Day 226: Living Income Guaranteed will Prevent Destruction of Homes

“A victim of a monster tornado that ravaged Washington, Illinois on Sunday has revealed the heartbreaking moment he watched the storm destroy his ‘dream house’.
Speaking with a bandage across his face, Kris Lancaster vowed to rebuild the home – now reduced to rubble – where he and his wife Mandy have raised their children for the past two years.
‘It was the home that we worked so hard through our lives to get,’ he told Good Morning America on Monday. ‘To get into a better neighborhood, better town, better school district.
‘We’ve only lived here two years and our dream home has gone.'”

‘Our dream home is gone’: Illinois tornado victim who was hit with debris as he escaped monster storm recounts tragedy of losing house he worked for years to build

You know, this kind of thing could be prevented if a Living Income, a Home, and a good Education were provided as Basic Human Rights for everyone.
I mean, if we would start living according to principles of practicality and what is best for all life and common sense instead of valuing only profit — we would make sure all humans have a place to live and we would make sure that our homes are not placed in the obvious path of destructive forces of nature. What’s that quote from the bible — don’t build your house on sand? Where is our common sense? 
Why do we accept and allow a system where a person has to spend years, decades to save up enough money to have a home?
Why do we accept and allow a system where profit decides who lives where, and profit decides where cities are built and where houses are built, instead of common sense based on how to effectively support living beings on this planet?
It could be different – we could have a system that makes sense. We could have a system where Life comes first.
Investigate the Living Income Guaranteed proposal to see the solution.

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