Day 204: A Witness Blog: I Have Done my Research and Desteni is Not a Scam

My name is Matti Freeman. I was born in Washington State in 1983, finished High School in 2002 on Bainbridge Island, Washington. In 2003 I attended Northwest College of Art in Poulsbo, Washington.

I am now a business owner working in the education field.
I joined the Desteni Research Group through the Equal Life Foundation on January 17th, 2008.
I’ve visited the Desteni farm in South Africa a total of 3 times, living there a total of 2 years. During that time I found only people dedicated to a practical solution for this world, to end all abuse and suffering.
My first exposure to the Desteni Group was in December 2007 when I started watching some video interviews with what was termed by Desteni the ‘Interdimensional Portal ‘ on YouTube. What I heard was very direct, specific perspectives being given on all aspects of Human Nature, Earth, and Existence, and I found that what I was hearing was describing what I can actually see within myself. 
The message was fascinating to me due to the simple common sense nature of what was being presented – which was that we as humanity can be self honest and take responsibility for our self interest and neglect of life, and release ourselves from our destructive and delusional nature through applying Self Forgiveness and redefining ourselves on all levels from personal relationships to the world system, within the consideration of what supports the best outcome for all. The message suggested that, instead of existing within a constant division and separation from each other through conflicting definitions and self interests based on ideas and opinions about ourselves that we simply copied from the past — that we redefine our words, our relationships with each other and the earth, to that which is based in functional physical reality according to what supports everyone to effectively live — as equals as life, and as one as being made of the same substance.
The message presented the simple point that if our knowledge cannot be lived / applied in physical reality in a way that supports what is best for all — and instead leads to justifications for any form of abuse or suffering — that that knowledge is a problem and has no value other than some kind of self interested entertainment or preoccupation. This to me made sense and was in fact what I had been looking for in my life, I just didn’t have the vocabulary before — which showed me also that my thoughts, my mind, my experiences, my perceptions and opinions were simply the result of a program — the definitions I’d been programmed / brainwashed with from birth.
Already at that stage I could recognize the validity of the Desteni message simply by being honest with myself about where my thoughts and opinions were coming from. I realized I have a responsibility toward myself, if I am ever to actually be ‘free’ in fact — to investigate my definitions, my self definitions, my programming — and to find all the points of knowledge and beliefs and ideas and meanings and opinions that I accepted as the definition of myself and reality, that were not based in practical ways of living that take into account what is best for all life. 
This already showed me that – Desteni is not a ‘scam’, or some abusive ‘cult’ out to deceive me — because the message simply pointed out what is obvious common sense to anyone to dares to be Self Honest. So – I did not need to believe in Desteni, because I realized everything comes down to Self Honesty –is my starting point of who I am, that which is best for all life? Or not? Simple. And anyone can actually see this question for themselves. Within this it also immediately became obvious that anyone who attacked or criticized the Desteni message simply had not done their research and had not been willing to be self honest and actually look at themselves and — fundamentally were showing that they were not in fact interested in a world that is best for all. It was obvious to me that to deny a message that suggests – let’s do what’s best for all life, indicates the desire to remain within some position of self interest without changing. When — it’s obvious we have a responsibility to change who we are, because who we currently are is a society that creates abuse and suffering and atrocities daily throughout the world.
What I found in the Desteni material as I began studying it, was many examples of how to apply Self Forgiveness in relation to many different points. When I started testing Self Forgiveness out for myself – I immediately found that it works and that I am able to immediately begin stopping all kinds of experiences I previously had found a way to deal with. Things like anger, self consciousness, anxiety, depression, blame, judgments, porn addiction.
I discovered the simple effectiveness of simply saying for example — I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge others as either having more or less value based on their picture presentation / appearance. 
or, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear facing reality and taking responsibility for what we have allowed on Earth, and to within this fear, accept and allow myself to desire to escape reality into an idea of heaven or the afterlife.
or, I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that my thoughts, feelings, and emotions are my responsibility, because – I am the one participating in them and accepting and allowing them to exist in me thus I cannot blame anyone or anything for what I experience within me.
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to value all life equal and to take responsibility to come to a solution for this world that supports all life, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to support / justify the existence of abuse and suffering
So, already in 4 examples you can see — Self Forgiveness, the primary tool presented by Desteni, has nothing to do with ‘Desteni’, because it is something we are each capable of applying for ourselves – it’s a built in tool that all humans have access to. We just never realized it before. 
With the first time I applied Self Forgiveness I realized that what Desteni is presenting is the solution for this world, because it is the only message that explains how to take self responsibility effectively and change ourselves.
This is a timeline of my process of Eye Witness research into the Desteni Message.
December 2007 – January 2008 
->Initial study of Desteni Material.
–>over 700 videos
–>hundreds of articles
–>hundreds of forum posts
->Initial application of Desteni Tools
–>Daily application of Breathing, Writing, Self Honesty as suggested within examples from the material
–>Daily application of Self Forgiveness written and spoken aloud
January 2008
->Started participating in Desteni forum
June 2008 – August 2008
->I’m the first outside visitor to Desteni Farm in South Africa
–>Witnessed and Proved Desteni is not a cult and there is no physical, sexual, mental, drug or any other form of abuse or scam taking place
–>Witnessed, along with other visitors who arrived after me, the Portal doing interviews, and proved there is no preparation / scripting / coaching / drugs involved, and that the interviews are done in the moment 
–>Witnessed how the message and principles lived on the Desteni farm are consistently that of working every day toward practical solutions to support all life on earth and end abuse
–>Witnessed how words like Portal, and Reptilians, and Atlanteans, etc are specific in that the words and presentation function to expose those who are seld dishonest who rather jump to assumptions to defend their opinions and fears, rather than studying the actual message – so the words used are quite useful – not for brainwashing, but rather to expose the self-brainwashing that people allow in themselves, that results in them being mind controlled by their own reactions, to the point where they are not even capable of doing the most simplistic research 
–>Witnessed the way there was no desire for ‘fame’ or ‘recognition’ or to ‘get rich’ or to ‘be special’ or anything like that
–>All living expenses were provided, I only bought my plane ticket
March 2009 – April 2010
->Second visit to Desteni Farm
–>Helped the people living on the farm, along with other visitors, to build accommodations 
–>Learned how to build furniture
–>Learned how to take care of dogs and horses
–>Participated in economics research
–>Helped build a recording studio
–>Recorded music
–>Witnessed the portal in continued interviews done in the moment without any preparation
–>Assisted with developing and testing Desteni I Process course material
April 2010
->Started the Desteni I Process online course
January 2012 – August 2012
->Third visit to Desteni Farm
–>Learned how to build nurseries
–>Learned how to take care of chickens
–>Witnessed first hand the Portal consistently doing daily interviews – sometimes for hours each day, without any preparation
–>Witnessed how much easier it is to function as a group and take care of all the responsibilities when everyone works together within agreement to contribute according to your capacity within what is best for all
–>Learned practical skills to live as a group without conflict through the group agreeing to take responsibility to do what is best for all / the group, and saw how this results in each person individually having more freedom and preventing stress, as the group functions within an equilibrium based on supporting everyone equally. Within this seeing on a very small scale how the same principles can be applied within our Economic system to transform the global situation from inequality and abuse to harmony and peace and enjoyment for all.
–>Witnessed first hand and proved that the Desteni message is in fact what is best for all and will produce a solution for this world, as when applied by a group, where each individual takes responsibility to align themselves to what is best for all, and supports themselves with writing, self honesty, and self forgiveness — each is able to develop the discipline and skills to fulfill the responsibilities required to ensure an optimum functioning system / way of life that supports each to have the best experience possible within the parameters of physical reality on Earth.
Some of the ways I’ve changed / expanded since I began applying / researching the Desteni Material and Tools of Breathing, Writing, Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application:
  • Stopped porn addiction
  • Stopped drinking
  • Stopped depression
  • Stopped rage
  • Stopped many fears / able to work with fears practically and stop them when they arise
  • Stopped gossip
  • Stopped comparing myself to others
  • Stopped resistance to studying / school
  • Developed comfortability around dogs / stopped fear of dogs
  • Able to identify and take self responsibility for any reaction within me
  • Developed skills to take self responsibility when I see I’ve taken something personally, and stop myself, thus preventing conflict in my relationships
  • No longer able to be manipulated / deceived, as through my application I’ve been walking a process of actually knowing myself – and, when you know yourself / your mind – you cannot be manipulated or deceived
  • Improved vocabulary 
  • Improved writing and typing ability through years of daily self investigative writing
  • Through Self Forgiveness I developed the discipline to research / educate myself about current events and subjects like economics and education and through this I’ve developed a more real world understanding of reality in terms of how things actually function, whereas before I was directed by my beliefs, desires, fears, imagination and resistances, and ended up focusing only on fantasies and entertainment
  • Through Self Forgiveness and Breathing I developed the discipline to stop procrastination and postponement and am now much more effective at taking responsibility in my daily life with things like money, bills, chores, work, etc
  • Expanded self expression within music and art as, with Self Forgiveness I’ve been able to overcome things like comparison, self judgment and suppressions and within this I’ve discovered whole areas of expression that I had no idea I was capable of
  • Have been able to develop an effective relationship with myself in relation to my partner wherein, through writing and self honesty I’m able to identify the origin points of reactions and thoughts I experience toward my partner wherein, now when and as such points come up within myself, I have practical tools to be able to face these points and take responsibility for them where as in previous relationships what ended up happening is when things like blame and anger and judgments would arise within me – I didn’t have a way to deal with it / stop it and so what ended up happening is that I would suppress the points which eventually led to outbursts and conflicts and ending the relationship.
  • Massively improved Sex life and Sexual Expression – no longer require Fantasies / Pictures
  • Through Self Forgiveness I overcame my fear of business, responsibility and failure and developed the discipline to learn business skills to more effectively support myself in this world
In summary, I have definitively proven through over 5 years of disciplined research and application, that Desteni is not a cult, scam, or deception and that anyone can apply the Desteni message to become a more effective human being. And in fact, all it in fact takes is a few days of applying Self Forgiveness, testing it out, to see that it works. 
In further blogs I will expand on the details of my visits to the Desteni Farm, as well as the phenomena of ‘Desteni Haters’, and will walk you through specific perspective explaining exactly how Desteni Haters are in fact deliberately lying to people to protect abusive interests.
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  1. Does this make me a horrible human being? Perhaps, but I tell you merely as a way of explaining my general distrust of the world around me. Now that you understand how I perceive my surroundings, I think you'll better understand what I'm about to tell you.tene bimbo crime


  2. I needed to see for myself that somebody can actually change themselves through Self Forgiveness.

    I have been reading a lot about the desteni I process, but always did I place myself above or below its message, instead of researching it, understanding it and applying it.



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