Day 111: The Inconvenient Truth of Selfishness – Part 2

So here we’re continuing, investigating the Inconvenient Truth of Selfishness in Spirituality.
Let’s jump right in and have a look at the nature of the thought processess involved in the pursuit and practice of Spirituality – within the pursuit, practice, and study of meditation, chakra balancing, raw foods, prayer, chanting, crystals, sacred geometry, tai chi, channeling, invocations, visualization, law of attraction, allowing, ascension, lightworkers, love and light, alien contact, aura reading, psychic readings, astral travel, remote viewing, dna activation, lightbody activation, experiencing energy, research into the afterlife…well that covers most of what I pursued / practiced / studied when I was walking my ‘spiritual path’ as I’ve written about in previous posts deconstructing my Spiritual Experiences.

So as one is studying, reading, watching, listening to Spiritual material – books, websites, videos, etc, and as one is practicing these practices, what is going on in Truth, inside one’s Mind? What is the Motivating Force within it all?

I want to experience more of reality / I want to experience energy. I want to know who I was in past lives. I want to see / experience angels. I want to see / experience god. I want to see / experience spaceships / aliens and have them communicate with me. I want to feel good. I want to explore the universe. I want to have special abilities. I want to predict things. I want to feel peaceful inside. I want fun things that I imagine to manifest in my reality. I want to fly. I want to be immortal. I want to go to heaven. I want to manifest money without having to work. I want to understand how suffering fits into the divine plan. I want to feel pure when I’m having sex. I want to feel energy when I touch plants or crystals. I want to communicate with advanced beings living in inner earth cities. I want something amazing to happen that will change the world. I want aliens to come down and give us technology to heal the world. I want higher beings / god to protect me with energy / light / love from the bad stuff in the world. I want to experience seeing numbers like 11:11 because that’s just cool and means the world is not as boring as I thought and there’s some great mystery going on. I want to ascend into a higher reality because it will be fun, and there will be no bad stuff there. I want something to hope in. I want to be enlightened like the people I’ve read about in spiritual books. I want to become a master like the masters I’ve read about / heard about. I want to experience myself as not limited to my physical body.

I mean, there are a lot of ‘I wants’ within the spiritual experience if one Self Honestly has a look at the thought processess involved. Let’s face it – we like Spirituality; all the ideas and stories and pictures about higher dimensions, gods, angels, aliens, lightbodies, starships, ascended masters, because it is ENTERTAINING.

Because, though we also may say ‘I want suffering to end’, and ‘the world should be a place of love and peace and harmony’ — have we ever really considered anything beyond how we experience the an idea / fantasy / concept of these words? And it’s interesting how we perceive / experience our Spirituality as being ‘good’, as being of benefit to others than ourselves — but when have we ever actually seen real, physical evidence in the world that Spirituality, that all the experiences we are having within Spirituality are actually making this world a better place? I mean, people suffer in the same ways now as they did a thousand years ago – poverty, starvation, war, murder, abuse – the less fortunate suffering alongside the more fortunate participating in all kinds of philosophies, religions, spiritual pursuits — the same as today with poverty, starvation, war, murder, abuse – the less fortunate suffering alongside the more fortunate participating in the same philosophies, religions, spiritual pursuits.

So one has to ask, the apparent solutions we seek to the world’s problems, and to our own problems as an individual — aren’t we really just seeking a solution convenient to My Own Interests, my Own Life, my Own Experience? Because, when we look for solutions – in self help books, in websites and seminars, listening to gurus and spiritual leaders speaking — what is that we take as an indication that we have found a solution? Isn’t when we hear a message, a story, an explanation, a prediction that enables us to feel better about something we previously viewed / experienced as a problem? Isn’t it when we hear something that offers something to place hope / faith in, within thus making us feel better? Isn’t it when we hear a message that excites us with prospects of being able to improve and enhance our own lives? Isn’t it when we imagine ourselves as a magnificent shining being of enlightenment? Don’t the problems of the world just seem to melt away when we are busy practicing the Law of Attraction, focusing on how we can specify our desires of what we would like to experience as an individual, happy in the ‘knowledge’ that there is some supreme source of abundance out there with the sole purpose of making my experience / life how I desire it to be? Why is it that we have not questioned our Spiritual Experiences even though they never ever produce an immediate solution for poverty, starvation, war, crime, animal abuse, the destruction of nature? Isn’t it convenient that Spirituality always happens to support our own individual Desires and wants and interests, and always has a convenient explanation that justifies the suffering of other beings?

Why is it that we don’t see the obvious point of how human beings in extreme poverty, with no money, starving to death, cannot practice these spiritual practices? I mean, when our own children are hungry, sick, in pain – what do we do? We immediately find the most immediate practical, physical solution for them — we don’t sit down and meditate and send them love and light, we don’t give them a sermon on how they’ve created their experience through being negative, and all they have to do is align themselves with their desires and allow ‘source’ to manifest their life as a paradise. And yet when faced with massive poverty and starvation around the world – with billions of children suffering daily, are we daily seeking an immediately, practical solution for them? No, we’re preaching about how they’ve created their experience through choice, and that we are not responsible for those people. This just shows how Spirituality – the same as politics and religion, plays a role in protecting the individual interests, experiences, lives of the fortunate people of the world through coming up with apparent ‘reasons’ and ‘theories’ that conveniently ‘explain’ away our Responsibility that we have to make this world a place that supports everyone. And this just proves that the care we give our own children and people in our immediate lives, is motivated by selfishness – dedicating ourselves to maintaining a stable, peaceful, happy experience for ourselves and those we ‘love’  — but not dedicating ourselves to ensuring everyone else in the world also has a stable, peaceful, happy experience.

We tell ourselves that ‘it’s not my place to take on the burden of another’s life’. But – who will help the helpless if not those with the ability to help? Isn’t this just Selfishness? Isn’t the SOLE reason that We the People as the Fortunate ones in this world have not stood together and done what it takes to sort this world out to provide a dignified life for all beings, because it is not ‘convenient’ to our own interests, our own lives, our own experience?

In my experience with writing / vlogging about Equal Money – a real, practical solution for this world, the most reactions, the most arguments, the most justifications as to why poverty and starvation and war and crime is ‘not our responsibility’, come from highly ‘Spiritual’ people. And this is because a real, practical solution for this world requires us to dedicate ourselves in our daily lives to doing actual, real WORK to create a new system. And inevitably, the Spiritual people come up with reasons and stories and ideas and beliefs that ‘explain’ how the only thing that matters in this world is ‘me being happy and experiencing joy and bliss and fulfilling my desires’, and the fact is, doing the work required to bring about an actual change in this world, is an Inconvenience to the Individual that values its own experience above Life. Doing the work required to bring about an actual change in this world is an Inconvenience to the Selfishness of the the fortunate people of the world. And this is proven in how people absolutely Loooove things like the Venus project, or Jesus coming to save everyone, or Aliens coming to save everyone, or Ascension taking me away to a higher dimension — because I can sit back and wait for / hope for / talk about these apparent ‘solutions’, while continuing to dedicate myself to my own interests, my own life, my own experience. These ‘solutions’ are Convenient to the Selfishness of the Fortunate people of the world.

To change the world, we’re going to have to let go of self interest / selfishness, and allllll the stories, ideas, fantasies, beliefs, faiths, hopes, self definitions, which place the individual experience as the priority in existence – otherwise, the Responsibility of Supporting All Life will forever feel like too big an Inconvenience.

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