earthlings. Poverty and Starvation and War is the manifested physical consequences of our agreed upon way of participation with each other on Earth. The unnecessary suffering of our fellow Earthlings is a Product of our Capitalistic System – where what the Earth Unconditionally provides has been hijacked by criminals that believe they have a right to be ‘more than’ another and thus have designed a system that supports some to be ‘more than’ others through MONEY.

The goal / starting point of the Capitalistic / Profit system is Individual Profit within Self Interest through using what is Here in a way that disregards the basic functional needs and requirements of all parts of the Whole – thus throwing the entire Earth system out of equilibrium and creating massive dysfunction. Just as in the Body, competition, greed, imbalance, inequality, enslavement would manifest if the bodily systems functioned according to an agreement that individual cells are given permission to ‘own’ and control access to the body’s resources based on how the individual can make the most profit. And this ‘profit’ is actually completely delusional as well, as it only exists if loss also exists, because it is ‘profit as winning / achieving a position of superiority over another’ — and this superiority is not even real, it is a made up game where ‘the more money I have, the more superior I am, and the more I’ve won / experienced the shift from ‘having less’, to ‘having more’. This kind of system can only exist with poverty and with loss. It is a Polarity System and is based on EGO where one wants to be and have ‘more than’ another, in spite of this status of ‘moreness’ not even being in fact real. When everyone on Earth always has what they need, and there does not exist any fear of loss, or fear of what you have being taken away, or anxiety about survival – then you have a body / group / whole that can reach its full potential because each part within the whole has the support to reach its full potential through focusing on its participation and development as an Earthling in the context of the Physical, Earth reality — instead of being consumed with Survival in the context of a False, Mental, non-Physical reality / value system called Capitalism. That which is Equal for All and does not create loss and deprivation is the only valid, real Profit. This is simple mathematics. Anything else is EGO.

The Capitalistic, Ego-driven Profit system has been proven to destroy the balance of the Earth’s natural systems that provide for the needs of Earthlings, by creating a constant war / competition of Profit and Loss – through creating an entirely new system based on Ego/Make believe values in the Mind, that does not need to exist in the first place, and then allowing this false, Self-Interest based / Ego based / Mind-based system to in all ways direct the Physical, functional relationships between Human, Animal, and Nature. This is clearly Abuse, clearly not practical, and must end. A new system of Equality must be implemented.

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