Day 207: The Secret Truth About The Royal Baby

Prince William and his wife had a baby and the whole world is acting like it’s something to celebrate.

Here Ye Here ye!

There’s no such thing as royalty. It’s make believe. It’s human beings pretending they’re special and managing to make it seem like they are because their families have always had more money than the rest and thus have always had access to better education so their children become well spoken and highly knowledgeable and are presented amongst fancy looking shit like crowns and gold scepters and giant palaces.

With the newest research about Epigenetics that shows how a parent’s thoughts and behavior influence the development of a child at the DNA level, we can see that families of well educated people will predictably produce a better stock of human that will be easier to educate and will have a naturally higher aptitude than other people.

If you take away the palace and the crowns and the fancy clothes and the titles what are you left with? Some well educated people who STILL in spite of their breeding cannot provide a solution to end poverty or starvation or war or the destruction of the Earth.

So, all this royal baby worship is nothing but a bunch of brainwashed robots who have been duped into believing that symbols like crowns and fancy clothes and fancy talkin’ means you have some god given gift for leadership and should be admired.

Royalty is the same as the Pope and the Dalai Lama and that big black box thing in Mecca — it’s a bunch of SYMBOLS that people have been brainwashed to attach value to through years of duping the gullible uneducated masses that if they obey the commands issued by the man holding the fancy looking shit living in the big palace, they will go to heaven when they die. The obvious motive in this would be to make the poor people feel better about their shitty struggle of a life and not question the system.

All this royal and religious and spiritual leadership is a scam to distract people from the reality that is right in front of their eyes. It’s easy to get people to ignore the massive inequality in this world when you get them to believe that what is real is value attached to symbols and pictures in the mind and all kinds of nice fuzzy feelings and what is not real is the actual physical reality you can touch and see directly.

Isn’t this supposed to be the New Age? It’s 2013 – we made it through the big 2012 shift, we’re in the 5th dimension, right? Isn’t everyone supposed to be enlightened now? What has the effect of all the so called positivity and love been? How is the adoration of a single baby born to one wealthy family be more important than making sure every baby born into this world is guaranteed a life of dignity and support?

I think the 5th dimension is not one of higher consciousness, but of lower consciousness. I think love and light and glorifying shiny things like crowns and light and princes and spaceships is an indication of a spiritual Lobotomy.

I mean look at it – we have half the world in poverty with millions being murdered yearly through being allowed to starve, no end in sight to daily murder through acts of War and Conflict over resources, religions, and opinions, there are not enough jobs for everyone, Education, Food, Homes, Healthcare and Entertainment are an Elite Privilege instead of a Guaranteed Human Right — and yet there are people who believe we have entered a new age of Peace and Love and Harmony — we have people who believe that obsessing over pretty things, and cute things, and shiny things, and colorful things, and ideas and beliefs that make you feel good, is an indication that you are a better, more advanced human. We have people who call themselves positive and yet refuse to face and expose the obvious bullshit delusion taking place right in our face in the news as proven with the Royal Baby Cult. Why? Because we’re too preoccupied with our own delusional bullshit and thus to call out the bullshit of others we’d have to then be self honest and face our own bullshit and no one is interested in actually being Self Honest. Everyone’s just jerking each other off, allowing each other to pursue whatever delusional imaginary idea about reality they ‘prefer’ to participate in. And we call that ‘respect’ – we call that ‘freedom of choice’, we call that ‘everyone has a right to believe what they want and to do what they think is right’ – like having an idea about yourself that you are ‘Royalty’ which by definition justifies the existence of Inequality so that you can be special and have more than another. How can such an idea be respected and even adored and celebrated in the face of so much suffering in the world?

I’m sorry but until we have the guts to admit how Royally Fucked we’ve allowed ourselves to become, we will never come to a solution for anything – we will never have a world of peace and harmony.

The only birth I will celebrate is the birth of a new system in which all babies are guaranteed a life of worth. That will be an accomplishment worth celebrating – the end of neglect.

Support a Living Income Guaranteed.

Get rid of your brainwashing

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