2012 Prophecies and Predictions

There are many prophecies and predictions about how 2012 and the coming years on earth will ‘play out’. Unfortunately, these prophecies and predictions are predicated on humanity’s acceptance and allowance of themselves to participate within imagination, hope, desires, dreams, wishes, fears, beliefs – just as I accepted and allowed myself to participate within when I was a ‘lightworker’. My predictions and prophecies I told myself about 2012, in my own mind, were all based on desires and dreams and hopes about aliens, ufos, ascending into higher dimensions, alien technologies being disclosed that would change the world, the end of the world, etc, etc. And my entire experience of 2012 consisted of merely occupying my daily time with participating in the ‘normal, day to day living and working in the money system’ stuff like everyone else — but with me participating in an alternate, projected mental reality of hopes, dreams, desires and wishes about ‘2012 and beyond’. I literally ‘filled myself with excitement’ by simply having thoughts and beliefs about stuff that will ‘happen’ in 2012 and beyond. Meanwhile, I was actually remaining within the same basic starting point of humanity as a whole – which is to ‘wait for someone else’ to change the world, and to ‘wait for something to happen that will turn my life around’, and to, while we are waiting, participate within things that we believe are actually ‘making a difference’ and will ‘create a better future’ — such as charity work, positive thinking, sending love and light, etc, etc. But, we have been doing these things for hundreds and hundreds of years, and each generation is waiting for the next generation to be different – when it never is, other than the fact of each generation bringing more and more suffering to more and more people, animals, and plants on Earth due to our accepted money systems and social system – a social system defined within self interest and survival which is simply conditioned by the money system of survival and fear of loss, which ‘necessitates’ us to exist in self interest, so that we can dedicate our time to ‘looking out for me and my own’. And within this starting point of self interest, survival and fear of loss, just painting pictures for ourselves in our minds, and presenting these pictures to each other, giving the ‘appearance of change’, and the ‘appearance that we are doing something that is making a difference’, when in fact we are merely repeating the same actions as the previous generations, not making any change to the money system and to the basic social system based in self interest and self preservation due to fear of loss.

Thus, as we are remaining within this starting point of self interest and self preservation due to fear of loss conditioned by the money system, we are ensuring that the ‘play-outs’ of events and experiences within humanity will remain the same, and in fact get worse, because we are not actually STOPPING and changing our starting point. We are merely weaving more elaborate fantasies, hopes, dreams, wishes, and expectations of change, without actually changing our starting point, without actually changing the starting point of our social system, our money system. 
Thus, it is important to consider a NEW starting point. A change from the starting point of considering ‘my hoped for and wished for experiences of change that I am dreaming will happen in the world’, to that of what is actually being experienced by all beings on Earth, and the consideration of what is Best for All beings on earth, in seeing all beings on earth as one and equal as Life. The consideration of what is best for all. Within this new starting point comes the end of hope, the end of dreaming, the end of predictions and prophecies based in beliefs and fears and desires, in seeing that all such mental participation in based in the starting point of ‘my own mental occupation and entertainment’ as self interest actually, not on the real, practical considerations of how to bring about a new world, the real practical considerations of what action is required by each of us as the individual, within working together as humanity to stop our current accepted way of existing, in order to start participating in creating a new world that is actually best for all.
For assistance in getting to understand your current starting point, and how to change your starting point to one that is best for all, visit www.desteni.org and www.desteniiprocess.com
And to see how the world could be different with a new economic system based on what is best for all, visit www.equalmoney.org
Timeline of Transformation of Matti – vlogs from 2008-2011
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