Day 165: Chinese Labor Camp Worker’s Plea for Help

“Plea for help from Chinese labor camp worker paid $1.61 per MONTH found stuffed in Oregon woman’s Halloween decorations from Kmart”

The author of the note described how the people in the work camp have to work 15 hours a day for almost no pay, with no weekends off, and no holidays – or else the workers will suffer torture and beatings. The laborers have been sent to the camp as punishment for having beliefs that oppose the government regime. The author includes a request to send the letter to the World Human Rights Organization.

As horrific as this sounds, it’s definitely not ‘news’. Nobody reads this and gasps in complete shock and says ‘oh my god, I cannot believe this exists!! How is it that there is someone on Earth that is being tortured and enslaved by another?!?!?! Stop everything! We must make the end of this abuse our number one priority!!’

Everybody knows sweatshops and labor camps exist, everybody knows children are forced to work in countries where they have no protection and no other way to survive, everybody knows the vast majority of things we buy in American stores are made in China or some other asian country where the workers do the work because there is no other choice.
Everyone in the western world, everyone with money and a job they don’t mind doing, knows that they definitely, would NEVER want to swap places with any of these Chinese workers. Everyone knows that they would definitely NEVER want their children to be born in such a situation. Everyone knows that the only reason such labor conditions exist, is because the poor can be exploited for cheap labor by western corporations to help make a bigger profit.

Everyone knows that as those of us with money and happiness and comfort smile and laugh and joyfully skip down to the local megamart to buy our dearest loved ones some shiny new stuff to touch and look at, are enjoying products made by people that we know are suffering. Everyone knows greed and selfishness is harmful, dysfunctional behavior.
And everyone also knows that all current Human Rights Organizations have made absolutely no move whatsoever to implement any system of actual Equality based on the value of Life. So, unfortunately for the writer of the letter — even if the letter did make it to the WHRO – it would all be for nothing.

So why is it that we still had Christmas this year? Why did we choose to accept and allow ourselves to deliberately accept an abusive money system that profits from abuse? Why do we keep choosing to ‘set our minds’ to the pursuit of happiness? If we can do ‘anything’ if we set our minds to it, then why aren’t we choosing to set our minds to Equality, to valuing Life and the Right to live in Dignity, instead of  demanding the right to self interest? Why aren’t we choosing to stand up for those abused in the name of profit and exposing the abuse nonstop, every moment of every day until no one can hide in a little bubble of alleged ‘ignorance’ any more and are forced to face the reality of what is allowed in this world and STOP it?

How many times have we read stories describing the suffering that exists in this world, and then gone on to ‘celebrate’ another ‘new year’ as if there is anything to actually Celebrate?????

Deep down, we all want a world where we can all celebrate Life every day, every moment, without fear, without suffering, without struggle. The problem is we’ve settled for the pursuit of only our own freedom from struggle and suffering and fear. And the way that works in this world is to find a way to make enough money to exists in seclusion from suffering. We’ve decided that that’s enough. And that the rest of the world is just going to ‘work itself out’. But – it never works itself out. It gets worse and worse every year.

If every one of the billions of people in poverty sent us a letter every day describing their suffering and struggles, if every starving person in the world sent us a letter every day describing the physical pain they endure daily – would that be sufficient to make it too hard to maintain the illusion that the world is a ‘beautiful place’, a world to be ‘happy’ about? Or would they need to send audio recordings of themselves crying and screaming in despair and agony? Or maybe video footage?

The reality is, we have enough information technology to know exactly what’s going on in this world – we don’t need it to come to our doorstep. But unfortunately, in seeing how humanity’s annual new years resolution is to keep accepting and allowing a system of inequality in spite of overwhelming evidence of atrocity at a massive scale, it would seem that maybe the only way people are going to wake up is to have everything taken away. I mean, when we’re dealing with a selfish child who demands their way all the time – what do we do? We don’t let them have their way. And they eventually learn that this world is not here to obey your desires – because you are here with other beings and you have to consider other people’s needs, not just your own. And I mean isn’t the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit of self interest EXACTLY the statement that ‘this world is here to give me what I want’?

We teach our children that ‘sharing is caring’ — but why have we decided that sharing stops at friends and family? Why doesn’t sharing extend to ALL life on earth? Isn’t that the only real act of sharing? Isn’t anything less just spitefulness?

For 2013, I propose we make some new resolutions to assist and support ourselves to heed the cries of those enduring the plight of poverty and starvation in dedicating ourselves to stopping our separation from Life:

New Year’s Resolutions:

In 2013,

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, when I read a news story reporting on poverty, forget about it and go look for a way to entertain myself, within this sabotaging my opportunity to stand up and be a voice for those who have no voice, not realizing and seeing that if I were the one in poverty, I would like others to stand up for me and show the world what is really going on

Thus, when and as I read a news story describing the despair of people struggling in poverty, I commit myself to investigate how their condition was created, and expose and share this story with everyone I know so that I can assist everyone I know to realize the reality they are living in

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, when I read a news story reporting on inequality, violence, abuse, and suffering in the world, react in fear, sadness, and depression, and within this immediately go look for a way to make myself feel better through preoccupying myself within self interest

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that what I am facing as inequality, violence, abuse and suffering is actually REALITY — and that I am only reacting to reality because I do not yet understand how to give direction to this reality to a point that is best for all life

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the pursuit of happiness is not Reality — it is a reaction to reality based on the Fear of the truth of reality which is the truth of ourselves as self interest and neglect

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that spreading happiness is the spreading of self deception and dishonesty based on Fear while the actual problems of this world are left undirected – and is thus not Positive or Beneficial to Life AT ALL

When and as I experience a reaction of sadness or depression toward news stories reporting on the inequalities, violence, abuse and suffering in this world, I commit myself to stop, breathe, and not accept or allow myself to go and look for a way to make myself feel happy, but to forgive myself for fearing reality, and realize that it is far more Positive to Life to spread and share the reports of suffering, abuse, inequality and violence to everyone I know – so that I can wake them up out of self deception to face reality – because the quicker we all face reality, the quicker we’ll sort out this world

Let’s sort out this world and stop accepting and allowing abuse in the name of self interest. Obviously to stop accepting and allowing others to abuse in the name of self interest, means we must first stop ourselves existing within all points of self interest — so that we can stand as an actual example that it is possible to change our ways.

You can do this by joining DIP Lite which is a free online course. In addition to the free course, we have an advanced course, and a course dedicated to building effective relationships that will empower you and your partner to become a force for what is best for all Life.
And join us at Equal Money – the world’s only true Human Rights system with an actual plan of Equality that does not compromise to protect self interest — and not only Human Rights, but Animal Rights and Nature Rights as well – show your vote for a world where no one will be abused in the name of profit.
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