Day 210: Bernard Poolman Was An Extremist

Bernard Poolman was an Extremist.

Bernard showed us what it is to be the change you wish to see. To not settle for just words or sentiment or feelings or pictures or hope, but to do it for real.

This is a world filled with Extreme Abuse, Extreme Suffering, Extreme Inequality, Extreme Neglect.
In a world of Extreme Abuse, Bernard had the guts to Stand Up and Give himself an Extreme Ultimatum – will I be Life? Will I be what is Best for All? Or will I not be Life? Will I not be what is Best for All?

Bernard had the guts to put in the time, the effort, the pain of walking the path of the Pain of Real Change, and then he had the guts to present a message giving this ultimatum to the rest of Humanity, showing clear examples of how it is in fact possible to walk the same process he did, and change for real so we can have a new world.

Those of us at Desteni are simply those who Heard this message and made the Choice — I will be Life – I do not accept or allow anything less of myself than to be Life, to be what is Best for All, and to have a world that is Best for All.

Bernard stood as an example of what is possible when you value yourself enough to Forgive Yourself until nothing exists in you that is not worthy of Life, that is not worthy of Respect. Until nothing exists in you that does not stand as what is Best for All. In my 2 years living on the Desteni Farm, and in my over 5 years witnessing and participating in the various projects like Desteni I Process and Equal Money this is what I saw definitively.

Bernard was an Extremist in how he did not accept or allow any form of externalized source of Responsibility — no form of ‘God’ or ‘Devil’ that could be used as an excuse to explain things we are too lazy to figure out – like how our own minds work, and how to support all life on earth and end Abuse.

Bernard was an Extremist in how he showed us that we don’t need a God, we don’t need ‘light and love‘, we don’t need a ‘savior’, we don’t need ‘aliens to save us’, we don’t need some kind of ‘higher power’ — because we can Forgive Ourselves. We can Forgive Ourselves for standing in separation of Life, for standing in separation of each other. We can Forgive Ourselves for our fears and excuses and for being addicted to the pretty pictures and alternate realities we can so easily paint in our minds, and stop fucking around and get down to the nitty gritty of this One Physical Reality, get down to Earth, Earth Ourselves and Face the Matters at Hand — that which is happening right now, in Matter, that which has the obvious Priority which is — a solution for the massive suffering taking place RIGHT NOW. And we can do this together as a group if we just Agree to do it.

We can change – but we have to have the guts to really do it. We have to be Extremists, we have Stand within Principles that do not accept or allow any form of justification that would result in harm or abuse in any way.

Bernard showed us the Extreme simplicity of the Realization that – to be Life, you would obviously do what is best for all Life – because then you would be doing what is best for You, and when we All do that — we have Heaven on Earth.

Now that Bernard is dead — it doesn’t change what we’re doing at Desteni. Because – it was never about ‘Bernard’ — Bernard was simply the world‘s most Extreme Human who managed to be Self Honest enough to not Buy into experiences, knowledge, beliefs just because it ‘sounds nice’ or ‘feels nice’, but to constantly question the starting point as to whether it is best for all, whether it will result in a world that is best for all. Bernard was simply the one Extremist who managed to develop sufficient Self Honesty to figure out what’s going on with the Mind, and how we’ve managed to Fuck ourselves into a world of suffering, and he simply shared what he figured out – which is the Way Out of this mess. It was never about ‘one person’. It’s always been about Life. It’s the question of whether we will Honor the Life that is Equal in All, and do what it takes to have a world where that Equal Life is the Value that directs all decisions, resulting in the Best possible world.

Does it suck that he’s dead? Yeah, because being with Bernard was like being with the embodiment of our Potential as Humans, once we’ve moved beyond all forms of bullshit and immaturity and self interest and I learned a lot from him. But now that he’s dead – it doesn’t change me because what I learned from him really has nothing to do with him — it’s about me, it’s about who I am, it’s about how Extreme I’m willing to be to bring an end to abuse and bullshit and make this world the place it must be.
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