Day 156: The Law of Attraction Vs. The Law of Prevention

If you find yourself without enough money to pay the bills, and respond to this situation by applying the Law of Attraction within Affirming within your mind the statements of ‘I have lots and lots of money, I am attracting money, money flows to me effortlessly’, and visualizing yourself having lots of money and then allowing yourself to ‘feel’ what it would be like to have all this money — is this a solution to the initial point of Lack of money? Or is this a Reaction?

It seems to me that the Law of Attraction should be called the Law of Reaction — because the whole time what you are doing is taking scenarios where for example there’s something you need / require to improve your living situation, and then reacting to this starting point of Lack, by projecting a mental scenario in which you ‘have’ the thing. And this is all based on the idea that there is a ‘source’ somewhere, that is constantly ‘sending’ you everything you need, and you just need to align yourself with the ‘feeling’ that you ‘already have it’, and then you will receive it.

But if you look at the experience of the idea of this ‘source’, it’s like, ‘far away’ somewhere in some ‘higher dimension’, and it has to ‘send’ you things — it’s not here on Earth as a physical support structure for the beings on Earth; it’s like this separate entity that interfaces with the world system / money system to ‘move things around’ and ‘open up’ opportunities for you to get money.

And, with the world system / money system as it exists — the nature of the actual physical system, within the rules / laws / agreements in place that determine ‘how’ one gets access to support — the only real force at work is the force of our Agreements as human beings, in terms of how support functions.
The agreement is that support is not the starting point — lack is the starting point. The agreement is that support is a product, a commodity, something that is ‘owned’ by someone, to be bought / gained access to through firstly earning money. Within this the Agreement is that the mechanisms of support must be structured around how those who apparently ‘own’ the support, can benefit personally through ‘profit’, from the delivery of this support to others. And this is why the system is not Equal — because then you could not have ‘profit’. We have the agreement that says that the fruits of human labor / invention are not to be given unconditionally to all so that everyone can benefit – No — it must be earned, because we also have this agreement that says ‘we cannot do anything unless we are motivated by lack / fear of loss / survival, to achieve a reward for our labor’. And so we agree that there should be corporations / individuals who ‘own’ resources, so that we can experience getting the ‘reward’ of support / resources.

And the Law of Attraction is merely a Reaction to a particular scenario of ‘lack’ that has been created through our Agreements as Humanity. No matter how much money you can attract — you’re still not addressing the actual problem. You’re not removing the starting point of lack. You’re not changing the agreements that we as Humanity have made.

No matter how much you apply the Law of Attraction — children will still be born into a world where their life is not guaranteed from birth to death. I mean, if their parents are poor and live in a slum and can’t afford to buy food, they will go to bed hungry. And this is all because food is a commodity that is ‘owned’ by someone, and that we have agreed is only available if you can get money. Within this, what the Law of Attraction fails to consider, is that the actual System in place in the poorest countries in the world, simply does not have the support mechanisms in place for this apparent ‘universe’ / ‘source’ to interface with, to ‘open up opportunities’. I mean, what opportunity exists for a starving farmer in a drought wracked desert? It’s obvious that this ‘source’ requires the money system — because, when was the last time you used the Law of Attraction to actually ‘manifest’ something? You don’t ‘manifest’ food / money / cars / clothes / job opportunities — they are all existent within the money system. Thus, if the system is simply not available to you by nature of your place of birth and education — you are disregarded. And no amount of ‘attracting wealth’, or ‘attracting positive experiences’ by those who DO have access to the system, is going to physically restructure the way food production and distribution works for example, or the way water purification distribution works, and will not provide nice homes to those who live in slums.

This is why we require a new economic system entirely. A system that changes the very foundational ‘life platform’ that one is born into. We require a system based on the Agreement to support everyone equally as the very basic foundation of society. Because, the social problems of crime, drug trafficking, prostitution, daily murders and conflicts, are for the most part entirely motivated by the lack of money with which to gain access to support to live. And ‘being positive’ or ‘attracting positive experiences’ to one’s self, simply does not equate to walking the practical steps of changing the system at the systemic level. It’s simply a personal reaction to the consequences / outflows of a problem that is Systemic in nature. When you have an infection / wound in your body, you don’t just keep taking painkillers to ‘feel better’ — you have the problem diagnosed, and a solution prescribed, to eliminate the problem — and then when the problem is gone, you no longer need to take painkillers. The reaction of taking painkillers has been prevented, because the problem has been removed.

And we can look at this example from another dimension: If we look at the World System within the analogy of a body with an infection – the Infection is our Agreements of Self Interest, where we are taking from / abusing the earth / body and exploiting other life forms / cells to make a profit / benefit ourselves, and that which we see as ‘negative’ – like poverty, conflit, crime, in certain areas of the body is the outflow of the infection, an outflow of the inequality caused by the Agreements of Self Interest. And ‘positivity’ is like, where you have the cells furthest away from the consequence / outflows of the infection, rejoicing and celebrating their abundance of health and well being, to block out the reality of the consequential outflows of the infection (poverty, starvation, crime, conflict). But such positivity is not a solution to the Consequence / Outflows, because how can those cells in the midst of Consequence / Outflows (for example poor countries where labor is abused by corporations to make a profit producing goods for consumption by people with money) experience the same ‘abundance’, when the very nature of their environment is of total lack? Thus, we don’t need a Reaction of Positivity – we need to eliminate the infection (Self Interest) that is causing the outflows / consequences we see as ‘the negative’.

To Prevent poverty, to Prevent crime, to Prevent violence, to Prevent starvation — we have to go to the source of the condition, and remove it forever so that the problem ceases to exist. This is basic Diagnostics.

Destonians are the Physicians of the Body of Life, Diagnosing dysfunction caused by Self Interest / Separation from the value of Life, and developing solutions / corrections based on the realignment of Self from Self Interest to what is Best for All Life.

At Equal Money this is what we’re doing. Re-defining, Re-aligning our Agreements as Humanity, to the Value of Life – to the Support of Life, through the development of Policy. And within this, Investigating how we can put these Policies into Action, into Application to remove the Systemic Problem through re-aligning the physical structuring of the system to support the Value of Life at a Physical, Practical level. Instead of Reacting to the problem and projecting an individual bubble of ‘positivity’, we’re preventing the problem from occurring in the first place.

Consciousness is Reaction. Life is Direction.

Prevention is the Best Cure.

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