Day 130: Humanity’s Obsession with Entertainment

Let’s talk about Entertainment.

Entertainment is a huge industry, and we human beings (those of us with money) spend a lot of our time entertaining ourselves. In fact, it’s only when I started walking my Process that I started to see just how much of my time I had previously dedicated to entertainment. Entertainment is not bad. Entertainment is not a sin. But – entertainment can be Abused in the form of dedicating so much of one’s time to entertainment, that we never make any progress in coming to a solution to any of Humanity’s Economic and Social Dysfunctions with the result being the past repeating itself over and over and over again daily, with the consequence being millions of lives yearly around the world from poverty, starvation, crime, murders, rape, war, fighting, and accidents caused by alcohol and drugs.

Look at simplistically. How much ‘free time’ – that time you have in between working to make money and taking care of daily chores and responsibilities like shopping and cleaning and such, would you say you or anyone else you know dedicate to working together with your fellow human beings to come to a solution to end the world’s major problems like poverty and starvation by coming up with a new economic system? Four hours a day? Three hours? Two hours? One hour? Thirty minutes? Ten minutes? One minute? One second? Zero seconds?

What about time dedicated working together with your fellow human beings to communicate and investigate practical solutions to how we can stop existing with secrets, judgments, nasty thoughts, manipulation, blame, arguments, anger, fights, conflict, emotional possession – you know, the whole secret, inner mental realm that causes us to daily fight and argue with each other, rape each other, kill each other, end relationships, abuse children and animals, etc, etc. Four hours a day? Three hours? Two hours? One hour? Thirty minutes? Ten minutes? One minute? One second? Zero seconds?

How much ‘free time’ time would you say you or anyone else you know dedicate to watching TV, browsing the internet for leisure, watching movies, playing games, going out drinking, going on vacation, pursuing hobbies, reading for leisure, going on walks, bicycling, sitting and chatting about each others opinions and likes and dislikes, reading magazines, shopping, window shopping, collecting things, daydreaming, sleeping, taking drugs, going on day trips, playing on your phone / ipad, reading about the newest phone / ipad, watching amusing videos on youtube, etc, etc? Probably most of your free time, right?

When you look at the vast majority of content published by your average human being on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc – you’ll find that the MOST popular content is always of an Entertainment nature. The most youtube video views and ratings ALWAYS, without exception belong to either a funny nonsense video, or some music video. This proves that the answer to the first two questions above is most likely ‘zero seconds’. This conclusion is further backed up by the overwhelming lack of videos and writings Questioning the prevalence of the consumption / preoccupation with entertainment in a world where half the Earth’s population is in poverty, with a billion or more starving, many millions in debt and struggling to pay the bills, and reports of rampant wars, conflicts, murders, rapes, child abuse, destructive and abusive corporations and neglectful, corrupt governments filling the news daily. Read the Daily Mail for daily examples.

Does anyone actually care about what’s going on in this world? Is anyone actually interested in anything but earning as much free time as possible in which to engage in the pursuit of entertainment?
And I mean, supporters of movements like Spirituality and Religion which were supposed to be here to develop a solution for Humanity, have clearly demonstrated consistently that they are too busy preparing themselves for a fun time in the ‘afterlife’, making up pretty sounding stories to explain away abuse and suffering, trying to ‘ascend’ into a more entertaining dimension, trying to remember their past lives, trying to see auras, trying to see spaceships, trying to give themselves psychic powers, telling everyone not to worry and focus on being happy following your self interest, and obsessively trying to ‘remain positive’ while labeling anyone questioning light and love as ‘negative’ and ‘an immature soul’, to dedicate any time whatsoever to any real pursuit of practical solutions to support Life on Earth.

The Activists have also clearly demonstrated a failure to make a difference in that things like recycling, growing and eating organic food, avoiding technology, driving electric cars, having a small ‘carbon footprint’ etc, which are presented as ‘solutions’, are obviously nothing more than a lifestyle choice that has no actual impact on the fundamental problems the Activists are trying to ‘solve’. And in spite of this failure, the Activists still adhere to their lifestyle choice – why? As a matter of Principle. The only problem is the ‘Principle’ is Self Interest – wanting to feel / experience yourself as ‘making a difference’, to the point of ignoring / denying the evidence showing the uselessness of Activism.

I mean, we all know we’re going to die, and Self Honestly, no matter how ‘earnestly’ most people claim that they care about solving the problems and ending the abuse in this world, all people really want is for our own lives to work well, so that we can die happy and entertained to the last moment – as an Activist, as a Spiritualist, as a Christian, as an American, as a European, as a Rocker, as a Gamer, as an Intellectual, as a Teacher, as an Artist, as a Musician, as a Philosopher, as a Scientist. Let’s be frank – everyone’s just a character in a big virtual reality game called ‘my life’, which we fund through our income from whatever job we have. No one is really interested in answering the questions of ‘how can we end poverty? How can we end war? How can we make sure everyone is fed? How can we stop conflict and argument and violence? How can we stop lying to each other? How can we be free of secrets and judgments about each other? How can we stop being angry / depressed / emotional? How can we end rape? How can we end child abuse? All of these questions are just notions we ‘entertain’ in passing, or when brought up in conversation, which we immediately forget about as soon as we have a free moment to entertain ourselves with our favorite pursuits and pastimes, within which we enter this strange state called ‘happiness’ where nothing apparently exists in the universe except ‘me and my happiness’.

I mean, to really take on the problems of this world – will not be comfortable, will not be a ‘joyful, happy experience’, will not be easy, will not be ‘entertaining’ – because the world we live in is a world where the worst imaginable atrocities take place daily. To really take on the problems of this world we’ll have to give up our dedication to entertaining ourselves – we’ll have to give up the fear of ‘missing out on all the fun stuff I can do in my life’, and start focusing on what we can do to ensure every single person in this world can have a fun life. I mean we keep waiting and hoping for the world to change, waiting and hoping for some magic politician to make everything better, or for Jesus to come and make things better, or for some ‘global shift in awareness’ to take place, or for ‘evolution’ to make things better – but we fail to realize that unless we actually dedicate ourselves to changing our starting point of ourselves from that of Self Interest, to that which is Best for All – nothing will happen.

But – not to worry. All you have to do is read the Journey to Life blogs written daily by Destonians around the world, to see actual demonstrations of how we can transform our Starting Point from that of an obsession with entertainment and self interest, to that of Consistent daily actions that will produce a Change in this world for Real. We don’t have to give up entertainment, it’s just that we don’t have to allow it to consume all our free time with the consequence being that we allow abuse to exist in the world, and allow ourselves to remain ignorant of how our minds work. It should be a point of balance in a full life lived with the passion for what is best for all Life. Don’t you think?

Investigate Equal Money for an Economic Solution.
Investigate Desteni I Process for the solution to Human Nature, with a Free Course coming soon.

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