Day 113: Creative Power in the Law of Attraction

One of the most popular Law of Attraction teachers is Abraham-Hicks – with Esther Hicks as the channeler of Abraham, who do a lot of speaking tours, answering questions from the audience. In the video ‘The Biggest Missing Piece’, a man in attendance at one of Abraham-Hicks lectures, is explaining how he’s had a life of struggle and failed business in spite of applying the Law of Attraction, and is questioning the validity of Abraham-Hicks use of the words ‘contrast’ and ‘choice’ to explain away the horrific suffering and atrocities in the world. He says he finds it questionable to use the word ‘contrast’ to justify the experiences endured by people in a world where large corporate interests have the power to determine one’s opportunities, where families are destroyed, lives are ruined, children are left behind, and where people were forced into gas chambers at gunpoint to die by the millions in the holocaust.

Abraham-Hicks proceeds to explain how what he’s doing is, through is ‘attention to detail’, taking on the ‘burdens of the discomfort of the lives of so many, over which you have no creative control‘. Basically saying – other people’s lives are really of no concern, because your creative power in this world is within your ability to choose how you experience yourself – and when you choose to experience yourself positively, in vibrational alignment with what you want — then your life will be good, you’ll be happy, and you’ll be ‘showing’ that such choices are possible – which is all you can do for those suffering in this world.

But let’s look at this point of ‘creative power’, because the way ‘creative power’ is defined within the Law of Attraction is actually that the only creative power you have is in how you ‘vibrationally align yourself’ — either with the ‘positive’ as ‘what I want’, or the ‘negative’ as ‘what I don’t want’, and that it’s actually the ‘universe’, or ‘source’ that then ‘makes things happen / sends you what you desire’ – whether a feeling of happiness, or money, or relationships, or cars, or events you want to attend, etc. In fact — within the Law of Attraction, though the message is that ‘we’re each creating our reality’, the responsibility of actual Creation is given to an idea of ‘source’ or ‘the universe’ — with which you merely place a ‘vibrational request’ with, and then receive the result of your ‘vibrational request — kind of like a cosmic vending machine actually, where what you get out of this cosmic vending machine is based on the ‘vibrational currency’ you put in.

Within this, the point that is utterly ignored, and which the man in the video tries to touch on, is the fact that there exists a system on earth, into which we are born – the money system, that in its very nature as a capitalist system, is not designed in its functionality to facilitate the same opportunities of support for everyone in the world. Families get destroyed through debt, children get left behind due to ineffective education systems that sabotage their ability to develop effective skills to get jobs and make money, millions work in sweatshops doing slave labor, or resort to crime because there simply is no other option for survival and no education or conventional job market or proper infrastructure of support exists in their country. Successful people get laid off due to recessions and are left without a job, unable to pay their bills. Wars are fought for control of the earth’s resources which are used to keep the economies of individual countries going.

So the question is, with those who have a ton of money and power and control in this world, who exploit the labor of other human beings, abuse animals, destroy nature to make a profit for themselves for example — is their success, their abundance, the fulfillment of their desires for profit and power and control being provided by this ‘source’? If the only ‘creative power’ in existence is one’s ability to attract things from the ‘source’ through one’s ‘vibrational alignment’, then doesn’t that imply that all the most powerful, greedy, abusive people in the world are simply experiencing the result of their ‘vibrational alignment with what they want / desire’, just the same as any ‘spiritual’ person applying the LOA?

If the only creative power in existence is one’s ability to ‘attract’ everything about one’s life from a ‘source’ through being in vibrational alignment with one’s desires, then doesn’t that imply that a rapist’s or murderer‘s life of having opportunities to rape and murder people, is the result of the LOA?

If the only creative power in existence is one’s ability to ‘attract’ everything about one’s life from a ‘source’ through being in vibrational alignment with one’s desires, then doesn’t that imply that a successful child pornography ring that gets away with raping children and making child pornography, is the result of the LOA?

If the only creative power in existence is one’s ability to ‘attract’ everything about one’s life from a ‘source’ through being in vibrational alignment with one’s desires, then doesn’t that mean that the existence of poverty is being provided to the wealthy elite by ‘the source’, in order to have people to exploit to fulfill the labor requirements involved in diamond mining, technology production, clothing production for the wealthy elite corporation owners to make a profit and have their desires for a nice life manifest?

The experience of the fulfillment of one’s desires on Earth is dependent on the placement and role of other Human Beings in presenting the opportunity to fulfill one’s desires. And since all the most powerful, successful people in this world, living out all their desires and wants, have all achieved their status through the exploitation and abuse and neglect of other human beings, animals, and nature doesn’t this then imply that the ‘source’, functioning through the LOA, has overrode the choices of some people in order to have those people play the necessary roles in fulfilling the desires of others? I mean, doesn’t the fact that the people living the most abundant, luxurious lifestyles on earth, all depend on less fortunate people to fulfill the roles required in making their lifestyle possible, indicate that the LOA will actually rob people of their choice for a good life, in order to force that person to perform a role in providing a good life to someone else? Why would this happen? Why are the desires of the most greedy and self interested and power hungry people in the world given priority by the ‘source’?

I mean, if ‘being in vibrational alignment with one’s desires’ is the only creative power in existence, doesn’t the very existence of the Capitalist system throughout the world, within which a few have all the power and and control of resources that they require in order to have the best life possible, and within which the existence of less fortunate people is necessary in order to fulfill the various labor roles within capitalism, imply that the LOA has in fact, over hundreds of years only served the desires of the most greedy, abusive people on earth?

How can we then depend on this ‘creative power’ of the LOA to give everyone on Earth a great life, and to produce Peace on Earth if this ‘source’ has no principles or integrity whatsoever, and manifests any desire, no matter how evil and abusive? If this ‘source’ that manifests our desires was benevolent, wouldn’t it refuse to manifest any desire that results in someone being abused / exploited in order to fulfill someone else’s desire?   

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