Day 215: Ending War and Manifesting Peace on Earth

If we’re ever going to stop War we’re going to have to go to the origin point of war, the source of war, the motivation behind war, the interests that drive us to war, and we’re going to have to REMOVE that point from ourselves, from each of us. Those of us who will see a world of Peace — will have to have Given up who we’ve been / become as a Product of a Society that allows any form of Value that supports War in any form. We will have to have changed Ourselves.

Let’s investigate this further.

Is the Government the source of War? Is Obama the problem? Was George W. Bush the problem?
Was Hitler the problem? Was Saddam Hussein the problem? Is Syria the problem? Are the Corporations the problem? Is Religion to blame?

Are these Warlike government leaders simply ‘bad apples’ coming from a line of very clever people who managed to get ahold of money and power in a world of peaceful, harmonious, caring people, who then messed up the world all by themselves, while the poor, peace loving majority was forced to comply?

Are dictators and governments who go to War just ‘bad people’, while the rest of us are ‘good people’?

Is the average Human Being a Being of Peace in Thought, Word, and Action? Is that how we see ourselves? Do we see ourselves as understanding what Peace on Earth implies? If we removed all governments, would we have instant Peace? Is that what we really believe?

Let’s consider Peace on Earth.

To have Peace on Earth – we would each have to be a Piece of that Peace — a Piece of the Heart/Earth that Beats within Agreement to do what is Best for All – meaning, we’ve Decided to Stand and Expand our Heart to Include All Life and walk a process of Aligning Who we Are in Thought, Word, and Action to that which considers how to Best Support All Life and Give everyone a Life of Dignity. We would have to Forgive ourselves our Trespasses against Life — we would have to Forgive ourselves on all points where we had Forgotten Life through allowing ourselves to be Programmed with Definitions that did not consider All Life as Self, but only Self as Individual Opinions and Wants. We would have to step outside our previous ‘comfort zones’ which is really just where we’d allowed Programming as Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions to direct us on our behalf, and learn to Direct ourselves as a Physical Expression of Life, to Perfect ourselves in Learning how to Participate in this reality as a Functional Whole where each Part of the Whole is Considered of Equal Value and each Part’s Needs are Met — there is no God or Government that could do that for us — we would have to Take Responsibility to Learn how that works.

We would have to stop all the Inner Wars where we scheme and imagine and think and desire and wonder how we can manipulate others and our reality to get what ‘we want’ as for example sex, or entertainment, or support for our opinions and beliefs — some form of ‘happiness’ — as in seeing that when we have 7 billion people each existing within this inner scheming to get ‘what I want / get my happiness’ — that is obviously not a functionally effective or common sense way for us to exist on Earth — as there will be conflict of interest perpetually — and there is daily. Just look around at how we fight, bicker, argue, scream, react, blame, point fingers, manipulate, spite each other, abuse each other, kill each other, because someone ‘didn’t do what we want them to’, or stopped supporting some belief, or opinion, or want, or desire we have. And War at a large scale between the world’s Nations is no different in Principle — it’s a conflict of Self Interests. And so we can’t just say ‘Stop War’, and point the finger at the governments / leaders — because until we take Responsibility to Stop Ourselves as the Foundation of War / Conflict, and work out practical solutions in our own individual lives that result in outcomes that are Best for All — we won’t be able implement practical solutions at a global scale — we won’t be able to BECOME the leaders that this world needs, to Lead us out of War into a Global System that is Best for All.

We have to sort out ourselves at an individual level as Physical Bodies that are Part of the Earth / Heart that Beats in supplying / providing support for all Physical Bodies — in terms of Ending the Occupation of our Body by the Forces that bombard the Body daily as Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Fears, Desires — Energy Weapons that Force the Hand of the Body to act in ways that are not based in the consideration of All Life. In Peace on Earth, each Hand Moves as a Piece of Life Supporting Life.

Fortunately such forces can be Disarmed and Deleted through the Power of Self Forgiveness as Life. Join us and start your Journey as a Piece of the Peace Earth will be.

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