Day 147: Stargate made me want to join the Military?

I noticed a fascinating thing as I was driving near a navy base the other day at work. I was driving down this road that runs along the edge of the base, which is bordered by a fence, and behind the fence is a lot of trees. So, I’m looking at the fence, at the trees – and these pictures are popping into my mind, these scenes, where I’m seeing people in uniforms walking around in various facilities, flashing badges, and this experience comes up with the pictures of ‘that would be fun’. Now this is very strange because, I know very little of what actually goes on in a naval base, what the people actually do when they go to work, what their jobs really consist of, how they experience their lives – and yet, here are these pictures popping into my mind, with this experience of ‘that would be fun’.

So where did these scenes, and this experience come from? How is it that I would look at a fence, with some trees, and suddenly see scenes of people walking around in uniforms, and have this experience of ‘that would be fun’ come up within me?

When I slowed the scenes down and had a look at them in detail I found that the pictures I was seeing were actually pieced together from what I’ve seen in episodes of the Stargate series. Right down to the shape of the rooms, the way the uniforms look, the color of the walls, the furnishings in the rooms. And that the experience of ‘that would be fun’, is an idea I formed as I had been watching Stargate, seeing the characters in the military facility enjoying themselves, carrying out various missions and tasks, seeming very stable and comfortable in their job.

Within this I can see what specifically appealed to me about the job these characters have, is that they’re involved in secret projects dealing with amazing technology, going on these highly important missions to save the world and explore the universe.

Basically the idea that ‘that would be fun’, is based on the following points:

A desire to have a stable job that is entertaining
A desire to feel ‘special’ and ‘important’
A desire to explore the universe / explore the unknown

So, during the course of watching the Stargate series, I formed this idea that ‘working in a secret military job would be fun’ — even if there are aren’t any stargates involved, lol, because it was aligned with my desires to have particular experiences / my self interest. Lol – would this be the military’s way of using the Law of Attraction to manifest an abundance of soldiers to join up and go to war?

Isn’t it strange though how we take experiences like this for granted, believing – oh it’s who I am, it’s the ‘kind of person I am’, ‘it’s what I like’ — but never taking a moment to investigate and trace these pictures / scenes / experiences back to their actual origin point. Why is it that we refuse to face how we allow ourselves to be mind-controlled through our self interest? I mean isn’t it obvious that if one has a point of self interest, for example ‘I want to feel special and important’ – that we then will allow ourselves to be manipulated through that point of self interest? Like, this advertisement, this TV show, this movie is confirming that my self interest has value and is presenting me with a way to fulfill / experience my self interest so – I’m like, obliged to do what the advertisement says — but no no — it’s not mind control, it’s ‘my choice‘ apparently.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself through and as the desire for a stable job that is entertaining, believing that this desire is just ‘who I am’, instead of realizing and seeing that this desire was conditioned through the environment of capitalism / jobs / consumerism, where I believed what the system presented as my purpose / the definition of life which is to get a stable job so I can ‘pursue happiness and entertainment’.

Within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, through defining myself through and as the point of self interest of ‘I want a job where I can feel happy and be entertained’, allow myself to be programmed by TV, movies, advertisements through existing within and as a point of Attraction / appeal toward advertisements / TV shows / movies in which characters are depicted in various jobs, being happy, stable, enjoying their job, and to copy these characters / scenes into my mind, believing that I’m just ‘identifying with’ and ‘relating’ to those particular characters because they represent ‘who I am’ – – instead of realizing that they represent an idea of a job / happiness / entertainment that I defined myself through and as, that was conditioned through the environment of capitalism / consumerism I was born into – and that within this it’s not really ‘me’ as who I really am that is part of this equation, but me as a copy of the system / self definition defined according to how life / self is depicted by the system as ‘working a job and pursuing happiness and entertainment’

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to feel special and important, as a result of being born into a system that does not honor all life Equal, where importance is defined within specific concepts like ‘intelligence’ and ‘bravery’ and ‘status’ and ‘achievement’, and within this desire I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within a point of attraction / appeal toward movies / TV shows in which characters are depicted as ‘important’ and special’, and copy the scenes depicting these concepts into my mind, and imagine myself living out the same scenes

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to ‘explore the universe / explore the unknown’, as a result of being born into a system where I was taught that life is a mystery, and was never taught how the mind works, how existence works, how we got here, but only found beliefs and stories and so desired to learn / understand / discover what’s ‘out there’ — you know – ‘the truth is out there’

Within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, within my desire to ‘explore the unknown / the universe’, exist within a point of attraction / appeal toward characters / scenes in movies and TV shows depicting the ‘exploration of the universe / the unknown’, and to copy these scenes into my mind, and imagine myself living out the same scenes

I commit myself to, when and as I’m walking my day, to be aware of when pictures / scenes / experiences arise within me / are triggered within me in which I start playing out a scene I copied from a movie / TV show, and to identify where it came from, and what point of self interest exists within me that the picture / scene is in alignment with, and to let go of the point of self interest, delete the pictures, and bring myself back here to Breath, to no more have pictures / scenes coming up in my mind and projecting them onto Physical Reality

I commit myself to, when and as I’m watching TV, movies, or seeing advertisements, to be here as Breath, and be aware of which characters / scenes I experience an attraction / appeal toward, and to within this identify what is the point of self interest behind the attraction / appeal and apply self forgiveness / let go of the point of self interest

I commit myself to show how TV, Movies and Advertisements are used to control people to remain obedient consumers / pursuers of happiness in the name of Profit through our own accepted and allowed points of self interest, and that if we were aligned with what is best for all Life instead of self interest– we could not be brainwashed / manipulated through media and Consumerism could not exist as it depends on decisions to buy things based on desires / self interest

With an Equal Money System, mind control as the manipulation of someone through their self interest to buy things, will no longer exist — as the production of products will no longer be based on making profit, but will be based on producing something to benefit / support everyone on Earth. And there will be no one to go to war because everyone will have what they need for a dignified, comfortable life in which they can explore self expression – they won’t have to worry about how to make money — and currently most people join the military for survival purposes — to make money. Though, they might believe they’re joining for other reasons – such as ‘to do something important and special’ — but, as I’ve just shown in this blog, such feelings cannot be trusted because they may be based on last week’s episode of your favorite TV show.

Vote for a system that makes sense.
Learn the skills that will make you impossible to mind control
Must Watch Documentaries for the Human interested in understanding reality:

The Century of the Self: Part 1- Happiness Machines
The Power Principle
The Trap
Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century
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