Day 173: Deconstructing the Role of Imagination in the New Age

In New Age, becoming a changed Human Being is really easy. I know because I was one. The process starts with reading new age material, selecting the ideas about god / heaven / the afterlife that sound the best to me, and then Deciding that ‘this is what is real’ – which creates an immediate experience of happiness and relief from stress because one now feels like there are higher forces and powers at work, guiding everything, and that no matter what happens and no matter how many people suffer on Earth – it’s really okay because there will be a heaven waiting for everyone when they die. You then focus on these ideas, on these imaginings as much as possible, adjusting them until you have developed explanations for every type of event that takes place on Earth, until you are able to face anything in this world and always feel at peace, always feel happy — because no matter what you see, you’ll have an explanation for that, which is aligned with the idea of god / heaven / the afterlife that you have selected.

You’ll find you’ll never be able to explain anything in terms of how it exactly works, because the whole thing is based on imagination and opinion. This is why when you’re reading New Age channelings and listening to New Age gurus and teachers – they’ll have different interpretations about why things happen and how things happen, but the interpretations will all be similar in that they share the idea that all events on Earth are taking place within the context of a ‘divine plan’ that is guiding everything and everyone to exactly where they’re supposed to be, and that no matter what happens – it’s perfect because it’s guiding you to realize you’re part of god and that there is Heaven waiting for you.

With enough practice, and enough Imagination – you’ll become an expert in helping people feel better through teaching them how to imagine themselves as part of a Divine Plan, and that some form of Heaven or Eternal Happiness Reality is awaiting after death.

Within this, Meditation is the key to maintaining a constant New Age experience, as through Meditation you can focus all your attention on a single feeling / idea such as ‘god’s love streaming into my heart’ and practice feeling it at greater and greater intensity until you can literally walk around experiencing yourself as being filled with ‘god’s love’.

The next stage is the stage where you become an active ‘example’ of how to ‘change’ from an ‘old age Human’, to a ‘New Age Human’. This generally involves congregating with other New Age people and sharing your experiences of happiness and energy and different fantasies and imaginings, and meditating regularly and practicing imagination and visualization regularly, so that you can maintain your bliss and be able to share with others how blissful things can be when you ‘realize’ how blissful and happy Consciousness can be when you focus on the right ideas and concepts.

The basic idea of the ‘Role’ of the New Age person, or Lightworker, is to be an example of the Psychological Aspect of Change on Earth. And this Psychological Change is simplistically as I’ve explained, defined by Shifting one’s focus from things like worry and fear and wondering why things are so messed up in this world, to the Ideas of God / Heaven / The Afterlife that you like the most, and to practice Feeling like you’re part of a Divine Plan and that no matter what happens you are an Eternal being of Bliss and have a Blissful, happy reality awaiting after death.

This ‘New Age Role’ is perfectly exemplified by this excerpt from a ‘channeled’ message by Brenda Hoffman:

“You are not responsible for everyone and everything. Your only role is to move in the direction of and finally claim your joy.”

Sounds great doesn’t it? Your only role and responsibility in this life is to move in the direction of your ‘joy’. But if you have a look at the context this statement is spoken within – it is within the context of your particular ideas / beliefs about the ‘Divine Plan’, and within the context of the excitement and hope and happiness that comes with defining yourself and the world within an idea of God / Heaven / The Afterlife. And if you have a look at the specific purpose of such statements – the reason such statements are so popular and prominent within New Age, is because they provide a point of ‘reassurance’ and ‘explanation’ when one is faced with for example a point of struggle in one’s own life, or in seeing terrible abuse happening daily in the world. It’s like, we look at what is going on in this world, and for a moment go into doubt as to whether there is really a Divine Plan, whether there is really a God, when so many beings are suffering – and then we immediately go and search for answers within spiritual material – and inevitably find some message that says ‘we understand you may feel bad about the suffering, but know that you don’t have to worry about that, everything is perfect, everything is still going according to the Divine Plan, just focus on your joy and bliss’. And then we immediately feel better. The following quote also exemplifies this:

“There is no need for you to spend hours contemplating governmental changes – unless you find it joyful to do so. It is a waste of your time to create new academic systems unless doing so gives you great joy and on and on.”

Fascinatingly, such statements are instantly accepted – we’ll immediately decide within our minds ‘okay, this is what is real, phew that was a close one, I almost thought I was responsible for this world, but I’m glad to know that’s not part of God’s plan for me’. When such statements are read – does the person actually Realize, actually See and Understand that it is not necessary to focus on anything but one’s Joy and Happiness? No. But – and I speak from experience, the process that takes place is that of weighing the choice between pursuing an Investigation into the practical problems of this world and possible solutions, or simply letting go of those problems and focusing on imagination and following one’s desires. For me, as a New Age person, as a Lightworker, the choice was always easy – happiness and bliss and entertainment within my imagination rather than pursue any form of self education or initiative in examining the practical realities of the problems we face in this world such as the Poverty, Starvation, War, Debt, Abuse. I mean, obviously this will be the choice most make – why? Because in not accepting the message, in questioning the message — then one is making the statement that one’s entire Idea / Belief about God / Heaven / The Afterlife / The Divine Plan might be….Not Real! And immediate Fear comes up at this possibility, because it would mean that to change this world – we’d have to actually do the work of investigating the problems and developing real solutions and then actually implementing those solutions. And – for me as a Lightworker – this was not an option, because I understood nothing of how the World System works, and so such an option didn’t even occur to me at all, because due to my lack of education as to how the world works, the world simply looked like this big thing ‘out there’ that I had no power to change. Thus, the New Age message was always my Decision, my Acceptance, because I could immediately take on the ‘Role’ of ‘change’ in a way that was easy — by just focusing on bliss and excitement and meditating and imagination! Thus, it didn’t matter that I could not verify that what I imagined reality to be within my ideas of God / Heaven / The Afterlife were actually Real or not, because from my perspective it was the only option, the only thing that made sense – because I did not have the understanding of how things work to view the world in any other way but through my Imagination / Beliefs.

And within this, the Acceptance of the New Age message of ‘I’m only responsible for my joy and bliss’, is further backed up / justified, by messages that insist that there are forces at work, great unseen forces of light and love and god, working ‘behind the scenes’ with various people in the world, in developing new technologies and energy sources that are going to be implemented ‘soon’ – as it is always explained that there are those working in the government, in the system, that have ‘Awakened’ to the ‘New Age’, and are busy with the World System aspect of Change on Earth. This is exemplified by the following excerpt from a Channeled message by John Smallman:

“You have been promised that enormous changes will take place which will dramatically improve the living-conditions of those who are trapped in abject poverty; and that promise will be honored. New technologies are being rapidly developed that will bring these improvements about. They will also enable new environmentally friendly sources of electrical energy to be deployed that will bring to an end your constant need to drill and mine for fossil fuels.
The Earth is not an appropriate source of fuel for your energy requirements which can very easily be provided by the use of clean methods that, until now, have been suppressed by vested interests, whose aim was to control you by their stranglehold on all your energy supplies – fuel, electricity, water, food, investment through loans, money, and the land itself. When energy, in every form you could possible need, becomes readily and abundantly available, as it will, scarcity will be a thing of the past, for you will have no needs. New, gentle technologies will enable the provision of all that humanity requires to maintain a totally adequate and satisfying living-standard. People will no longer have to spend inordinate amounts of time in the constant struggle for survival in a world in which they are mostly kept in a state of anxiety while buried under the crushing burden of debt.”

And, just as the messages that say ‘you are not responsible for everything, focus only on your joy’, are Accepted without question simply because the New Age person would rather believe it than bring their entire Self Definition into question and face the Fear of being Trapped in Responsibility for the Earth with no promise of a blissful Heaven waiting after death, these messages explaining ‘new technologies being developed’ are also Accepted without question – even with no evidence other than a story, for the same reason — the choice between either taking Full Responsibility to understand the problems we face in this world and develop solutions at all levels and then actually implement them, or simply sitting back, relaxing, and waiting for the ‘Divine Plan’ to do all the work.

Strangely though, any New Age person would like specificity and an actual practical plan that has a measurable physical benefit from for example, doctors, politicians, food producers, etc. I mean, what would you do if you had a broken leg or some intense pain in your organs and were coughing up blood, and went to the doctor and all the doctor did was to tell you stories about how there are forces of light and love working behind the scenes to fix your problem, all you need to do is focus on your joy and everything will be fine. That would be ridiculous! Obviously you need real physical actions based in an understanding of the problem you’re experiencing and an actual understanding of a solution, that will eliminate your physical pain. So why is it then that when it comes to matters like poverty, starvation, war, debt – which are all Physical problems based on Physical Systems – all of a sudden it makes sense to accept messages that cannot present an actual practical understanding and solution to the problem? Again it comes back to the Fear of giving up the Idea of God / Heaven / The Afterlife — because then one would have to face actual Responsibility. Just as if all the Doctors disappeared from the face of the Earth – we’d be forced to take Responsibility to figure out what our medical problems are and come to a real solution.

This goes to show that the New Age is nothing more than us distracting ourselves from that which we Fear because we don’t understand how to Direct within real understanding. I mean, a doctor doesn’t see a broken bone as ‘negative’, a doctor isn’t afraid of a broken bone, and thus doesn’t distract himself with ideas about higher forces like angels and spaceships sending him beams of light to make it all better – because he understands how to solve the problem – he understands HOW IT WORKS in fact. And this also goes to show how the New Age does not in fact understand the human Psychology – how the Mind works, how Consciousness works. I mean what I’ve just shown is how one will create the positive as a projected alternate reality within one’s mind based on an initial Reaction of Fear to a point of Reality that one does not understand and see how to Direct. And how the real Solution is to face that which is seen as the Negative – because that’s where there is a point that requires investigation into How it Works, into the actual nature of the problem – into how it was created. That’s where one can implement a Solution to Prevent that problem from being created. Prevention after all, is the best Cure.

Join the Age of Understanding, the Age of Responsibility, the Age of Real Solutions, the Age of Prevention. Let’s bring an end to the Age of Imagination and become the Solution we’re waiting for.

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