Day 224: How can we See if we only see Thoughts?

The Consciousness of the Tiger Part 1

In this interview the Tigers share how they see within their existence as Tigers, and perspective is given on how in our minds, when we’re experiencing a thought come up, and we’re following this thought and participating in it and focusing on it — it’s like we’re seeing only this one brick in a wall and in that moment it’s like the only thing that exists / is within our consideration — this thought. It’s like we’re in this existence which is just this thought, within our head — with all the experience like feelings and emotions that might be coming up with the thought.

Meanwhile — while we’re sitting there thinking, in this little ‘thinking existence’ — there’s an entire existence going on around us.

So the question is — how can we ever actually have a world of Oneness and Harmony where we all live in consideration of each other, when we’re not in fact – in every moment of breath living and breathing within awareness of / consideration of the entirety of all the beings in this existence? How can we ever care for each other when, moment by moment, day by day — we keep demonstrating that we only really care about — the next thought?

How can we claim to be living in ‘awareness’ when – moment by moment, day by day we keep accepting and allowing ourselves to diminish ourselves to an existence of One Thought inside our head area?

How can we have stable relationships with each other when, instead of basing relationships on practical agreements to support each other to live effectively as a whole in existence with each other, we base our own little tiny existence inside our head where we base relationships on ‘liking’ or ‘disliking’ someone based on having similar thoughts or dissimilar thoughts? Where, we will get angry at each other and blame each other and end relationships because we ‘think differently’ about things?

How can we ever really see another being when all we see is our thoughts about them?
How can we ever really understand ourselves when we are only following our thoughts and never stopping to investigate and understand where they came from?

One of the things that really ‘hit home’ for me when I first heard the Desteni message was how — when we’re thinking — we’re not Here breathing — we actually ‘go away’ from breath, from Here, into our head area within which we then participate in and experience thoughts. I immediately noticed that this is in fact true and that — it actually takes quite an effort to be aware of each breath, each in and out breath, and to stop myself and bring myself back here when a thought comes up and I start to ‘go into it’.

And to me it made sense to thus stop the mind — to remove these thoughts from myself because — I should be able to be Here, in every moment of breath, aware of what is Here, considering what is best for everyone Here, not being this ‘thinking mind’, but living and expressing as Life. Not being this personality directed by an existence of my thoughts based in my self interest as how I can immediately benefit within a limited context of my own life mostly lived in my head area with ‘my thoughts’ — but being a physical being, part of this physical world, the Earth, directing myself within an equal and one standing with everyone and everything Here.

The Consciousness of the Tiger – Part 1

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