Day 64: Deconstructing my Ascended Master Experience part 2

Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Commitment statements on the point of Ascended Masters in continuation of my last post.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that ascended masters were the same as any other mythical characters in story books and legends, in that even if they did exist – the only effect they had on this world was that they ‘lived on’ in the minds of human beings as an idea of a character attributed with special powers, just like jesus, saints, vampires, unicorns, giants, leprechauns, where – according to the specific desires, hopes, wishes, fears, values of the person, they will like a character and want it to have been real / be real, and style themselves around the theme of the character they like — wherein, despite ascended masters being described as masters of love, compassion, wisdom, etc – no human being was applying any practical love, compassion, wisdom in assisting and supporting all life to be supported in this world and wherein the world has in fact gotten worse and worse even as more and more people read about ascended masters and even as ascended masters are supposedly ‘helping’ the earth in some way — it is all just invisible ideas in the minds of humans used to make themselves feel like they are changing / realizing something, and that some ‘higher beings’ are working ‘behind the scenes’ to change the world — when in fact the visible physical actions of the human being who applies the ‘wisdom’ of ascended masters and asks ascended masters for guidance / help reflect only the continued acceptance of the current world system of money as survival, self preservation, the pursuit of happiness — where love, compassion, wisdom is just ideas not actual lived action that is bringing about any real change in the world

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that when I read stories / channeled messages about st germain, an ‘ascended master’, and saw drawings and paintings of this character and immediately felt a ‘connection’ to this ‘master’ – the reason I felt a ‘connection’ was because I related myself to the picture presentation of a character that I saw, of a person the same race as me, with similar facial structure and hair color, that was described as being an ’embodiment’ / representation of the fulfillment of my goals ideas / words / fantasies that I had developed / created in my mind as a self definition of myself as the ‘ascending being’, where, within my mind I saw ‘st germain’, and ascended masters in general as being ‘my goal’ in terms of ‘where I will eventually end up’ and ‘who I will eventually end up as’ through my process of ‘ascension’.

Within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the real reason I liked these ‘ascended masters’ was because I liked the way they looked – decked out in flowing, elegant clothing with perfect looks and hairstyles, floating around being great magnificent lords of spirituality that people looked up to and prayed to — essentially, ascended masters were like the celebrity embodiment / representation of the ideals  / ideas of spirituality — just as a beautiful, famous celebrity that appears on magazine covers and in movies and is looked up to and admired as the representation / embodiment of how people want to look and the kind of life they want to live, and the kind of attention they want to get — they want to be the star of the show who is perfect and admired by all — according to what is presented within the media / advertisements / movies / tv shows as having value — such as having good looks, a perfect body, people who like you, having a successful life, etc — in this world celebrities are the representations / examples of complete success with money / the system — and within spirituality, ascended masters are the representations / examples of complete success with energy

Within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the reason I tried to convince myself that maybe I was st. germain in a new incarnation, was because I wanted to be the star, the ideal, the representation / example of success with energy within spirituality — which, as I described in my previous posts about my ‘spiritual awakening’, was mostly because I had failed to learn the skills necessary to become successful with money, but found that I was skilled in generating energy / practicing spirituality and thus, the ascended master was my goal — instead of the ‘successful business man’ being my goal

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the reason I wanted to be successful with energy / become a celebrity of energy within spirituality as the ‘ascended master’, was because I had accepted the definition of life being a game of ‘achieving / attaining success’ where – in the world system / money system one must find ways of earning money to survive and exist in this world and be able to have a life, and since I had not liked the money making game, I instead participated in the energy making game, striving to achieve the goal of success with energy as a master of spirituality — but not actually seeing this, wherein I rather told myself I was practicing spirituality / ascension to ‘change the world’, but where I in fact was only focused on finding ways / methods of generating more energy experiences in myself so I can experience ‘more life’ through energy, just as with making more and more money, one is able to experience ‘more life’ within the money system — and wherein, I was still participating within and accepting the money system / accepting a system of survival / attainment of success through making money, but had aligned my goal with an ‘experience of being a spiritual master’, instead of an ‘experience of being a master of business’

Within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the goal / starting point of desiring an experience of energy / experience of self as a ‘master’ of spirituality directly supports capitalism, as those in this world who live as ‘masters of spirituality’ such as Eckhart Tolle, David Icke, etc – have become successful business people who are able to market methods of experiencing energy to people as a business they use to support their own survival / life within the money system — and wherein, the energy experiences of these ‘masters’, and of their followers are not in any way able to be applied in designing and implementing a new system that eliminates survival and gives equal support to all life — but are merely an individual experience used to make the individual feel like they are ‘more than’ what / who they ‘used to be’ — while the whole time they are living within acceptance and allowance of an abusive money system / world system and not working together to bring about any actual change in this world — where, the individual is only focused on the goal of achieving a mastery of energy experiences — where, energy experiences is just a product marketed as any other product within consumerism, where the person buys and applies the product in their daily life as part of their lifestyle / self definition

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that ascended masters are not life – as if they were life they would have used their time here on earth to bring about a system that is best for all — instead, they send their ass into some higher dimension because apparently they were ‘really advanced’ to the point where they transcended the physical — which is a lie because how can anyone ‘transcend the physical’ without even understanding how to effectively support all living beings on Earth?

I commit myself to show that ascended masters are characters in stories that only exist as an idea in the mind of human beings who have decided it would be cool to look like something ‘more than’ what they already are – such as a magnificent lord that flies around in a higher dimension doing the work of god — and that they make themselves ‘feel’ like they are more than they are, through creating elaborate presentations of themselves and getting attention from others through convincing them that they possess some ‘greater understanding’ and ‘greater level of being’ than ‘everyone else’ — which is in fact a lie / deception as the whole time they are participating exactly the same way as any other average consumer — within acceptance of the current world system / money system of survival within which one focus only on how to get money and use money for one’s own survival and pursuit of happiness — not actually understanding how the system works, how we created it, and how we can create a new system that will actually support all life

I commit myself to show that spirituality does not assist and support human beings to become self honest, self aware, responsible beings that care for all life — but that spirituality is only a product within consumerism that trains human beings to separate themselves from reality within a bubble of fantasies and elaborate self beliefs and ideas where one creates oneself as a character in an alternate reality in the mind in which one sees oneself as a magnificent, advanced, enlightened being and feels really good all the time — which is the perfect support for wealthy capitalists who abuse life for profit and would not like anyone to understand how the system works and thus benefits from spirituality in that the spiritual person will not ever take action to educate themselves at a practical level as to how the system works, and will not stand together with other human beings to make a real change because each is too busy in their own mind creating their own nice energetic experience as a character that they then present to others to get attention and followers

I commit myself to show how spirituality trains human beings to give so much value to ‘experience’ that the human will not even acknowledge the extent of self delusion they participate in within their minds in order to create the experience they like / value — and how this is exactly the same as a greedy capitalist valuing the experience of having money so much that they do not even acknowledge the suffering they allow in order to have a system that enables some to have an experience of lots of money

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing myself and humanity to define life as the pursuit of attaining success in money and energy, and to show that life is that which is here equal in all as living beings on earth, and that life is not an experience that one attains, but is here as who we are and thus to be life and have a world where only life exists starts with stopping all characters designed as individual experiences of energy based on desires, values, beliefs, knowledge that cannot be practicality lived in the physical as Earth to produce a world that is best for all

I commit myself to show how spirituality values pictures, colors, and pretty words and ideas more than life

I commit myself to show how if ascended masters existed, they never made any difference in this world as the world has only gotten worse and more and more human beings, animals, and nature suffers in agony in the name of a world system that values profit and individual experience more than doing what is best for all life

I commit myself to show that self mastery is to create self as Life through physical lived action to produce a world that is best for all — and that wanting to send your ass to a ‘higher dimension’ only means you have accepted and allowed the fear of taking responsibility for Life on Earth to master you in every way

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