Day 166: Mother $70,000 in Debt Drowns her Autistic Son

“Mother admits she drowned autistic son, 4, in bathtub because ‘she was sick of taking care of him’ and was $70,000 in debt after paying for his care”

Isn’t the right to life and liberty where you don’t have to worry about not having enough money? Isn’t the right to life and liberty where if you need medical treatment for yourself or your family, you can simply get it because you need it? Where is the life and liberty in being forced into tens of thousands of dollars of debt because the medical system requires you to pay to get treatment for your child’s health problem? Everyone knows that debt plays a major role in psychological stress leading to all kinds of harmful behavior like suicides, murders, theft – where people end up in a position of being trapped by their debt and where everything they do now must revolve around paying off the debt, and where there are consequences if the debt is not paid.
We’ve all read about people who have killed their families and then themselves because they saw no way out of their debt. So why is a system of inequality allowed when the consequences are obviously not acceptable?

Which is more fair – a system where a high quality of life is given as a reward only to those who can achieve a status of absolute mastery of a very difficult skill like medicine, and who’s quality of life is funded through vast sums of money gained through exploiting those in need of medical care, who have to pay because they have no choice? A system where those in a condition of Inequality around the world are daily motivated to all kinds of dysfunctional behavior like murder, suicide, theft, rape, prostitution and human trafficking only because they can’t see a quicker way to access money?

Or a system where a high quality of life is the standard platform provided to everyone equally as a human right, where harmful behavior motivated by the need for money will simply no longer exist, and where you’ll only become a doctor because you actually care about people?

In a system of true life and liberty people would choose to do things because they are passionate about it, and would provide services like medical care because it’s simply what is required for humanity to function effectively and you enjoy doing it.

How many children and families must die of murder and suicide motivated by debt and poverty to prove that inequality is NOT a benefit to life?

Follow the Economist’s Journey to Life Blog where you can watch the research being done into a new system of Equal Money Capitalism that can be implemented as a bridge to a true Equal Money System to correct the dysfunction and prevent harmful consequence through adjusting the principles of Capitalism to ensure everyone profits and everyone wins. 
Show your vote for the end of Inequality as the Crime against Life of Profiting off the basic needs of others at the expense of their psychological and physical well being.

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