Day 143: Electricity is a Basic Human Right – Why then are 1.5 Billion people without electricity?

I’ve just been reading the following article on the Dailymail:

“We are living like animals’: Sandy victims hit out after being forced to spend 12 days without power”

“• An estimated 300 residents in Hicksville, Long Island, took to the street on Saturday, protesting the Long Island Power Authority for ongoing power outages
• There are still over a quarter million New York customers without power”

Read more: 

Yes, living without power is not cool. It interferes with your life – many conveniences are lost, along with the ability to use basic life-enhancing appliances like refrigerators, stoves, computers, lights, etc.
Without electricity it’s quite difficult to carry on with your life as you’ve come to know it, wouldn’t you agree? Electricity is a basic utility that, in the 21st century I’m sure everyone would agree no one should have to live without – a technology that everyone should benefit equally from, don’t you think? I mean really – would you or anyone you know support a policy that says “It’s not a priority to provide electricity to everyone in the world, only to some people in the world”?

So why then do a quarter of the world’s population – about 1.5 BILLION people, not have access to electricity? See the following article: One-Quarter of World’s Population Lacks Electricity.

And please — don’t say ‘oh their countries are still developing’. Come on, that justification has not applied for many decades. Human beings in the ‘first world’ have designed and put into place all kinds of logistics systems and infrastructure to facilitate electricity, waste management, water purification, food distribution. We’ve built spaceships and sent them to the moon and to mars, we’ve built massive tunnels under huge bodies of water, we’ve built 2000 foot tall buildings, we’ve designed handheld devices that facilitate instantaneous communication via satellite so that you can talk to someone in fuckin Antarctica. We have cloning technology, and scientists have successfully been able to teleport the ‘quantum state’ of a particle of light a distance of 89 miles, we have bionic limbs and cybernetic devices that enable blind people to see, we’ve got a goddamn space station in orbit around the fucking planet, we can grow edible meat in a laboratory, we’ve designed artificial hearts and livers, we’ve invented translucent concrete and can have nanotechnology that can change the color of gold to red or *gasp* even green!

Do you really believe that humanity does not possess the capability of providing electricity to the entire world’s population?

And for that matter what about Food? Internet? Sanitation? Clean water? Does anyone currently reading this who owns a smartphone and has high speed internet really really believe that it is impossible to provide everyone in the world with these basic things?

Isn’t it obvious that the only reason a quarter of the entire world’s population still does not have electricity is because the prospect of making something like electricity equally available to everyone would mean that no one could profit from the need for it? I mean isn’t it obvious that the reason the poorest areas of the world don’t have electricity is because they can’t pay for it and thus no one can make a profit off of them?

Isn’t it because ‘life is short’ and so everyone’s too busy finding the shortest path to the highest profit / personal gain before their time runs out?

And what about the Voters of the world? Those who for example just voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana in Colorado and Washington State?

“The voters have spoken and we have to respect their will,” -Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper

“Where there’s a Will there’s a Way”. We’ve all heard that phrase – but why is it not the Will of the Voters to end poverty? To end starvation? To provide everyone with electricity, sanitation, clean water, a comfortable home, access to travel and every other amenity that makes life enjoyable on Earth?

Lightbulbs have been around since the 1800’s. Don’t you think it’s time we stopped playing DIM and worked together to enLIGHten the world? Show your vote for a System that will ensure everyone in the world will benefit equally from technology.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe it is normal for 1.5 billion people to not have access to electricity in a world where we obviously have the technology and manpower to make that happen.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that having access to Electricity is a basic human right

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be brainwashed from childhood by the capitalist system I was born into, to believe that it is normal and acceptable to only provide electricity to someone who has money

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to notice how if I look in the news and other media reporting on the activities of governments around the world, the primary topics of discussion always revolve around how each country can improve their individual economy and make profits, rather than how they can work together as Equal Earthlings to provide everyone in the world with a great life

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that spending decades and billions of dollars on coming up with ways to study rocks millions of miles away in space while allowing a quarter of the world’s population to be without the most basic support, is a crime against Life

I commit myself to show how the only reason there exists a ‘first world’ and a ‘second world’ and a ‘third world’ – is that the current world systems are based on the Crime Against Life of profiting off the needs of other beings

I commit myself to show that all current world leaders and political groups function within the interest of making profit off of technology instead of making sure everyone in the world benefits equally from technology

I commit myself to Educate humanity about basic human rights like electricity, food, water, sanitation, a home

I commit myself to show that if everyone had access to technology and other basic human rights – most crime around the world would cease to exist

I commit myself to show that the only system that must exist on earth is a system that is best for everyone where everyone is on an Equal playing field

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing humanity to play dumb in pretending that there are actual valid reasons for poverty and the denial of basic human rights to exist on Earth

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