Day 88: Is Positivity of ‘Service to Others’?

Okay in this post we’re going to start deconstructing the aspects / characteristics associated with the spiritual / esoteric concepts of ‘Service to Self’ and ‘Service to Others’, and redefining the words – bringing the words out of the realm of knowledge / interpretations / stories / beliefs / ideas within the mind of spirituality, back ‘down to earth’ to a starting point of what can be practically lived in the Physical to actually Serve Life.

The first aspect we’re looking at here is Positivity / Negativity – where, ‘Service to Self’ is associated with the ‘force’ of ‘negativity’ which is seen as part of the ‘duality’ that ’emerged from the One’ and where ‘positivity’ is associated with ‘Service to Others’.
In my recent post ‘The Force of Deliberate Decisions‘, I show how there in fact exists no ‘force’ of negativity / positivity unto itself, and that when one in the moment chooses to for example, exploit beings on earth for profit, one is not actually ‘choosing negativity’, but one is simply choosing to not act in the interest of all life, as one considering ‘self’ only as ‘my momentary experience now’, rather than standing as Life as all as one as equal, as all beings that are here / will ever be here in this world / existence, to see what actions would actually produce a world / existence that would be of support for me as life as all as one as equal, terms of looking at what support would I like to be guaranteed to be given to me so that I could swap places with any being anywhere in existence in any moment and no matter where / when I am, I am in an equal position of being supported.
Within this, the ‘choice’ of ‘positivity’ which is perceived to be ‘of service to others’ is equally not based on the standing of self here as Life as all as one as equal, considering what support I as Life would like to receive no matter where / when I am born into this world / existence. How are we able to see this? We can see this in the simple fact that ‘positivity’ has absolutely NO effect on the lives of those who suffer in this world in conditions where they have no ability to choose a different life / experience. Why? Because, people who are starving, children who are sold as sex slaves or forced to work in sweatshops for their very survival, are consumed in every moment with survival and do not have the capability in their situation to attain money enough to live a ‘comfortable life with free time’ in which to practice ‘positivity’. And, if we look at the spiritual applications of ‘positive thinking / love / light’ – how is the person applying these things actually serving themselves? What is the effect of these applications? 
When one looks at the way spiritual / positive / loving people participate currently in the world, we can see that they participate equally as any ‘negative’ person within the consumer / capitalist economic systems currently in place as the environment into which beings are born in this world. Both the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ person equally must find a way to ‘earn a living’ — both the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ person are equally subject to money – equally subject to the rules / laws / regulations that are set up to benefit those few in this world who make massive profits off the needs of the many / the resources of the earth. No ‘positive’ person in this world has, through their ‘positivity’ transcended / escaped / freed themselves from their enslavement to money as the resource one must have in order to survive in this world. 
So how can a starving person, in a country whose infrastructure / economic system is simply not set up to support everyone with education, basic needs, effective jobs in order to ‘make a decent living’, apply ‘positivity’ to change their circumstance? How does the ‘positive person’ perceive / believe that their own application of ‘positivity’ is benefitting / serving other beings when it is obvious that ‘feeling positive’ and ‘sending out positivity’ is not going to magically transform the physical infrastructure / economic systems of a whole country, along with magically transforming ‘who’ the people in power are, to a starting point in which they will choose to facilitate equal support / opportunity / basic needs for all those currently starving / existing in poverty?
I mean, no ‘positive person’ or group of ‘positive people’ in any rich country has had any effect in their own country in terms of influencing political leaders to change social / economic policy in a way where the self interest and greed of the wealthy is no longer supported and poverty is eliminated through simply making food / water / housing / electricity / healthcare / entertainment / education equally available to all, No. The only effect positive people have had is that they have assisted other people who ALREADY have enough money for a comfortable life, to make themselves feel good. I mean, where is the ‘positive’ political party with a practical solution to end poverty around the world Now? Nowhere to be seen. Thus, I suggest going back and reading my post ‘The Force of Deliberate Decisions‘ to see how ‘positivity’ is actually the deliberate act of hiding in Fear from that which one sees one does not actually have a solution for at a practical, real level, wherein ‘positivity’ was created as ‘good feelings / intentions’, and placed in the context of stories / make believe / ideas about how apparently if one feels good / has good intentions toward everyone, that then one is ‘serving others’ and ‘making a difference’ – when we can now see that this is simply not real, as both the ‘positive person’ and the ‘negative person’ are in fact serving only themselves in serving their own personal experience within themselves without considering Life – without standing As Life as all as one as equal, where the ‘positive’ person is equal to the ‘negative person’ in not serving Life in taking actual actions to ensure that the world is a place where you could swap places with any being at any time and be in an equal position of being supported.
In my next post I will walk Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Commitment statements on the ‘service to others’ self definition specifically in relation to the belief that ‘positivity’ is of ‘service to others’, and redefining the word ‘Positive’ in the context of what actually Serves Life.

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