Day 196: Questions to Awaken you to the Path of Enlightenment

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“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.” 

“To know that you do not know is the best.
To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease.”
Lao Tzu 

I can see myself as one with all beings in the Universe and Feel my Connection with the All…
But why don’t I Feel the Pain of every suffering being in the Universe?

I can explore the Universe and Communicate with Angels and Extraterrestrial Beings…
But why can’t I Explore my Physical Body and Communicate with each Cell?

I can see Visions of a New Age of Peace and Harmony on Earth…
But why can’t I Explain how to Harmonize the Economic System to Prevent the Abuse of Life?

I Love the Whole World…
But why can I not explain how to Feed, Clothe, House, and Educate the Whole World?

I can Sing a Song Glorifying my Happiness…
But why can I not Sing a Song giving a Voice to those who Suffer?

I Glorify the Success of One in a Million that finds a way out of Poverty as a Triumph of Positivity…
But why does Positivity Allow children to be Born in Poverty?

I can write Books about my Past Life Memories…
But why can I not Remember what Thoughts I had Yesterday?

I say I am Free to Choose my Experience…
So why do certain Words, Pictures, and People have the power to Trigger Thoughts and Reactions in me Automatically?

I say I am Free from Brainwashing…
But why do I still Buy Products based on a Feeling it triggers in me Automatically?

I can Look Within and See the Brightest Light…
But why am I still Blind as to How the Money System works?

I Live in my Own Reality of my Choosing…
But why do I still Depend on Others for my Internet, Cars, Clothes, Food, Smart Phone, Plastics, Electricity, Trash Pickup, Water Utility, Banking, Income?

I am a Fully Realized, Enlightened Being…
But why do I not Fully Realize how I Think, Create Feelings, or Breathe?

I have Guaranteed to myself my Ascension to Heaven…
But why have I not Guaranteed to Every Child Born on Earth – Human Rights, Dignity, and Freedom from Abuse?

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