Day 84: The Universe Fulfills All Requests – Part 1

Here I’m deconstructing another quote from the book Ask and It is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.
We’re looking specifically at the following statement:
Each point of view matters; every request is granted; and as this amazing Universe unerringly expands, there is no end to the Universal resources that fulfill these requests.
So I’ll just jump right in with the question; what Universe do the authors of this book think that they are living in? Because, it’s obviously not the Universe that is here right now that the rest of us are living in. I mean it’s quite an astounding stretch of the imagination to make a statement like ‘every request is granted’, and ‘there is no end to the resources that fulfill these requests’. But if you can’t grasp why I say it’s a stretch of the imagination let’s put this statement into the context of the Universe we find ourselves in right now, within which we are here on Earth, existing within an Economic system.
Let’s start with a few questions.
When was the last time ‘The Universe’ fulfilled a request you made, for example a request for food? When you needed some groceries last week, did you go into your living room, pull up a nice comfy chair, sit down, close your eyes and place a ‘request’ with the Universe to please fulfill my need for some food? When was the last time your groceries manifested all by themselves in your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator, simply through requesting of the Universe that you would like to receive some food? Let me guess…..never. That’s right, never. Because that’s not how you get groceries is it? So how did you acquire your groceries last week? I bet it went a little something like this: You made a list of the food items you need, you walked to your car, drove to the store, selected the food items you need, being careful to look at the price first to determine if it is within your weekly budget for groceries, then you walked to the cashier, handed them cash or swiped your card, got your receipt and looked it over to make sure everything is in order and you didn’t get charged for something you didn’t select to buy, walked back to your car with your groceries, drove home, put away your groceries in your refrigerator and cupboards, and then – voila! you had food for another week.
Now, please tell me, within this equation – what role did ‘the Universe’ play? I mean, obviously the stuff you bought consists of physical matter that this Universe is constructed of — but other than that, did the ‘Universe’ have any part in fulfilling your need for food? Wasn’t the only factor that determined whether you can fulfill your need for food, MONEY?
Yes, it was Money. And where did the Money come from? Did ‘the Universe’ send it to you?
Did you sit in your living room and send out a request to the Universe for money, and then have it manifest right there in your wallet? No – you have a job don’t you? A job that you go to, to get a paycheck that you put in your bank account?
And who gave you the job, the Universe? Did you sit in your living room and send out a request for a job, and then before your eyes have your living room transform into an office / work environment, and instantly have skills download into you from ‘the Universe’ enabling you to do your job?
No, I bet it went a little something like this: as you were growing up you attended elementary school and learned how to read and write and do maths, and then in high school you learned about various subjects preparing you for college courses, and then you went to college and were trained in a specific career related skill set, and then you graduated and started looking for a job, found a job, and then started earning money. Does that sound familiar?
Tell me, what role did ‘the Universe’ play in this sequence of events?
When you want a particular product, service, or lifestyle element, do you place a request with ‘the Universe’ and then have that thing delivered to your lap by ‘the Universe’? Or does it ‘come to you’ through you actually participating in the actions required to be taken to acquire goods and services in the money system you are in? And who creates these goods services? Who grows the food? Who cleans and provides water? Who builds homes and buildings? Who provides medical care? Is it ‘the Universe? Or is it human beings? 
The answer of course is human beings. Because – obviously human beings are the only ones here with physical hands creating and participating in the money system on earth daily. 
So the question is, why would there exist a message that is promoting the idea that there exists a magical ‘Universe’ out there, that will answer all requests you might have, through accessing some magical ‘resources’ somewhere, when it is perfectly obvious that the only way requests are answered in this world is through interactions between human beings?
Why do people believe in this message when they know perfectly well that the only way they can for example fulfill a request for food, a house, medical care, etc, is through getting money in some way to pay for it? Why do people believe there is a magical ‘Universe’ out there that creates / produces the things they need, when they know full well that the things they need are produced / manufactured / provided by human beings?
And why is this bullshit about some magical ‘Universe’ that answers your requests, accepted as reality when it is obvious that a starving child with no money, will not receive food ‘from the Universe’ simply by requesting it?
Would it be because we would make up any story, any belief, any reason, to try and justify not facing and taking responsibility for the world we live in, to the point where we actually in our minds remove ourselves from the Universe that is here, and deliberately block out the obvious proof that we are living a lie in our minds?
Self Forgiveness to follow in my next post.

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