Day 105: Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Part 1

People do this really strange thing when someone they know is ill and could die. They’ll say: ‘I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers’, or ‘keep so and so in your thoughts and prayers’.

What do we think this will accomplish? I mean, you can’t ‘keep someone alive’ in your thoughts — it’s not possible because they are in a physical body and it just doesn’t fit in your small head area where your thoughts are, and your head / thoughts do not contain any kind of medical equipment that could possibly assist the person to remain alive physically.

So what is it exactly that people ‘keep’ in their thoughts, if not the actual physical person? When someone we know becomes ill and could die, what immediately comes up in our mind? Memories / pictures of the person. So this shows that all we actually know the person as, is our own memories – the entire basis of our relationship to the people we know, is that of memories — we’re actually in a relationship with our own memories. Because why else would we believe that we can ‘keep’ someone in our thoughts, unless we believe that our memories actually are who the person is?

And, do we really even ‘know’ the people we think we know? When we ‘see’ someone in our minds, as a memory / picture, do we see the entirety of who they are in and as their mind – as all their thoughts, their feelings, their emotions, their secrets, desires, fears, memories, reactions, judgments, beliefs, opinions, comparisons? No – we just see a picture, and connected to that picture are feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, interpretations of the person. But all of that stuff exists only in our own mind. And, when the person we ‘know’ becomes ill and could die, and we immediately access memories / pictures of the person and feel bad / sad — all we’re experiencing is our own mind — our own thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions. We’re not in fact ‘experiencing’ anything of the person actually. So, when we fear to lose someone we know, we’re actually just fearing to lose some experience that exists in our own mind.  Some experience that we’ve connected to the person like happiness, fun, love, etc — which is that which we are fearing to lose if the person were to die. Which shows that we don’t want the person to remain alive because of anything to do with them — we want them to remain alive because of some experience / feeling that we want – some experience / feeling that exists in our own mind.

And, isn’t this precisely why no one is daily ‘keeping’ all the thousands dying of poverty and starvation ‘in their thoughts’? Because if those people die – ‘my memories / experiences’ are not affected? I mean we’ll spend lots of time and money and dedicate every waking moment to preserving the life of someone we know personally, toward whom we’ve connected all kinds of memories and feelings and desires — and isn’t it strange then how when all our friends and family are in good health, then we’re fine, and ‘life is good’, even as thousands die unnecessary, preventable, horrific deaths daily? Why are we not dedicating our time, our resources, our lives to Keeping Life Equally supported in all its forms on Earth?

Doesn’t this show that we don’t actually value Life, don’t actually value Ourselves as One as this Physical World, as the Earth, but only value memories as pictures and feelings as our individual experience in our own minds, where we’re only interested in keeping someone alive if they can continue keeping our memories / feelings alive?

Aren’t we supposed to be our Brother’s Keepers? Isn’t the only real Brotherhood the Brotherhood of Life, all Equal here on Earth? Why do we accept ourselves to be only the keepers of Memories and feelings?

To continue in Part 2

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