Day 192: Sales Secrets of Spirituality Part 1

Spiritual people are the best customers. Spiritual people are best consumers. Spirituality in fact protects the Profit Motive in this world. 

How? Because Spirituality dictates a Law that if it Feels Good — it MUST be Good, and that Good Decisions are thus Directed by Feeling.
This is obviously Perfect for Advertisers and Salespeople because – if they want you to Buy something, all they have to do is tap into that which makes you Feel Good.

When I started studying Sales and Marketing, I found a world that, as a Lightworker I never had any idea existed. In studying Sales Training, in particular the work of Tom Hopkins, I found a vast body of material – very specific methods, that if you apply in the context where you’re wanting someone to make a particular Decision, you can in fact Mind Control them to make the Decision YOU want them to make.

The basic Principle of how this works, is that a salesperson / advertiser understands that a person will Buy something based on how it benefits them in their Own Mind / their Own Life in the context of their Self Interest, and that this Mental Benefit / Personal Benefit will in most cases override practical considerations and place the person in a state of Desire where the salesperson then represents the Fulfillment of the Desire and is basically able to tell the person what to do. Within this, one works with Qualified Leads — which is people whose Self Interest is aligned with the Idea behind the Product, meaning – it makes you Feel Good, and thus are able to be Lead by the salesperson to a Decision to Buy – by Impulsing your Self Interest / Values.

This is why there exist things like ‘buyer’s remorse’ – where, a purchase is made on Impulse in a moment of ‘I want this!’ — where, the salesperson or advertisement Impulsed the person’s Self Interest with words that supported a particular Desire or Idea or Value existent within the Buyer, in a way that Stimulates the Imagination where the person Imagines themselves owning the Product or Receiving the Service and this makes them Feel Good, and so they Buy. Later on, when the person has Come Down from the Imagination Trip and the Feeling has worn off, sometimes they find it was a Poor decision because the reality of what they experience with the product did not live up to the Expectation based on Imagination. You see this a lot with Business Opportunities, where a person Buys into something because they Imagine themselves making a lot of Money and all the women and cars and clothes and toys and tropical beaches they’re going to have access to, but find afterward that the Opportunity was just a Scam, and by then it’s too late because they didn’t do their research before hand, didn’t read the small print, or they find that they were more in Love with the Idea of making Money — the Feeling — than doing the actual Work required to make it happen in fact.

What a salesperson knows is that people Fear to lose their Money, and that this Fear can interFear and Deter a person from spending their Money. And so usually what the salesperson will do is to impulse the person’s Self Interest in a way where the person Fears to be without the Product, instead of Fearing to be without their Money. For example — you want your children to be safe, don’t you? Well 9 out of 10 doctors recommend our product. Bam – you’re sold. Because doctors are connected with authority and safety and health. So you buy because you are afraid that if you don’t buy the product, your children will not be safe. But how many Consumers are aware of the research that now shows that most antibacterial products are not any better than normal soap, and can actually contain harmful ingredients?

Most consumers rely on Feeling to tell them what is Good, and what you should do with your Money. The actual science of how to ensure everyone in the world is healthy and safe is not a concern, it’s the FEELING that ‘me and my own’ are safe that is the concern — which is thus Self Interest. And I mean, it even goes so far as the color of the package and the picture on the package making something ‘Feel right’ — regardless of what is in fact in the package and where it came from and whether it’s what it says it is. For example if you’ve connected the color white to the idea that ‘white is clean’, and ‘brown is dirty’– which toothpaste package are you going to be more attracted to — a white one, or a brown one?

Or for example take the sweatshop issue — the feeling the person gets from buying that new sneaker or new pair of jeans that apparently makes you ‘cool’, or ‘stylish’, or ‘sexy’ — that point of Self Interest completely overrides the fact that someone else is suffering, so that we can enjoy our Feeling.

This kind of advertising / sales really took off in the early twentieth century when modern Consumerism started to develop with the help of Edward Bernays – Sigmund Freud’s nephew, who worked with companies to design advertising campaigns for products that would Impulse a person’s Self Interest through introducing an attractive Idea and connecting it to a Product. A perfect example of this is how Bernays got women to start smoking by using a Public Relations Campaign to connect Cigarettes to the idea that smoking is a symbol of ‘freedom’ for Women — because at the time, it was seen by Men as not proper for a woman to smoke – a form of ‘oppression’ against women. And so more women started smoking because they wanted to feel and be seen as ‘independent’ and ‘free’. They weren’t really buying the Cigarette itself — they were buying the FEELING, which was based on an Idea. They were quite literally Mind Controlled — controlled based on the existent accepted values / desires of Self Interest, to Consume Feelings triggered by Ideas connected to Products. Watch the Century of the Self for the whole story.
Now the interesting thing with sales and advertising, is that even people who are trained in these methods, fall for the same methods themselves. They’ll for instance, buy a piece of clothing because the salesperson gives them compliments which is impulsing their Self Interest of wanting to be seen as attractive / sexy / successful / unique / handsome / interesting / stylish – etc — knowing full well that the salesperson is doing this Deliberately as a form of Manipulation to make Money.
Such is the power of Self Interest, that one would be perfectly okay with the fact that one is able to be Manipulated and Mind Controlled by words – just because getting your Self Interest stroked ‘feels nice’.
Very, very strange indeed. 
So, with Spirituality there’s an idea that apparently we’re becoming more ‘Conscious’ and ‘Aware’ and ‘Awake’ — and yet, how many Spiritual people are still Buying into things based only on a Feeling based on an Idea, without any real, practical research and study of How things Work? How many Spiritual people are investigating all the ways where they do something or accept something automatically, because of a Feeling that is triggered? How many Spiritual people are Aware of how easily they can be Controlled to Buy into an idea, a belief, a piece of information, a product, a spiritual service, a seminar, through simply tapping into their Self Interest as Fears and Desires? 
In the next post we’ll look at how Spirituality functions within the exact same principles of Sales.

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