Day 124: How to Raise your Frequency and Increase your Vibration

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to dedicate my life to raising my frequency and making myself feel good instead of dedicating my life to understanding how every single experience of thought, feeling, and emotion is actually being created

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe I am advancing to a higher state of being by raising my frequency and making myself feel good, when I don’t understand where each thought, feeling, and emotion actually comes from – but only have a story I heard that says ‘oh it comes from source’ – which is no different from saying ‘oh god made my thoughts, feelings and emotions’, or ‘oh a magic unicorn made my thoughts, feelings, and emotions’

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that by making myself feel good, I am supporting someone who is for example the victim of the injustice of an insurance company, instead of realizing that to support victims of insurance companies, would be to stop accepting and allowing a money system that allows the exploitation / abuse of one’s basic needs to make a profit as self interest while allowing half the world to exist in poverty – and to support the creation of an actual new system where life is given support as a basic right without any exception where support is an act of giving in honor / value of life, not an act of taking money to then sell support to make a profit

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see that in focusing on making myself feel good, I am ignoring what is going on in this world, and making the world into only ‘my world’ of feeling good – where I place all my attention on my individual experience of feelings and completely neglect the practical considerations of how each being on earth is experiencing their life and what factors were involved in shaping their life

I commit myself to dedicate myself to understanding the totality of how my mind works and how each experience within me is created, and to stop blindly accepting explanations that make me feel good

I commit myself to educate myself as to the physical reality factors such as place of birth, societal structure, education, government, job availability, that shape a person’s life experience and to stop lying to myself that by feeling good you can change all those factors

I commit myself to stop wanting and desiring to advance to a higher frequency, and instead dedicate myself to educating myself as to how to redesign every part of the money system in a way where everyone receives the highest quality of life as a basic right

One thought

  1. Hey, just enjoyed your blog post while searching the internet for material on frequency and vibration for my book. I am wondering if you would like to be in the pilot program I am designing for messengers who struggle with self-acceptance?

    You can check out our preliminary description for the community at but ultimately I am inviting you to the intro program not outlined on that page (yet).

    We – Louise Moriarty and myself, are on a similar quest it seems. I was born with a perspective that allowed me to ask the question “how does this serve me?” no matter what appears to be happening. Louise has a strong connection to Earth issues, and I am driven to compassion around human rights, simpler systems (cities, economy, et cetera), and self-acceptance.

    Our ideas are a bit unconventional and we are not as 'polished' as other presenters, but we are committed to this moment and our job and the idea that their is only love.

    You can contact us check out the website and please let me know how you feel, react, think…

    Love & Mung Beans


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