2012 Shift: Showing True Compassion?

What is Compassion as a Living Word?
What we need in this world is compassion lived practically – actual actions that will make a difference for those that we ‘feel compassion for’.
Let’s look at the starving people of the world. Obviously, one likes to feel compassion for their them. The problem is, the way compassion is being lived as a word, is ONLY as a feeling, and only as the expression of this feeling to others so that others may ‘know that we are a compassionate person’ – someone who ‘cares’. But let’s ask ourselves the question – what is my compassion really? What is my passion within compassion? Is my passion to merely FEEL compassionate towards others? Is my passion to let the world know that ‘I am a compassionate person’? How am I living this feeling practically to support those that I feel compassion towards? Am I able to live this feeling practically as real actions? Or how about this question: if I am living real practical action to assist and support those that have no ability to get themselves out of their plight, is the ‘feeling’ of compassion even relevant, even necessary to exist? Or is me ‘feeling something’ about what I am doing, actually just me making my actions into something MORE than what they in fact are? I mean, the FEELING of compassion, the FEELING of care — doesn’t the feeling itself only represent an idea of care, an idea of action? So, if I am actually acting to support those who can not change their condition, do I still need to have a feeling inside me that represents an idea of action? I mean, why would I need and require to have this feeling if I am actually living compassion practically in this world? When you look at the feeling itself, it’s really like a replacement, a stand-in for actual action. I mean, when you are actually in fact practically living the support of another as an expression of you – if YOU are moving YOU to act – where is the room for a feeling? If you are self fulfilled through actual living based on your SELF movement — then would you still need to be moved by a feeling? By a representation of an idea of living?

In my process of learning to self honestly look at the words I’m living, and re-define them in the consideration of what it is to actually LIVE in a way that is best for all, and then living the word in actual application, one and equal as myself, I’ve found there is no place for ‘feelings’ — that ‘feelings’ themselves are merely a limited, energetic experience based on an idea about something, and that actual self fulfillment has come through me giving myself the power to live – the power to move myself in actual self expression of living words practically in support of life – where I no longer require a feeling, an energy, to ‘move me’. When I was a lightworker, I was basically just lost in feelings, lost in the idea of being a ‘good person’ — but when I started to look at my actual living application in this world – I found no action that stood as real support for life — I only acted in support of making myself feel like a good person, making myself feel like a compassionate person.
I mean, compassionate people have been around for thousands of years — why has the world gotten worse? Because compassion is not being lived practically as real action that can shape this world into a place that is best for all life.
When we look at those lost in poverty, lost in starvation, lost in war, lost in a life of hard labor that is their only choice for survival — their opportunity at life has been lost simply by the fact they were born in a place in this world within which their environment did not provide them with the support to live effectively – they have no access to money, to jobs, to proper education, to clean and safe living conditions — because the access to these things is controlled all over the world by people whose interest is to make profit – not to support everyone equally to reach their full potential for life. I mean, why is even a middle class person struggling with debt? Because they do not simply have access to support to live, that access is controlled through money, and when you do not already have the money, you will go into debt, because you MUST or else you will not have access to support. So I mean, that is enslavement.
And, the fact of our enslavement through the need for money makes it difficult to see it as possible to actually eliminate the problems of poverty and starvation, because we are already struggling with our own survival. And this is why feelings are so appealing, because in feeling that you care, in feeling compassion for those less fortunate than us, you can at least feel like you are not just a selfish person. But, those of us who are the middle class, those of us with money, with education, with internet, with electricity, with comfort — we are the ones with the ability to take real, practical action in this world. I mean, you can get an education, learn skills, learn how the system works, learn how our industries work, learn the ins and outs of ecology, food production, technology, agriculture, economics, you can go into politics, get into the system, be voted into office. 
So within this, how can compassion for the less fortunate be lived practically? 
Let’s look at the word Compassion again. Compassion – Compass. Compass, navigator, captain, leader. Practically, to live compassion would be to live as the compass that navigates all in this world into a world that is best for all, where the needs of everyone are fulfilled, and there is no reason to suffer in poverty or act in violence or greed in competition for survival. Compassion would be to live as the leader that leads through practical research, development and implementation of a new world system that brings everyone out of the darkness of the storm of survival, into the lightness of a new world that enables everyone to live as brothers, because there is no fear of loss, no envy for what another has, and no one trapped in a condition that they are unable to get themselves out of.
Why don’t the poor and starving implement a new world system or themselves? Aren’t they responsible for their condition? Obviously the poor and starving do not have the resources, the time, the ability to bring themselves collectively our of their condition. However, WE do. Therefore, to live compassion, we must stand up and live a solution into actuality for those that cannot live a solution themselves.
So, in re-defining Compassion as a Living Word that stands as what is best for all, we are then setting the course for ourselves of doing whatever it takes to in fact live compassion in actual action – where the word compassion is one and equal with who I am in actual living action – instead of just one and equal with a feeling. 
The way I am living Compassion is firstly in assisting and supporting myself with self honesty, self forgiveness, and common sense, considering what is best for all, to re-define the words I am living, so that I am not merely living in support of a personality of ‘feeling good’, or ‘feeling like I care’, or ‘feeling like I am compassionate’ – but I am rather moving myself in understanding what must actually be done to bring about a world that is best for everyone. I do this through firstly identifying my current definition of a word, looking at how I am living it, and if I see my definition is based on self interest, on merely making myself feel something – I forgive myself on all points of accepted and allowed self interest, forgive myself on any point of accepted uselessness, accepted hope – anything that I see I have merely been supporting myself to create an alternate reality of feelings with, and I re-define the word in practical common sense living based on considering what is best for all – just as I have done with Compassion here, and then I stand in and as the point of Self Responsibility to live the word in actual application. And the actual application I have established for myself is to participate in developing and implementing a real, global solution for this world. And I understand that such a solution requires the consideration of how to transform everything of the current world system from a starting point of profit making, to a starting point of supporting everyone to live effectively, as equal Earthlings.
So, research Equal Money to see how we can, through using what is already here, create a new world through real lived action of compassion.
And research Desteni if you are ready to join us in exploring how we can transform our words into words that can be lived in building a new world for all.

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