Day 230: The ‘Mistletoe Girl’ and the Current Economic Paradigm

“Oregon girl won’t give up on mistletoe enterprise.

An 11-year-old Oregon girl was caught in a legal dilemma when she tried to sell mistletoe to pay for orthodontia. People nearby could beg, but she couldn’t sell without a permit.

The Associated Press
PORTLAND — An 11-year-old Lake Oswego, Ore., girl went into the holiday greenery business to help pay for her braces but then ran into a legal roadblock. After news stories, she got some orders and a big donation. Now she has the top row of her braces.
Madison Root cut and bagged mistletoe last week at her uncle’s farm in Newberg and took it to Portland’s arts and crafts bazaar, the Saturday Market, to sell at $4 a bag, The Oregonian reported.
She was doing OK, having sold seven bags in half an hour. Then a private security guard for the market told Madison and her father, Ashton Root, that the city code requires a sales permit.
Ashton Root said the guard told them that his daughter could beg for money, but she couldn’t sell the mistletoe or even give it away and ask for a donation. The father said there ought to be “some sort of exception.”
“We totally understand the rule,” Root said. “But here she was selling mistletoe, and all around her were people playing music for money, or asking for money for pot, or just spare change.”
Once word of the sixth-grader’s effort got out, one man ordered 30 bags of mistletoe, and the owner of a Christmas-tree farm in Estacada, Ken Cook, donated $1,000 to the dental fund.
So, Madison Root went to the orthodontist on Monday.
On Dec. 14, she plans to return to the market with plenty of mistletoe for what she’s calling “The Great Kissoff.” The mistletoe may be sold or given away on a “donations accepted” basis, said her father. She said she plans to give a speech.
“I feel that I can make a statement and possibly make a difference,” she said. “The city laws are supporting begging and are against working.” Source:

With stories like this what stands out clearly to me is where the people involved are functioning within the Capitalistic definition of ‘rights’ and ‘freedom’, and within this actually not standing for a point of ‘making a difference’ in terms of making changes that support basic common sense human rights. For example the point where the girl ends up wanting to use her story to make a difference, is with showing how the laws are not supporting working — but within this not asking the question of why dental care is not a guaranteed human right currently, but is something that you’d, as a child, have to find a way to make money to pay for.

This goes to show how already at age 11, a person’s reasoning ability has been trained / programmed / defined within the definitions that support the continuation / perpetuation of the current paradigm of ‘rights’ / ‘freedom’ / ‘making a difference’, which is structured around the acceptance of the idea that Money is that which has value First – and the actual Human Being that requires the money for support – is that which has value Second.

What I find fascinating is that in reality, in actual Physical Reality, everything that we currently have the ability and the technology to provide each other – in terms of all the practical supportive goods and services including healthcare and dental care — we could actually give to each other — for FREE.
I mean, ultimately all that’s really required is the collective decision to simply use what is here to support everyone – to each participate and contribute within taking responsibility to give to each other that which everyone needs. But, that requires agreement between each individual, to each live the principle of Give as you’d like to Receive, within recognizing and valuing each other as Equals as Life. Then we would really have a true Ecosystem instead of an Eco-No-Me.

Will such Agreement ever exist on Earth? That is up to us. It’s certainly not possible within the current Economic and Education paradigm where self interest is basically enforced on all sides by the requirement of making money in order to gain access to any form of support.

We are the ones who decide the world our children will be brought into. We are the ones who decide what we will accept and allow as an economic system. We are the ones who decide whether things like food and medical care and dental care and homes and clean water and education are or are not human rights that must be available to everyone everywhere at all times.

The Living Income Guaranteed will be a huge step toward changing the economic paradigm and the world our children will enter, as it will remove entirely the point of lack and ensure that there never again exists a point of someone having to ‘raise money’ to be able to gain access to something as essential as medical and dental support.

Which world would you prefer your child grow up in:
A world where things like dental care are valued firstly as a way to Profit from the needs of others, and where the possibility exists that your child’s physical well being will be compromised due to lack of money / not being able to afford care?

Or a world where things like dental care are valued firstly as a way to support a human being and are guaranteed as a human right?

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